How the K-12 Group can utilize Internet2 Video Conferencing.

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It gives access to any web area and feature asset on the planet. ... It empowers you to wind up some piece of the worldwide instruction group. ...
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How the K-12 Community can utilize Internet2 Video Conferencing Dr Bob Dixon Chief Research Engineer OARnet and Ohio State University Jonathan Tyman Manager, Digital Video Internet2 Fall Member Meeting K20 Advisory Committee Austin, Texas Sept 27, 2004

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What is the Internet2 Commons? The Internet2 Video Conferencing Service Provides Multipoint video gatherings Provides gushing and recording of video meetings Provides firewall and NAT circumvention help Provides gear counsel and specialized help

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Special Internet2 Commons Events Megaconference (K12 is welcome) Megaconference Junior (K12 solely) Keystone Conference (K12 only)

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How can K12 Schools utilize the Commons? Step 1. Get associated with Internet2; for the most part through a statewide system SEGP understanding. Step 2. Take in about the Commons, by perusing the site: Step 3. Take in about H.323 video conferencing, by perusing the ViDe Videoconferencing Cookbook, particularly the K12 segment.

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How can K12 Schools utilize the Commons? (proceeded with) Step 4. Choose what association will join the Commons (singular school, school region, state system, and so on). Step 5. Choose a Commons Site Coordinator for the above association. Step 6. Have the Site Coordinator go to a Commons instructional course, or self-guarantee.

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How can K12 Schools utilize the Commons? (proceeded with) Step 7. Your association rounds out the Commons application structure on the pages. The expense is $2000/year, which gives 300 port-hours. Step 8. Begin utilizing the administration by rounding out gathering demand shapes on the site pages.

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Who would I be able to gathering with? Anybody on the planet who has H.323 video conferencing ability. They require not be on Internet2. They require not be Commons individuals. Your gathering can incorporate the same number of areas as you wish.

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When do I NOT utilize the Commons? At the point when there are just two areas in a gathering. When you are utilizing other video advancements, for example, ISDN or ATM, unless your association gives a door, or you procure a Commons-prescribed entryway. When you have constrained accessible data transfer capacity or gear at your area to empower satisfactory quality video conferencing.

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Why might I utilize the Commons? It gives access to any web area and video asset on the planet. It gives much higher video quality than the default web. It empowers you to wind up part of the worldwide training group.

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Megaconference VI Dr. Weave Dixon Chief Research Engineer OARNet Ohio State University

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World\'s biggest Internet videoconference. Everybody is welcomed. H.323 Standard An expert gathering with no focal area. Completely intelligent The speakers and groups of onlookers are conveyed all through the world. Overall system of Multipoint Control Units, fell together. A test of and a push for the cutting edge. The Megaconference is

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Megaconference VI Dec 9, 2004 - All Over the World Theme – Let\'s Talk: Global Communications Innovation Participatory Videoconferencing Registration Opens – Oct 8, 2004 Deadline for presentation proposition: Oct 29, 2004

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New Features This year Special Emphasis on Interactive Presentations Simultaneous Multiple Locations Audience Participation Take Advantage of New Technologies SIP Gateway Fast Software Endpoints Encouragement of K-12 Presenters

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