HTH Medical coverage.

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HTH Medical coverage For Universal Understudies on F-1 or J-1 Visas Protection Prerequisites The buy of the HTH medical coverage scope is compulsory for all UNCG worldwide understudies on a F-1 or J-1 visa
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HTH Health Insurance For International Students on F-1 or J-1 Visas

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Insurance Requirements The buy of the HTH wellbeing protection scope is obligatory for all UNCG worldwide understudies on a F-1 or J-1 visa Exceptions: Students on a Fulbright or government supported project and understudies on trade through ISEP Do not befuddle the HTH wellbeing protection premium with the Student Health Fee (connected to all UNCG degree understudy records enrolled 9 hours or more)

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Student Health Fee Gives you access to the administrations of the UNCG Student Health Center (SHC) Graduate degree-looking for understudies enlisted for under 9 hours will need to ask for the Student Health Fee At the start of every semester Request from the Cashier’s Office Pay the understudy wellbeing expense at time of solicitation

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Health Insurance Charges Fall Semester Coverage: August 1 - December 31 Spring/Summer Semester Coverage: January 1-July 31 NO FORMS TO FILL OUT Registered full time ( Exception: Degree student’s last semester) Insurance premium is charged to UNCG understudy accounts twice per year in the fall & spring/summer Fall semester protection premium: $300 Spring & Summer semester protection premium: $420

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UNCG Student Insurance for Citizens & Permanent Residents Do not mistake HTH protection for UNCG’s local understudy protection supplier (as of now Pearce & Pearce, Inc.) This protection is just for local UNCG understudies who are it is possible that US subjects or perpetual occupants

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Locations for Health Care First Choice: Student Health Center (SHC) - for ailment or a minor harm The HTH protection strategy waives the $100 co-pay for administrations gave by SHC Second Choice: Urgent Care Centers - for disorder or a minor damage when SHC is shut Use the web/telephone directory for the closest Urgent Care Center) You must request your receipt!!!

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Locations for Health Care forever debilitating crisis: Call 911 or go straightforwardly to the closest clinic Student Health Center may allude you to off grounds specialists or authorities Please check HTH’s Preferred Provider rundown at for off-grounds specialists or experts

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Additional Information You won\'t be punished on the off chance that you utilize a specialist or pro not on the favored supplier rundown Using specialists from the favored supplier rundown keeps your expenses lower There is no compelling reason to counsel with the Student Health Center (SHC), if serious wellbeing danger is in question While voyaging - go to the closest crisis doctor\'s facility

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Health Insurance Coverage HTH wellbeing protection policy’s co-pay is $100 per ailment or harm (co-pay is waived for administrations gave just by the SHC Covered costs will be paid after the co-pay is fulfilled

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How Does HTH Pay? Fundamental Medical Expense Benefit: HTH pays up to $10,000 Maximum: 100% of Reasonable Expenses after Co-pay Supplemental Major Medical Expense Benefit (SMM): After Basic Medical Expense Benefit Maximum has been come to, 80% of Reasonable Expenses will be paid up to an extra 40,000 Maximum

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How Does HTH Pay? Disastrous Major Medical Expense Benefit (CMM): After both Basic & Supplemental Benefit Maximums have been come to, 100% Reasonable Expenses up to an extra $100,000 Maximum will be paid Accidental Death & Dismemberment Repatriation & Medical Evacuation

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How Does HTH Pay? Illustration 1: You have gone to the closest doctor\'s facility for a crisis and your last bill is $1,500 You must pay the co-pay: $100 ($1,500 - $100 = $1,400) Insurance will pay the remaining $1,400 (100% X $1,400) up to the first $10,000 This is known as the Basic Medical Expense Benefit

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How Does HTH Pay? Case 2: If you got a clinic bill for $12,000: You would first pay the $100 co-pay ($12,000 - $100 = $11,900) $11,900 - $10,000 (protection pays100% up to the first $10,000) = $1,900 X 80% = $1,520 ($1,900 - $1,520 = $380) Insurance pays 80% after $10,000 Your last aggregate installment would be $480 ($100(co-pay) + $380 = $480)

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Insurance Card Emailed to your UNCG email location recorded in UNCGenie (please verify you check your email) UNCGenie is the university’s database and can be gotten to from the site at For any location/email location changes amid your concentrates, please redesign UNCGenie instantly

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Insurance Card Your protection ID card furnishes you with a Certificate number You will require this Certificate number to document a case or to get to HTH’s understudy site HTH site: Please enlist at this site after accepting your HTH protection card

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HTH Website: HTH’s understudy site gives: Claim shapes Local Doctors or doctor\'s facilities Status of a case ( EOB - assessment of advantages) Translation of Medical Terms

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Filing A Claim from SHC Pay your bill at the Student Health Center You should demand a receipt ! Complete case shapes (HTH site or from IPC) Fill out the case frames promptly (there is a different case structure for solutions ) Usually takes around 4-6 weeks to handle your case Attach a duplicate of the receipt(s) of installment to the case structure (please incorporate your understudy ID number on the receipt)

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Filing A Claim from SHC Put your Certificate number on the case frame Please take after guidelines painstakingly & bear in mind to sign Note at top of structure: Send repayment to ( your name ) Mail to the location given on the claim\'s back structure (upper right on Prescription Claim Form) Keep a duplicate of your case shape and keep receipts You will get a repayment check from HTH for qualified costs

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Withdrawal or Transferring Fall Semester – you must advise IPC by the second week of August Spring Semester – you must tell IPC by the second week in January Failure to inform IPC of you\'re withdrawal or exchange by this due date, may risk any shots of repayment

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REMEMBER: First: Use the Student Health Center (SHC) Please recall to take a receipt. At that point: If SHC is shut and your condition is not life undermining – go to the closest Urgent Care Center If condition is life debilitating : Call 911 or go to the closest Hospital!

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IPC wishes every understudy: A sheltered and sound involvement with U

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