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American football is not what we call
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Basic information The United States spreads from the Pacific seas to the Atlantic, and her neighbors are Canada in the north and Mexico in the South. The United states are organization of the 50 states. It is 9 million squere kilometers huge with 300 million occupants. Each nation has its fundamental city, however the capital of the USA is Washington D.C. Currancy – dollar The United States has no official dialect, yet English is the most well-known dialect for day by day association. Nearby English-French is in Louisiana, Spanish is in New Mexico and Hawaiian in Hawai.

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Washington,D.C. The capital of the USA

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One of the most lovely urban communities of America, built in great style Capitol the tallest working in Washington

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Americans Some countries, extraordinarily Chinese and Italian keep their customs and dialects and live in little groups. 80% are white, 12% are dark, 9% are hispanic, 4% asian and just under 1% local.

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American indians By 1500 America was possessed by created countries with long customs, the first Americans.

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Native Nations The different tribes created distinctive ways of life. In the north and on the coast they lived by angling. On the Great fields Sioux and Comanche settled in towns and developed harvests. Others lived as wanderers, they protected in tipi camps and amid the late spring they chased the groups of bufallo. Today Native Americans number around 2 million (0,8 percent of aggregate populace)

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New pilgrims Christopher Columbus found America in 1492. Later ships gradually brought European pioneers from Spain, France, England, Ireland , Holland, Germany or Sweden to fabricated the New World . Local Americans experienced fighting against European pilgrims, relocation. Up to 80 percent of local populace may have kicked the bucket because of European sicknesses. Slave deal: Trade triangle About a large portion of a million slaves from Africa were conveyed over to America amid the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years to work in gold mines, on the fields of sugar, tobacco, indigo or cotton estates.

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July 4,1776 In the eighteenth century there were thirteen provinces along the Atlantic Coast under British standard. They need to pay high duties. The settlers wished to run the nation without anyone else\'s input. They began War of Independence and won . The Declaration of Independence marked in 1776 in Philadelphia built up The United conditions of America. In 1787 The Constitution of the United States (fundamental laws of the nation) was embraced including Bill of Rights. In 1789 George Washington was chosen the main President of the United States.

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Slavery Slave auction Slave The historical backdrop of bondage in the United states started not long after Europeans initially settled in. Building the New World required workforce. Indian subjection was broadly drilled in seventeenth century by Spanish or English. Be that as it may, locals were not sufficiently various and were immediately annihilated by European maladies, diligent work and little sustenance. The Atlantic slave exchange conveyed ower a half million Africans to America and it is some of the time called „maafa" – meaning holocaust or extraordinary calamity. Part of the Western Africa got to be known as „the Slave coast". The historical backdrop of subjection finished by and by in 1863-65 with Abraham Lincoln\'s Emancipation Proclamation.

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African Americans isolation Even after the end of subjection American blacks were hampered by isolation and training . In the late 1950s and mid 1960s African Americans drove by Dr. Martin Luther King utilized challenges to separation as a part of voting, training and open accomodation.

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The late nineteenth century – time of overwhelming migration Industrialization brought numerous outside conceived laborers. Presently there live hispanics, Cuban Americans, Chinese, Japanesse, Italian, Russian, Asian outsiders Jews and others. Other than legitimate foreigners there are more than 5 million individuals without authorization in the United States.

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American development „Civilization" the general population of Cuba

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USA Religions

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Religions One of the main lasting settlements in what turned into the North American provinces was established by English Puritans, Calvinists who had been pariahs in their country, where the Church of England was set up. So Protestants were the overwhelming religion in the good \'ol days. Today America is a standout amongst the most assorted religious social orders on the planet.

