HR/Finance Testing Approach IRIS Guiding Panel April 26, 2005.

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Plan. Sorts of Testing done amid HRUnit TestingIntegration TestingComparison TestingProduction SimulationProduction Simulation OptionsPros and ConsRecommendedDiscussion. HR Testing Cycles: 4 Types
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HR/Payroll Testing Approach IRIS Steering Committee April 26, 2005

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Agenda Types of Testing done amid HR Unit Testing Integration Testing Comparison Testing Production Simulation Production Simulation Options Pros and Cons Recommended Discussion

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HR Testing Cycles: 4 Types – 7 Rounds Unit Testing (Baseline Testing) – 1 Round Integration Testing (Scenario Testing) – 2 Rounds Comparison Testing ( Parallel) - 2 Rounds then … Production Simulation Testing – 2 (4 Bi-Weekly, 2 Monthly) Rounds

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Unit Testing Unit Testing (otherwise known as Baseline Testing) Completed toward the end of Baseline Configuration Modular Focus Testing finished by Project Team Purpose Quantify consummation of Baseline Configuration Are we where we say we are? Begun on 4/1 and booked to be finished by 5/15.

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Integration Testing: Scenario Testing Integration Testing (otherwise known as Scenario Testing; otherwise known as User Acceptance Testing). Grow "genuine living" situations of and test every HR Payroll business process and process variation concentrating on the combination of the procedure crosswise over modules. Two Rounds – Round 1 Project Team; Round 2 SMEs. Planned to start June 20 for a length of 6 weeks. Cycle 1: June 20 – July 8: 2 Weeks Testing + 1 Week Reconciliation Round 2: July 11 – July 29: 1 Week SME Prep + 2 Weeks Testing will be led in IRIS HR Team room. Reason Verify fruition of design and its incorporation over the framework. Approve that Business Scenarios are secured. Include SMEs and get acknowledgment "purchase in" Identify and Resolve "Gotchas" During Scenario Testing 30 SMEs will be required for 3 weeks for roughly 20 hours for each week.

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Comparison Testing Comparison Testing (August – September ) Focus on looking at Payroll consequences of whole worker populace amongst HRS and SAP Completed by Project Team and Subject Matter Experts (Payroll Office) Two rounds to be finished. Reason: Validate Payroll aftereffects of whole populace at altered point in time. Accept Conversion Programs and Data Migration Reconciliation of System issues (not User issues).

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Comparison Testing (How, Why) Comparison Testing parallels the outcomes from the present HRS Payroll System ▪ Frozen level record transfer from HRS in June ▪ Full finance transformation from solidified date document into SAP accepts change loads ▪ Allows for testing of all finance comes about – full populace ▪ Allows for rehashed test cycles to determine all framework mistakes preceding generation recreation

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Production Simulation Testing Production Simulation Testing is a parallel trial of Live information before Go Live. The objective is to imitate a generation domain. New contracts, terminations, changes in positions, time section and different moves that make place in the present environment will be recreated in SAP. Finished by IRIS Team, SMEs and End-clients (approx. 100 clients). Grants testing of retro-dynamic finance. To start September and gone through October. Reason: To accept against the present environment that all procedures of HR/Payroll are filling in not surprisingly preceding Go Live. To build up and acquaint Super Users with framework preceding Go Live.

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Production Simulation Testing: Population DECISION: What size of the populace will be tried amid the Production Simulation? 100% Population versus Exhaustive however Representative Sample.

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Production Simulation Testing: Population Considerations Training Beta Testing versus Full Delivery by end of August FI and MM synchronous preparing Time to Deliver Logistics Coordination of 100 analyzers versus 1,000 Data Conversion Partial Population versus Full Conversion Reconciliation System Issues versus "Fat Finger" Issues

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Production Simulation Testing: Population Recommendation It is prescribed that a generation reenactment be executed utilizing an agent test of the University populace. HRS Test list + University and Hospital Not every one of "All-Stars" Proven Approach: University of Tennessee, Texas State University, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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Training HR/Payroll Entry Personnel Assumptions: 100% section preparing of 1,000 passage work force, 25 individuals for every session for 40 sessions Control bunch preparing of 100 passage individuals, 25 individuals for every session for 4 sessions

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100% expansive Production Simulation Process Description - all HR/Payroll re-entered in the new finance framework by all grounds wide section staff Benefits/Advantages – All section individuals from over the grounds will have introduction to system Full populace Development of end clients Costs/Disadvantages of Approach – requires preparing before reconciliation situation testing is finished require the increasing speed of the preparation materials while balancing out system level of logistics to bolster passage faculty mistake amendment center is on passage blunders versus framework blunders

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Control Group Representative Testing Process Description – HR/Payroll passages entered by a Control Group speaking to cross-grounds clients chose by each of the five "security officers" speaking to the five business regions for a 10 to 15% examining from a cross-segment of grounds. Benefits/Advantages – takes into consideration a reasonable size of analyzers for preparing while giving thorough testing of all finance necessities takes into consideration the early steering of the preparation materials and way to deal with be utilized amid "in the nick of time" end-client preparing. sets up a center gathering of SMEs and Super Users to bolster end client preparing and post Go-Live clients saves HR Team assets for other simultaneous undertakings amid testing Costs/Disadvantages of Approach – individuals from the control gathering should speak to all HR/Payroll section prerequisites. Absence of interest by the control bunch individuals in testing may lessen the representation of the client group.

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IRIS Team Recommended Approach Given the careful quality of the testing procedure, the nature of the parallel test comes about with the Control Group is satisfactory. Control Group test gathering will permit simultaneous undertaking errands to happen without compelling HR group assets. Give more opportunity to create and convey end-client preparing

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Payroll Test Cycles

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