Hostile to Allergen Cleaning.

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In 1973, Swedish government trusted that sensitivities were brought on by one end to the other floor covering. ... More than 40 million Americans experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities because of home biopollution: puppy and feline ...
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Hostile to Allergen Cleaning A New Service For A New Millennium MasterBlend ®

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Allergies, Carpet & The Indoor Environment MasterBlend ®

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Carpet & Allergy Claims In 1973, Swedish government trusted that sensitivities were brought about by one end to the other floor covering. Floor covering was banned from open offices 1973–1990. Floor covering\'s piece of the overall industry dropped from 40% to 2%. Sensitivity cases up 600% in same day and age. It is currently known floor coverings are not the issue. Evacuation of floor covering does not enhance hypersensitivities. Customary cleaning of every single home outfitting is critical.

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Risk Assessment of the Indoor Environment

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According to the EPA • Indoor air contamination is positioned among the main five ecological dangers to general wellbeing. • This is critical as a great many people invest 90% of their energy indoor. Kids are most at danger.

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American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology "Fifty percent of all ailments are brought about by or exasperated by contaminated indoor air"

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Asthma • Since 1980, the pervasiveness of asthma has expanded 75% in North America. • It is the most well-known perpetual malady among youngsters.

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Allergies Are A Growing Problem Over 40 million Americans experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities because of home biopollution: canine and feline dander, dust vermin and cockroach allergens.

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Allergen Sources - Biopollutants These go about as triggers for hypersensitivities: • Dust Mites – Der p1 - is the protein found in bug fecal matter that causes unfavorably susceptible responses • Pets - Can f1 & Fel d1-are the proteins from felines and pooches that causes hypersensitive responses • Cockroaches - Bla g1-the protein found in fecal matter of cockroaches that causes hypersensitive responses • Mold and Fungi

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Dust Mites The Number One Source of Indoor Allergens MasterBlend ®

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Dust Mite: Biology 101 • Classified as Arachnids (Spiders) • Microscopic Primitive Creatures • They feast upon chips of human skin Found in sleeping cushions, pads, bedding . . . So little they go through weave of fabric Their fecal matter contains a protein called Der P 1 that triggers hypersensitivities

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Dust Mites Taking a Ride on a Flea

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National Allergen Survey • In 2002 The National Institute of Environmental Health discovered 46% of North American homes have bedding with enough clean bug allergens to bring about sensitivities. The business sector for hostile to allergen cleaning is roughly 50% of the homes in North America.

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Pet Allergies – Number Two Allergen In The Home • Caused by proteins in the pet\'s dander (dead skin that is shed), salivation, and pee. • Cats tireless nature of self-cleaning causes 80% of the genuine responses. This preparing causes the allergens to wind up airborne.

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Home Environment Specialist What Can We Do To Help?

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It Is Very Clear Biopollutants Trigger Allergies The System: Clean with ResponsibleCare™ Hypo-Allergenic items. Utilize the high temp water extraction strategy to clean the home furniture Apply Allergy Relief Treatment to diminish future allergens - not a pesticide

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Allergen Evaluation When the mortgage holder questions why clean my sleeping pad? – do this test Collect clean from sleeping cushion by dry vacuuming. Place a dark fabric over the vacuum hose and concentrate around 1 square foot of the sleeping pad. Show skin and tidy to mortgage holder and she will need to have it cleaned.

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Anti-Allergen Cleaning Procedures The ResponsibleCare™ System Vacuum: sleeping cushions, rug, furniture, and so on. Boiling hot Water Extraction Cleaning : Use Anti-Allergen PreSpray & Anti-Allergen Rinse (Use Anti-Allergen Deodorizer if vital) Final Step: The utilization of Allergy Relief Treatment to control allergens between consistent cleanings.

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Use one of the "dry" upholstery apparatuses for sleeping cushion cleaning

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Method of pulling the Anti-Allergen Deodorizer into bedding place for pee disinfecting

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How Does The Treatment Work? What\'s more, What Is Denature? All together for the body to perceive something as an allergen it needs to get numerous duplicates of the same thing. Vermin allergens all have the same shapes all things considered. When they have been denatured they turn out to be so nebulous (amorphous) they don\'t present the same shapes to the body and responses don\'t happen.

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Protein Denatured Protein Teased Apart Protein Denatured Protein Teased Apart Protein

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Allergen Analysis – A Case Study Before and in the wake of cleaning - air examining was taken from the Foldes inhabitant in Simpsonville, SC. The house was cleaned with the high temp water extraction technique utilizing ResponsibleCare items and treated with Allergen Relief Treatment. Tests taken by Perfection Indoor Environmental Inspections and sent to Aerotech Lab on 30 March 2004 Threshold Reference: Field Guide for the Determination of Biological Contaminants in Environmental Samples , AIHA, 1996

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Threshold Reference Values* Before - Master Bedroom After-Master Bedroom Change In Allergens AIHA EMLAP 102297 Sample # Sample Identification ug/gram ug/gram ug/gram Dust Mite (Der p 1) 2.0 <0.388 <0.357 .08% Decrease Dust Mite (Der f 1) 2.0 >6.25 1.19 81% Decrease Cat (Fel d 1) 8.0 0.90 <0.500 44.4% Decrease Dog (Can f1) 10 <0.78 No Decrease German Cockroach (Bla g 1) 2 0.68 <0.624 8.2% Decrease

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Visit hypersensitivity expert if not done as such as of now Encase pads Control mugginess Vacuum consistently with a HEPA channel floor covering vacuum Launder bedding frequently and include some Allergy Relief Laundry Treatment to conclusive flush water Have sleeping pads, rug, & upholstery professionally cleaned at regular intervals Clean or supplant HVAC channels each month and treat with Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer from MasterBlend Follow "10 Steps to Allergy Proof Your Home" Allergen Avoidance Worksheet Guidelines for the Allergy Suffer

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