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Religions In 2005 Protestants of all groups numbered more than 100 million; Catholics, 67 million; and Jews, 6 million. The Islamic confidence additionally has around 6 million U.S. disciples, a considerable lot of whom are African-American proselytes. It is assessed that the quantity of mosques in the United States - today, around 2,000 - has dramatically increased in the most recent 15 years. Buddhism and Hinduism are developing with the landing of migrants from nations where these are the dominant part religions. Aneta Gretschelová

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USA Pop music

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Pop music Modern popular music was conceived in the USA when two various types of music met up. The main kind was the music of Africa which was conveyed to the USA by dark slaves. The second kind was taken to the USA by white pilgrims from Brit ai n and Irel a nad. Musicality was the most imperative thing in dark music, while white tunes had a solid song.

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Pop music In the 1950s Elvis Presley conveyed to world Rock and Roll. In the 1960s, rock music was created in a few unique bearings by British groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who, and by American stars like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. In the 1970s created allure rock (groups like Queen, disco) and conceived Heavy metal groups like Met a llica, Black Sabath (trademark boisterous music). In the 1980s American move music was design with hip jump, house, carport music. In the 1990s famous band are Oasis, Nirvana, Spice young ladies and Backstreet young men. At that point a great many people listening rap, which originated from dark individuals.

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Jazz The music, which initially sprang from an aggregation of the most variet European social impacts set by a col uo rful blend of imigrant s nationalities and afterward another component, the fables of the Afr ic a blacks. Its first sprouts are spirituals ( working tune s of the plantatious workers) and accounts (otherworldly melodies of the blacks, a l read y Christian. Both sorts of music have a scriptural substance, originall y communicating discontent with the remaining of the dark man in his new home. At the highest point of the 1930\'s swing was a famous type of jay played by the groups of Glen Miller, Wood y Hermann, Benny Goodman. The dark artists Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

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AMERICA\' S POPULAR Sports are essential for American individuals. They are a piece of the way of life. More individuals go in for games in the USA than in Europe. The Americans incline toward various games to the Europeans.

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American football Baseball Basketball American football is not what we call „football" here in Europe. The Americans call Europan football „soccer". This is well known TV sport, a lot of individuals watch it. Yet, there are only 16 amusements for each year in the National Football League witch is the significant expert American football association. It is a comparative game to rugby. American football is a quick, energizing diversion. Baseball is known as the national game. There are numerous groups that play practically consistently from April to October. Baseball is a significant old game. B-ball was imagined in Massachusetts so it is really a „American" sport. The NBA is one of the significant expert games classes in North America. The 30 groups begin playing in April. It is the most famous group activity. Ball is a quick game. Tall players are regularly superior to anything little players.

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National Park s in the USA

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There are all the more then 375 national parks in the USA. The national park framework was made by President Theodor Roossevelt and Congres in 1872.

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Two renowned national parks situated in California are Yosemite with its waterfalls and Yellowstone, the most seasoned and best known of the United States.

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Yellowstone National Park Mirror Lake Bride\'s cover

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Zion National Park Zion National Park is situated in the Southwestern United States close Spingdale, Utah. Situated at the intersection of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin , and Mojave Desert locales, this remarkable geology and assortment of life zones take into account irregular plant and creature differing qualities .

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New York by Konopka and Medvec

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The city is called „The Big Apple". It is as an apple with a grub.

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New York is the greatest city in the USA. Is arranged in the East drift by the Atlantic sea. There live 7 million individuals, however the entire metropolitan region is checked 17 million individuals. New York is the greatest city of Czech imigrants, as well. New York has five noteworthy parts : Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn. The dark quarter – Harlem – is in northern piece of Manhattan.

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Welcome to presentation about … California

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California The capital : Sacramento Nickname: The Golden state. State TAG : CA Population: 32 667 000 Los Angeles – today the second greatest city in the USA There was manufactured the primary Disneyland San Francisco with uneven avenues and European style and with the pride of the city –the Golden Gate Bridge A fiasco for California are tremors.

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There\'re some photographs from Sacramento. That is capital city of California. There\'re some photographs from Los Angeles. This city is huge and prevalent .

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