Hinduism in Modern India .

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Hinduism in Modern India - That which is held consecrated
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Hinduism in Modern India That which is held holy…

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The Holy River Source: npr.org

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The City of Varanasi

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Mother Ganga Religious pioneers go down the Ganges River to a sanctuary along the banks of Varanasi.

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To make an offering to the River…

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To shower in the blessed water…

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To be incinerated on the banks of the Ganges…

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Pollution in the Ganges

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Sacred Texts in Hinduism Vedas Upanishads Bhagavad Gita

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Deities There can truly be the same number of Hindu Gods as there are enthusiasts to suit the states of mind, sentiments, feelings & social foundation of the devotees." - Sri RamaKrishna

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Shiva Takes on the damaging part of Brahman Lord Shiva the Destroyer

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Vishnu safeguards the working request of the universe Lord Vishnu the Preserver "Only the unlearned consider myself (Vishnu) and Shiva to be unmistakable; he ,I, and Brahma are one, accepting diverse names for the creation, reservation and pulverization of the universe.  We, as the triune Self, plague all animals; the savvy thusly view all others as themselves." ~ Vishnu clarifies the Nature of the Trinity (trimurti)~ 

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It is regularly said that the Hindu pantheon has three divine beings at its head: Brahma, the maker of the universe; Vishnu, the preserver of life; and Shiva, the destroyer of obliviousness. Brahma is a representation of the generic brahman in a human shape, as a rule with four confronts confronting the cardinal headings and four arms Brahman and the Hindu Trinity

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The Sacred Cow Hinduism\'s Sacred Animal watch PBS Video , The Sacred Cow, 1:24

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Hinduism That which is held consecrated… Presentation by Jennifer Gigliotti-Labay Region IV Social Studies Conference November, 2007

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Bibliography NPR arrangement: Journey Down the Ganges, www.npr.org Hindu Varanasi, Wilbert M. Gesler; Margaret Pierce, Geographical Review , Vol. 90, No. 2. (Apr., 2000), pp. 222-237. BBC Library of Congress, nation examines Photos by Jennifer Gigliotti-Labay, March, 2007 Deity form photographs http://www.lotussculpture.com/bronze_sculpture_the_gods.htm

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