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Home Buying 101.

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Home Buying 101. The Reality of Realty. Why buy a home?. How to Buy a Home. Simply put, buying a home involves three steps…. Finding a home you like and can afford. We would all like to live in a big house on a hill, but most of us can’t afford that type of home.
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Home Buying 101 The Reality of Realty

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Why purchase a home?

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How to Buy a Home Simply put, purchasing a home includes three stages…

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Finding a home you like and can manage the cost of We might all want to live in a major house on a slope, yet the vast majority of us can't bear the cost of that sort of home. This implies we need to decide:

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What highlights in a house are most essential to you? Click here to play a diversion to see what home components are critical to you !

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What would you be able to bear? When you purchase a home, you will likely need to take out a home advance. The consent to pay back that credit between you, the borrower, and the moneylender is known as a home loan. The home advance (or home loan) will comprise of the important and the interest.

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What would you be able to bear? Different things that could be added to a home loan…

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What would you be able to bear?

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What would you be able to manage? (What does this mean for me?) There are a ton of free home moderateness number crunchers on the web; click here for one from Yahoo!

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Getting Pre-Approval

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What a loan specialist needs to see for pre-endorsement

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What a bank needs to see for pre-endorsement Income History

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What a moneylender needs to see for pre-endorsement Proof you pay bills on time

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What a moneylender needs to see for pre-endorsement Low measure of obligation

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Credit issues

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Credit Issues What is in a Credit Report?

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Credit Issues Credit Reports There are three distinctive credit departments that produce credit reports Lenders will utilize a FICO rating in view of scores from every one of the three credit agencies

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Credit Issues Credit Reports Make beyond any doubt your credit report is right

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Debt versus No Debt Having a background marked by obligation and paying it off on time can build your FICO assessment Continuing to have obligation, in any case, can bring down the measure of cash you can get

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Debt versus No Debt How Debt Affects the Size of a Loan

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Debt versus No Debt The Impact of Debt ($100 a month Mastercard bill)

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Lenders There two fundamental approaches to discover a bank

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Programs for first time or low pay homebuyers

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The Role of Realtors

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House chasing Tips

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House Hunting Tips

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The exchange procedure You've been pre-affirmed for an advance and found a home you like...

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The Transaction Process