HIT Arrangement Advisory group.

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HIT Strategy Board of trustees . Administration Workgroup Redesign John Lumpkin, Robert Wood Johnson Establishment, Seat September 14, 2010. HITECH Calls for Administration Instrument. HITECH guided the National Facilitator to "set up an administration instrument for the across the country wellbeing data network*."
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HIT Policy Committee Governance Workgroup Update John Lumpkin, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Chair September 14, 2010

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HITECH Calls for Governance Mechanism HITECH guided the National Coordinator to “establish an administration instrument for the across the country wellbeing data network*.” Proposed rulemaking would recognize administration mechanism(s) that: Engender trust; Assure adequacy; Meet or surpass buyer desires; and Promote and encourage utilization of the across the country wellbeing data system. * The name Nationwide Health Information Network will be changed in Fall 2010.

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Governance Workgroup Purpose CHARGE: To draft an arrangement of suggestions on the extension and procedure of administration for the across the nation wellbeing data system, including measures to guarantee responsibility and oversight. Related purposes: To give suggestions to incite trust in the across the country wellbeing data system (“Network”) and to advance and empower more extensive support; To illuminate improvement of a notification of proposed rulemaking (NPRM); and To give remark on the NPRM when it is issued.

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Governance Workgroup Members John Lumpkin, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Chair) Laura Adams, Rhode Island Quality Institute Christine Bechtel, National Partnership for Women & Families Neil Calman, Institute for Family Health Carol Diamond, Markle Foundation Linda Fischetti, Department of Veterans Affairs John Glaser, Siemens Leslie Harris, Center for Democracy and Technology John Houston, University of Pittsburgh; NCVHS Michael Matthews, MedVirginia John Mattison, Kaiser Permanente Girish Kumar Navani, eClinicalWorks Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media Wes Rishel, Gartner

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Governance Workgroup Deliverables: Governance hearing (September 28) Initial proposals introduced to HITPC (October 20) Final suggestions exhibited to HITPC (November 19) Hearing and remarks on NPRM (Q2/Q3 2011)

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Governance Workgroup Timeline Gov WG Recommendations (11/19/10) ONC Artifacts: NPRM Comment Period (Q2/Q3 2011)) WG degree and surrounding materials Hearing/board plot Workgroup Artifacts: Hearing plan/questions Governance proposals Webinars on Governance Q2/Q3 2012 Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2011 10/21– WG presents draft recs to HITPC 8/12 - Gov WG Kickoff 9/3 – WG Call WG Comments on NPRM 11/19 HITPC endorses recs 9/28 – Governance Hearing 6

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Governance Hearing Outline Panel 1: Governance models in different spaces (e.g., ecommerce, saving money, and so on.) Panels 2 and 3: Implementers of wellbeing data trade in regards to administration encounters, issues and needs identified with three areas: Trust Interoperability Accountability, authorization and oversightâ  Panels 4 and 5: Entities today that are performing administration capacities (e.g., OCR, FTC, state elements, Exchange Coordinating Committee, and so on.) Public Comment

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