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Home Purchasing.

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Home Purchasing. Jim Burton, Ph.D. Marketing & Real Estate College of Business. Overview. Rent or Buy? Home affordability Choosing the right home Purchasing Process. Rent or Buy? . Estimate rent costs Estimate home costs: Mortgage risks Taxes Insurance Repairs & Maintenance
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Home Purchasing Jim Burton, Ph.D. Advertising & Real Estate College of Business

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Overview Rent or Buy? Home reasonableness Choosing the comfortable Process

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Rent or Buy? Gauge rent costs Estimate home costs: Mortgage dangers Taxes Insurance Repairs & Maintenance Compare Ownership term?

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Home reasonableness Income Debt Interest rate, term Employment solidness Marital status

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Choosing the comfortable zone – charges, open administrations, entertainment, schools, wrongdoing, & group quality. The particular home Site & development Utilities View

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Purchasing Process Negotiating the agreement - apathy The land specialist Getting a home loan The lawyer The appraiser