How about we travel to delightful . . ..

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Trinidad and Tobago. I took an ornithology trek to Trinidad and Tobago with Caligo Tours. This was a definitive
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Trinidad and Tobago Let\'s travel to wonderful . . . by Laura Schwartz

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I took an ornithology outing to Trinidad and Tobago with Caligo Tours. This was a definitive "make tracks in an opposite direction from it all" and "cooperative with nature" trip. I burned through 7 evenings at the Asa Wright Nature Sanctuary in Trinidad, and 3 evenings at the Blue Waters Inn in Tobago.

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Time to wake up! A reminder from a loud fowl. Make companions with a gecko. Pick your own particular breakfast.

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Wander the Asa Wright Sanctuary Swim at the waterfall Rinse away your stresses Hundreds of butterflies

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Flowers are all over the place! Poinciana Water lilies hibiscus

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Time for a sea swim! Sandy shorelines Warm, blue water Anableps

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Observe and photo winged animals Cave staying oilbirds at Dunstan buckle Hummingbirds Guided by ornithologists

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Caroni Swamp Float to the center of the marsh Stare up at the sky Watch the red ibises cause problems in the future

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Tobago: Blue Waters Inn Sandy shoreline Scuba plunging Pina coladas

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Heading Home Last moment shirt buy at the air terminal Fly back to New York Long sit tight for stuff and taxi I\'m cool!!!

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