HSA for America.

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Regence HSA Healthplan another sort of social insurance scope HSA for America Regence HSA Healthplan What is a HSA? How can it function? The Force of HSA The Force of Regence Saving money Accomplices Consistent Mix – Regence Monetary Administrations Keeping money Arrangement – HSA Bank
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Regence HSA Healthplan another sort of medicinal services scope HSA for America

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Regence HSA Healthplan What is a HSA? How can it work? The Power of HSA The Power of Regence Banking Partners Seamless Integration – Regence Financial Services Banking Solution – HSA Bank Banking Solution – Wells Fargo Comparison of Banking Partners

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What is a HSA? How can it work?

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Health Savings Accounts: How it Works Enroll in a HSA-qualified wellbeing arrangement scope under the wellbeing arrangement kicks in once the deductible is come to Open a Health Savings Account the record has a place with the part commitments are assessment deductible The wellbeing arrangement and HSA cooperate begin paying for qualified restorative costs from the HSA immediately spare and contribute for future social insurance costs or retirement

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Members must be secured by a HSA-Qualified wellbeing arrangement to be qualified for a Health Savings Account Premiums are by and large more reasonable than conventional determining so as to well arrangements You control your general expenses how much you’d like to store the bank account with your reserve funds in premium on the wellbeing arrangement More About the Health Plan IRS Rules for HSA-Qualified Health Plans Larger deductible sums Maximum OOP sums Preventive consideration can be offered before the deductible Prescription advantages are incorporated with the medicinal arrangement

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More about the HSA Contribution to the record Annual commitment maximums are controlled by the IRS Anyone can make commitments to the member’s investment account Contributions are completely charge deductible for the part Ownership & utilization of the record The part possesses the trusts for all time, which move over every year and tail you wherever you go HSA trusts can be contributed for future therapeutic costs or retirement HSA trusts can be spent duty free for qualified medicinal costs HSA-Qualified Medical Expenses secured by the wellbeing arrangement, such as… Expenses far beyond what’s secured by the wellbeing arrangement, such as… Deductibles Coinsurance Prescription meds Alternative consideration OTC drugs Contacts & Glasses Lasik eye surgery Weight-misfortune surgery And some more!

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Eligibility to the Regence HSA Healthplan Same Regence BlueCross BlueShield Individual therapeutic arrangement qualification rules apply Eligibility to the bank account (IRS rules) Members must meet the accompanying IRS rules to open a HSA Must be enlisted in a HSA-qualified wellbeing arrangement Not have scope under another wellbeing arrangement, for example, a spouse’s arrangement Cannot be enlisted in Medicare Cannot be guaranteed as a reliant on somebody else’s assessment form Eligibility Rules

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The Power of HSA

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HSA: A Different Kind of Health Plan Contribution Control You pick the commitment sum, giving you more control over your yearly medicinal services costs You have extreme decision – you can spend your HSA subsidizes today on administrations you pick, or spare them for future social insurance costs Plan Personalization Your commitment costs get to be developing resources, as they move over every year and even offer duty free venture Roll Over You have extreme responsibility for human services dollars You claim the trusts You possess the choices OWNERSHIP

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Triple Tax Advantages When cash goes in When cash develops When cash turns out Tax Free Contributions are excluded in the member’s assessable pay Tax Free Interest and speculation increases are not saddled Tax Free Money for qualified restorative costs can be pulled back expense free A HSA is the main venture opportunity that offers this one of a kind triple expense investment funds

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The Power of Regence

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Regence’s Full Service Solution Unlimited, forthright preventive care and inherent health programs Coverage against the startling Robust Benefit Package Guided visits from the premise to arrange customization and aggregate proprietorship Navigational Tools Personalized Support Multiple life savers for customized bolster Support at all times, alternative for consistent incorporation

