How do people affect their surroundings?.

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. . Water Diversion/Management. People have imagined a few methods for overseeing water supplies, for example, building repositories and trenches for flooding products and guaranteeing a steady supply of water.. . . Cases . The Aral SeaColorado RiverAswan High Dam. . . The Aral Sea. The Aral Sea is situated in Central Asia in the middle of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since the 1960s it has been contracting because of ov
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How do people affect their surroundings? SOL WG.2b

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Water Diversion/Management Humans have designed a few methods for overseeing water supplies, for example, building repositories and channels for flooding crops and guaranteeing a steady supply of water.

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Examples The Aral Sea Colorado River Aswan High Dam

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The Aral Sea The Aral Sea is situated in Central Asia amongst Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since the 1960s it has been contracting due to over water system.

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The Aral Sea The contracting of the Aral Sea has brought on: The fall of the neighborhood angling industry Increase in respiratory ailments because of twist blending up clean of uncovered seabed Extinction of plants and creatures

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The Aral Sea

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The Aral Sea

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The Colorado River The Colorado River begins in Colorado and discharges into the Gulf of California. On each extend of the waterway agriculturists take water to inundate crops. Individuals have additionally assembled a few dams on the stream, the most acclaimed is the Hoover Dam.

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The Aswan High Dam The Aswan High Dam was based on the Nile River in 1960 - 1970.

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Aswan High Dam (Benefits) The dam gives around 15% of Egypt\'s power. The dam has prevented the Nile River from flooding each year. The dam made Lake Nasser, which gives water to water system and nearby utilize.

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Aswan High Dam (Negatives) Around 90,000 individuals needed to move. The dam squares supplement rich residue from being stored on farmland and agriculturists need to utilize fake manures. Poor water system hones have prompted to an expansion of salt in encompassing farmland. Angle stocks in the Mediterranean have drained on the grounds that the dam squares supplements from entering the ocean.

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Changing Landscapes Agricultural Terracing Polders Deforestation Desertification

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Agricultural Terracing People rehearse horticultural terracing in rocky ranges keeping in mind the end goal to make level land to cultivate on.

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Agricultural Terraces in Peru

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Cultivation of Rice in Terraces in China

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Polders A polder is a territory of recovered land from the ocean. Polders are found in nations with low rises by the ocean, for example, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Netherlands without polders Netherlands with polders

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Deforestation is when people chop down trees quicker than they can become back.

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Deforestation A couple reasons for deforestation are: Forest land is cleared for cultivating or human settlement. Backwoods are chopped down and the timber is sold. Cut and smolder cultivating in tropical regions.

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Desertification is a development of parched conditions into a non-bone-dry environment.

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Desertification happens close betrays. The locale straightforwardly south of the Sahara Desert in Africa is known as the Sahel. This range has experienced quick desertification due to over touching, dry seasons, and poor water administration hones.

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Map of Western Africa indicating Sahel

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Pollution Humans cause air, water, soil, and atomic contamination that damage the earth.

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Air Pollution Air contamination is generally brought about by the blazing of fossil fills; oil, coal, and characteristic gas. Zones with many coal smoldering force plants, processing plants, and autos can encounter corrosive rain.

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Acid Rain A couple of territories that have corrosive rain are the Northeast United States and Canada, the Black Forest district in Germany, and China. Corrosive rain can kill vegetation and fish in streams and lakes over a timeframe.

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Water Pollution Water contamination is brought on by: Runoff that contains pesticides and manures Waste from substantial industry that contains metals and chemicals Raw sewage Oil spills and waste from boats

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Water Pollution A couple of territories that have extreme water contamination are: Most of the streams in Europe The Ganges River in India

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Nuclear Pollution A case of atomic contamination is the point at which the Chernobyl atomic power plant in the previous Soviet Union detonated bringing about radioactive waste to defile the air and soil

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Chernobyl In 1986, one of the reactors at the atomic power plant detonated creating a billow of radioactive material that floated and fell over parts of Russia and Europe. More than 300,000 individuals were compelled to clear the close-by city of Pripyat and today the city is deserted.

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