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HITLER’S FAMILY BACKGROUND. Hitler’s father, Alois, married three times Hitler was 4 th child with his 3 rd wife, Klara 23 years younger than Alois Grandfather on father’s side may have been Jewish No hard evidence of this. CHILDHOOD. Moved to Leonding from Braunau when Hitler was five
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HITLER\'S FAMILY BACKGROUND Hitler\'s dad, Alois, wedded three times Hitler was 4 th youngster with his 3 rd spouse, Klara 23 years more youthful than Alois Grandfather on father\'s side may have been Jewish No hard confirmation of this

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CHILDHOOD Moved to Leonding from Braunau when Hitler was five Not fruitful at school Never moved on from secondary school Tense association with father Wanted to wind up a craftsman however did not have the essential ability Developed deep rooted feeling of inadequacy about his absence of training and a contempt for "educators"

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ONE THEORY Kimberly Cornish, The Jew of Linz " one Jewish kid" alluded by Hitler in Mein Kampf was Ludwig Wittgenstein Later a celebrated savant at Cambridge From well off Jewish family in Vienna Hitler may have begrudged Wittgenstein\'s material achievement Hitler\'s against semitism may have advanced from disdain and envy of Wittgenstein

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ANOTHER THEORY Brigitte Hamann, Hitler\'s Vienna Hitler just turned into a persuaded hostile to semite after World War I Before war in Vienna, Hitler went to Jewish gatherings and blended with Jews once a day

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STILL ANOTHER THEORY Hitler\'s consistent references to Jews as "enticers" of guiltless German ladies may proposed that he had contracted syphillis as an adolescent or had a disastrous sexual affair He may have had a troublesome association with his dad or a solid association with his mom

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HITLER IN THE ARMY Hitler was a decent trooper Won Iron Cross, five star Army life gave him the comradeship and security he pined for Germany\'s thrashing stunned Hitler Unable to acknowledge vanquish, he looked for shelter in dream Blamed Jews for annihilation of his cherished "Country"

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HITLER JOINS THE NAZI PARTY Ordered to spy in German Workers\' Party in 1919 Joins Party rather Changes name to National Socialist German Workers\' Party initially driven by Anton Drexler Hitler works with Drexler to draw up unique gathering program Replaced Drexler as pioneer in April 1920

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ANTI-SEMITISM ON RISE IN POST-WAR GERMANY Right-wing paramilitary gatherings kill Jewish political pioneers Walter Rathenau Rosa Luxemburg Karl Liebknecht 400 hostile to semitic affiliations and 700 against Jewish periodicals in German by 1933 Right-wing parties endeavor to present hostile to Jewish laws in the Reichstag and state lawmaking bodies University understudies turn out to be firmly against semitic Protocols of Zion turns into a success

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BOYCOTT OF APRIL 1933 SA offered authorization to sort out blacklist of every single Jewish shop in Germany Results were baffling Most Germans either passionless to blacklist or thoughtful to the Jews Contradictory flag Boycott fizzled yet in the meantime the horrible abuse of Jews was on the ascent as the administer of law separated

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THINGS GET WORSE: 1933 Law for the Restoration of Professional Standard of the Civil Service All Jews (aside from Jewish veterans) terminated from common administration Quota put on affirmation of Jewish kids to German schools and colleges Jewish scholastics let go from their college positions Jewish legal counselors precluded from specializing in legal matters Goebbels avoids Jews from working in the theater, film industry, and music calling

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"GLEICHSCHALTUNG" Means "coordination" or "bringing into line" Really signified: "no free discourse: Even making a verbal objection against semitism turned into a criminal offense Jews tossed undefended on the leniency of a supremacist state

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JEWISH EMIGRATION I Jewish country built up in Palestine by Balfour Declaration of 1917 Nazis initially arranged to manage Jewish Agency for Palestine Get every single German Jew to resettle in Palestine Haavara Agreements If German Jews left for Palestine, they would pay cash into a Jewish trust organization Once in Palestine, the settlers would get ½ of the cash back Remaining cash would be utilized by Jewish Agency to purchase German items Some German Jews took preferred standpoint of this program

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JEWISH EMIGRATION II Madagascar Plan Create Jewish reservation on the French frontier island of Madagascar Problems with Plan in case of war, British control of the oceans could make the arrangement unworkable Madagascar was a French ownership and it was not clear the French would willfully collaborate with the arrangement

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NUREMBURG LAWS I Passed at the season of Nuremburg Nazi Party Rally of 1935 Passed when some worry was being communicated in government hovers about the pessimistic effect of hostile to semitic approaches Hjalmar Schacht Wilhelm Frick