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Unlimited preventive consideration scope before the deductible gives you access to the consideration you and you\'re family are destined to utilize Built-in wellbeing projects assist you with driving healthier life, including: 24 access to CareEnhance ® Nurseline Regence Health Coaches for 1:1 bolster Special Beginnings maternity program Robust Benefit Package Preventive Wellness Financial Protection Catastrophic scope secures you against the unforeseen

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Benefit Snapshot Benefit Options In-Network Out-of-Network Provider Networks Traditional or ValueCare Non-Contracting Providers Deductible Options $1,500 single/$3,000 family $2,500 single/$5,000 family $3,500 single/$7,000 family OOP Maximum $5,000 single/$10,000 family Coinsurance 80% 60% Preventive Care Deductible waived No yearly points of confinement 80% coinsurance Deductible waived No yearly cutoff points 60% coinsurance Office Visits Deductible & Coinsurance Deductible & Coinsurance Prescriptions half (Subject to therapeutic deductible) Lifetime Maximum $2 million

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Navigational Tools Guided visit takes individuals through the set-up procedure and HSA assets HSA Flash Tutorial Personalized 1:1 Support HSA-prepared client administration advocates 24-hour Nurseline Personal wellbeing mentors Scenario-based training device & adding machine for arrangement determination Your Guide to HSA Member Welcome Kit myRegence.com A group of Regence individuals Ask-the-HSA Expert Podcasts, webinars and accommodating articles Welcome.

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Seamless Integration: Regence Financial Services

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Introducing Regence Financial Services CAUSE Reducing Waste, Confusion & Fear Integrated Enrollment one usage procedure Integrated Claims programmed installment Regence Member Service single hotspot for help Integrated online access instruments to oversee riches & wellbeing Flexible alternatives redid to your needs = COMMUNITY Leveraging the Power of our Members = CONSUMERISM Actively Engaging our Members in their Health Care Decisions Simple Solutions - Powerful Tools - One Point Of Accountability Regence Financial Services

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RFS – Industry-Leading Services One site for everything your needs Online enlistment Review record parities, installment status, commitments, and exchanges Enroll or change venture decisions Make installments from HSA account Monthly merged articulations Activity from all records held by the part will be outlined on an announcement, including: Debit card exchanges Payments, commitments, and parities Investment movement Unmatched Online Services Easy Money Management

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RFS – Investment Optimization HSA Investments Members can put resources into more than 60 stores , oversaw by Fiserv Trust Company One low month to month expense for cooperation in speculations After starting speculation of $500, ventures can be made in additions as low as $25 each Online enlistment & speculation administration by means of myRegence.com Competitive premium rates paid on stores that are not contributed

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RFS (Blue Healthcare Bank) Rate Chart * Monthly charges waived if equalization is over $2,000

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Banking Solution: HSA Bank

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HSA Bank Banking Experience A national pioneer in HSA Accounts with an abnormal state of experience Provides both online and paper enlistment Website permits individuals to check record parity, exchange finances, and incorporates with MS Money or Quicken Debit card, checks and manual repayment accessible Investment Options Employees can exchange finances effortlessly between their HSA account and the Brokerage Access to stocks, securities, and more than 11,000 common stores Employees can make exchanges on the web, via telephone, or through an agent

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HSA Bank Rate Chart

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Banking Solution: Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo Bank Banking Experience Wells Fargo is one of the biggest Financial Services foundations in the country Paper enlistment just Website permits individuals to view record adjust and download structures Funds are gotten to through platinum cards or through manual repayment demands – repayments are immediate saved to representatives account Investment Options 6 diverse speculation choices are accessible Options range from more traditionalist currency business sector trusts to a 100% value choice

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Wells Fargo Rate Chart

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Banking Partner Comparison

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Comparison of Banking Partners

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Regence HSA Healthplan Regence offers a full-benefit HSA arrangement, with: A vigorous advantage bundle that consolidates complete preventive consideration and wellbeing projects with strong scope A full suite of part devices and customized backing to encourage route at all times stop coordinated administration for both wellbeing arrangement and mo

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