How the Workplace is Changing .

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New Terms We Use for People . African AmericansArab AmericansAsian AmericansChinese Americans, Asian Indian AmericansEuro-AmericansLatino AmericansMexican Americans, Puerto Rican AmericansAmerican Indians. Other Diverse Groups. Persons with DisabilitiesGay, lesbian, and swinger personsOlder personsObese persons.
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How the Workplace is Changing New Faces in New Jobs More minorities are moving into administrative, official & proficient vocations More Women & Immigrants In 2000, Euro-American Women & Minorities = 65% of workforce = 30% of center administration = 5% of top administration positions By 2045, Minority populace = 86% of U.S. populace development Purchasing force will increment to 32% of extra cash

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New Terms We Use for People African Americans Arab Americans Asian Americans Chinese Americans, Asian Indian Americans Euro-Americans Latino Americans Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans American Indians

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Other Diverse Groups Persons with Disabilities Gay, lesbian, and promiscuous people Older people Obese people

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Diverse Backgrounds = Diverse Styles Career Women Men African Americans Asian Americans Arab Americans

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Diverse Backgrounds = Diverse Styles Latino Americans Gay people Persons with Disabilities Obese people Older people

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New Approach = Substance versus Style Key Performance Questions Does the representative\'s choice meet the criteria we set? Has the worker accomplished the objectives we set? Has the representative kept up the quality measures we set? Are the main issue comes about great?

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New Ways of Working Together Self-overseeing groups Leaders who encourage group gatherings & help groups to achieve accord Consultants and specialized specialists who work more as experts than as conventional representatives

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Key Trends: Need for Multicultural Leadership Skills Shortage of qualified, instructed laborers U.S. workforce is turning out to be more various at all levels Intensely focused worldwide commercial center Growth of subcultural gatherings = development of subcultural market sections Global commercial center achievement relies on upon building beneficial connections in nations where an association works together

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10 Payoffs for Managing Diversity Well Attracting & Retaining the Best People Increasing Organizational Flexibility Greater Market Share Reducing Costs Improving the Quality of Management

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10 Payoffs for Managing Diversity Well 6. Making & Innovating More Powerfully 7. Taking care of Problems More Effectively 8. Expanding Productivity 9. Adding to Social Responsibility 10. Primary concern: Increased Profits

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5 Steps to Building Diverse People Skills What is culture? How can it influence us? How is my own way of life unique in relation to others? "I\'m not one-sided, but rather… " What\'s it get a kick out of the chance to be you? Assemble communication abilities.

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What obstructions to vocation achievement do you confront? How could it arrive in such a state? What\'s happening now? How would you see the world? How might I function most viably with you? How might I apply my new learning & rehearse multicultural aptitudes ? Generalizations & myths versus reality Connections to the past Current profile Cultural perspectives, values, traditions, issues Leadership challenges & openings Finding Out What It\'s Like to Be You

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