"HLST Olympics Particular vested party" Gareth Smith – Platform.

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"HLST Olympics Particular vested party" Gareth Smith – Platform The Authentic part of Colleges Pierre DeCoubertin roused by his visits to English Schools and Colleges. "College Populaire." 1894 IOC framed at College of Sorbonne. 1908 London's First Recreations
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“HLST Olympics Special Interest Group” Gareth Smith – Podium

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The Historical part of Universities Pierre DeCoubertin motivated by his visits to British Colleges and Universities. “University Populaire.” 1894 IOC framed at University of Sorbonne. 1908 London’s First Games 1948 London’s Second Games 1996 Atlanta – Georgia Tech 2000 Sydney – TAFE NSW 2008 Beijing – Venues and Volunteers 2012 London. What is the part?

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Higher Education and Beijing 2008

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Podium – Our Role 88% feel that it is critical for FE and HE to have a focal correspondences and coordination unit. 83% need their foundation to be included with the 2012 Games.

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Podium New Website Showcase In Your Region News Events Opportunities Links Contacts Resources

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The Challenge We Face “A triumph platform is just 22 crawls high yet the perspective from the top extends forever.” (VANOC) “We make them sport offices, are all around put and have various excited staff/understudies who wish to get included. We wish to get effectively included yet right now are uncertain of the parts we can play.” (Podium Survey Respondent) How would we be able to utilize the force of the world’s biggest wearing occasion to act “as an impetus for enduring change in our country.” (Gordon Brown)

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Involving and Inspiring Students 81% of 15 – 24 year olds back the Games. “Choose London today and like never before you make an impression on the world\'s adolescent that the Games is for them.” Lord Coe

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Elite Sport

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Sport (Science and Innovation)

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Welcoming the World 64% expansion in International Students in Australia post the 2000 Games 83 FECs and HEIs are incorporated in the 2012 Pre-Games Training Camp Guide

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Business Opportunities Accommodation Up to 75,000 contracts through CompeteFor of £6 billion in quality.

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Broader open doors for HE Workforce Volunteering Ceremonies and Cultural Olympiad The Inspire Mark Research Engagement with Sponsors £6 billion of business opportunities Are we prepared to converse with the world? A driver for Widening Participation. Instructive Legacy on the Olympic Park?

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A Victory Podium? “A Victory Podium is just 22 creeps high however the perspective from the top extends forever.” (Courtesy of VANOC) How would we be able to put the FE and HE Sectors and our HLST businesses on top of that platform in 2012 and past? When you move to the highest point of the Podium what would you like to see?

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Contact Podium Gareth Smith - Head E: gareth@podium.ac.uk T: 0207 664 4838 Charlotte Foster - Communications Manager E: charlotte@podium.ac.uk T: 0207 664 4873 Kate Filochowski – Culture, Sport and Volunteering Coordinator E: kate@podium.ac.uk 0207

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