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NUREMBURG LAWS II Made racial virtue a lawful prerequisite for regular day to day existence and banned relational unions amongst Aryans and non-Aryans Jews denied of right to vote Jews no more drawn out natives of Germany yet now considered "subjects" Extra-conjugal relations amongst Aryans and non-Aryans restricted Jews disallowed from utilizing a German lady less than 45 years old

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NUREMBURG LAWS III Three classifications of Jews Jew Mischling, first degree Mischling, second degree "Jew" characterized as somebody with three completely Jewish grandparent Also put in this class in the event that you had two Jewish grandparents, had a place with a Jewish religious group, or had hitched a Jew Mischling first degree was somebody who had two Jewish grandparents, was not wedded to a Jew, and not an individual from a synagogue Mischling second degree was somebody with one Jewish grandparent Anyone with one and only Jewish awesome grandparent or incredible extraordinary grandparent was viewed as German

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NUREMBURG LAWS IV 750,000 first and second degree Mischlings 450,000 full Jews who honed their religion 300,000 full Jews who did not rehearse their religion Total of 2.3% of the German populace Other gatherings likewise focused by laws as being of "outsider blood" Gypsies, negroes, and "their rats" Headline peruses "Battling the Gypsy Plague"

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NUREMBURG LAWS V Nazis made exemptions to Laws General Erhard Milch Mischling second degree Reinhard Heydrich Himmler\'s main appointee Perhaps of Jewish heritage Records "lost" Many Nazi authorities not full Germans Hitler (Austrian) Rudolf Hess (brought up in Egypt) Alfred Rosenberg (from Estonia) Walther Darre (brought up in Enlgland) Baldur von Shirach (mother was an American) Milch Heydrich

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ANTI-SEMITISM IN AUSTRIA Provided Nazis with model for "Jew-goading" Older Jews compelled to clean avenues with little brushes Other Jews whipped and homes plundered Jewish organizations assumed control Criminals urged to threaten Jews Foreshadowed what might happen in Germany later

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VICTOR KLEMPERER Had changed over to Christianity yet at the same time delegated "full Jew" Former teacher at the University of Dresden Kept journal all through the 1930s Detailed ludicrousness of life in Germany under Nazi run Perished later in the Holocaust

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KRISTALLNACHT, NOVEMBER 9-10, 1938 " Crystal Night" Herschel Grynszpan killed Ernst von Rath in Paris because of German government dumping 17,000 Polish-conceived Jews at Polish-German outskirt German SA and Nazi supporters assault Jewish synagogues, homes, and organizations 91 Jews killed and 7500 organizations crushed 30,000 Jews captured and sent to Dachau, Buchenwald, and Sachsenhausen

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KRISTALLNACHT II Nazi depicted occasion as a mainstream, unconstrained response of shock to von Rath kill Goebbels propelled occasion with incendiary talks Motivated by off camera influence battle between him, Himmler, and Heydrich Event was a piece of evil round of one upmanship on Goebbel\'s part Event appears to have had Hitler\'s full endorsement

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KRISTALLNACHT: AFTERMATH I Goring permits insurance agencies to pay harms to Jews yet then reallocates the cash Goring reports "Announcement on the Penalty Payment by Jews who are German Subjects" German Jews fined one billion imprints for their "unfriendly disposition towards the German Volk and Reich"

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KRISTALLNACHT: AFTERMATH II Decree on Elimination of the Jew from German Economic Life Excluded Jews from retail exchange, the administration of German organizations, from the offering of any merchandise or benefits, and from vocation as autonomous experts Goebbels and Heydrich sanction extra measures: Jewish kids banned from government funded schools Curfew forced on Jews banned from theaters, silver screens and shorelines " Aryans just"

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NAZI EUGENICS Scientists pushed "particular rearing" to enhance German ace race Laws go between 1933-35 which meant to decrease "hereditary inferiors" through constrained disinfection 500 offspring of blended German/African foundations sanitized by radiation in 1938 Known as the "Rhineland Bastards" 350,000 individuals judged physically or rationally crippled additionally sanitized 30,000 Gypsies additionally cleaned

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UNDESIRABLES AND "Foes OF THE STATE" Political rivals and exchange unionists captured Homosexuals compelled to wear pink token, captured, and detained Jehova Witnesses were banned as an association Literature appropriated, they lost their employments, were rejected every single social advantage, and were frequently captured and detained Their kids were sent to adolescent confinement homes and halfway houses Gad Beck German gay person, put in 4 years in inhumane imprisonment

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THE "JEWISH PROBLEM" I Adolf Eichmann, nearby SS pioneer in Austria, propelled and coordinate hostile to Jewish fear there 45,000 Jews had been "convinced" to leave nation and another 100,000 would do as such by 1939 Eichmann had likewise designed a bureaucratic mechanical assembly to manage Jews Reestablished Jewish Religious Community Made up of Jewish pioneers Worked with them to empower Jewish displacement Served as model for Third Reich Heydrich

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