Human Relations in Islam.

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Human Relations in Islam Dr. Ishaq Zahid Walk 08, 2009 Unitarian Church Diagram Prelude The Prophet (pbuh) with Jews and Christians Determinations from Quran and Hadith * Our Reality Today! Finishing up Comments Q/An American Muslims 6 million (The New York Times, Feb. 21, 1989)
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Human Relations in Islam Dr. Ishaq Zahid March 08, 2009 Unitarian Church

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Outline Preamble The Prophet (pbuh) with Jews and Christians Selections from Quran and Hadith * Our World Today! Finishing up Remarks Q/A

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American Muslims 6 million (The New York Times, Feb. 21, 1989) About 40% Afro-American Not all Muslims are Arabs, Not all Arabs are Muslims

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The Prophets\' Message There is no god, yet God. (Allah is the Arabic name for God) Worship and obey God as taught by His Messengers …and that is Islam!

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One Nation Under God “ Mankind was one single country, and God sent Messengers with happy greetings and notices; and with them He sent the Book in truth, to judge between individuals in matters wherein they varied; yet the Book\'s People, after the reasonable Signs came to them, didn\'t vary among themselves, aside from through childish contumacy. God by His Grace Guided the adherents to the Truth, worried that wherein they contrasted. For God guided whom He will to a way that is straight.” (The Quran, 2:213 )

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Abraham Builds K’aba

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Abraham’s Prayer, God’s Response And recall Abraham said: "My Lord, make this (Mecca) a City of Peace, and food its kin with organic products,- such of them as have faith in God and the Last Day." He (God) said: "(Yea), and, for example, reject Faith,- for some time will I concede them their pleasure , yet will soon drive them to the torment of Fire,- a shrewd destination (indeed)!" (Quran, 2.126)

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No Compulsion in Religion Let there be no impulse in religion: Truth emerges clear from Error: whoever rejects insidious and puts stock in God has gotten a handle on the most dependable hand-hold, that never breaks. What\'s more, God hears and knows all things. ( Quran, 2.256 )

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Respect for others’ convictions Islam disallows its supporters (Muslims) to affront anything that is seen as a god by any religion, paying little heed to what that is.

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Safeguarding Houses of Worship 022.039 To those against whom war is made, authorization is given (to battle), in light of the fact that they are wronged;- and verily, God is most capable for their guide;- 022.040 (They are) the individuals who have been ousted from their homes in resistance of right,- (for no reason) with the exception of that they say, "our Lord is God".â  Did not God check one arrangement of individuals by method for another, there would clearly have been pulled down cloisters, places of worship, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of God is honored in plentiful measure. God will absolutely help the individuals who help his (reason);- for verily God is loaded with Strength, Exalted in Might, (ready to uphold His Will).

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The Prophet and a Christian King Negus of Ethopia offers Protection to relocated Muslims First Muslim-Christian Governmental Interaction

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The Prophet & the Jews of Madinah A wonderful departure of the Prophet from a homicide plot and movement to Madinah. An awesome occasion ever. He signs a peace settlement with the Jews of Madinah

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The Jews of Bani ‘Awf are one group with the devotees. The Jews will purport their religion, and the Muslims theirs. The Jews might be in charge of their use, and the Muslims for theirs. On the off chance that assaulted by an outsider, each should provide to the with some much needed help of the other. Every gathering might hold counsel with the other. Common connection might be established on exemplary nature; sin is completely avoided. Neither should submit sins to the partiality of the other. The wronged party might be supported.

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The Jews should add to the expense of war inasmuch as they are battling nearby the adherents. Madinah might stay hallowed and sacred for all that join this arrangement. Should any contradiction emerge between the signatories to this bargain, then Allã¢h, the All-High and His Messenger might settle the question. The signatories to this bargain should blacklist Quraish financially; they might likewise keep away from extending any backing to them. Each should add to safeguarding Madinah, in the event of an outside assault, in its particular zone. This arrangement might not thwart either party from looking for legitimate vengeance.

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The Prophet and the Monks The Prophet made an impression on the ministers of Saint Catherine in Mount Sinai: Â â  "This is a message composed by Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a contract to the individuals who embrace Christianity, far and close, we are behind them. Verily, I shield them independent from anyone else, the workers, the aides, and my devotees, in light of the fact that Christians are my subjects; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that disappoints them. No impulse is to be on them.

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… Letter for the Monks No one is to crush a place of their religion, to harm it, or to convey anything from it to the Muslims\' homes. Should anybody take any of these, he would ruin God\'s pledge and resist His Prophet. Verily, they (Christians) are my associates and have my safe contract against all that they detest. On the off chance that a female Christian is hitched to a Muslim, this is not to happen without her own particular wish. She is not to be kept from heading off to her congregation to implore. Nobody of the country is to defy this pledge till the Day of Judgment and the end of the world."

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The Prophet and the Christians of Najran A Christian assignment from the city of Najran, South Arabia, came to visit the Prophet in Madinah. Amid the visit, the Christians supplicated in the Prophet\'s Mosque, the second holiest mosque of Islam!

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Selections From Quran and Hadith The Holy Quran contains 23 Years of Revelations (610 - 632 C.E.) Original in place as given by the Prophet in Arabic 114 Chapters: Most Chapters contain Multiple Revelations Chapter names depend on a word in the Chapter Historic Context matters: Quran was a living, dynamic, in-time direction for the Prophet and his group. Fundamental standards are clear. Others ought to be comprehended in the light of Hadith and the 23 years of History

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Sunnah and Hadith Approvals, dissatisfactions with the Prophet Compiled in particular books, known as Hadith books, after the Prophet\'s passing Classified from credible to false.

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Respect For Parents The Qur\'an hoists generosity to folks (particularly moms) to a status second just to the love of Allah. “Your Lord has declared that you venerate none however Him and that you be caring to folks. Whether one or them two accomplish maturity in your life, say not to them an expression of disdain nor repulse them, yet address them regarding honor.” (Qur\'an 17:23)

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Human Equality in Islam Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "No Arab has any prevalence over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any predominance over an Arab. Nor does a white man have any predominance over a dark man, or the dark man any prevalence over the white man. You are every one of the offspring of Adam, and Adam was made from clay."

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Justice in Islam "Do not let your disdain of an individuals prompt you to aggression." (Quran 5:2) "And don\'t let hostility towards any society impel you with the goal that you swerve from managing evenhandedly. Be only; that is closest to heedfulness." (Quran 5:8)

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Be Just, regardless of the possibility that … Oh you who trust, stand up immovably for equity, as witnesses to God, regardless of the fact that it be against yourselves, or your folks, or you\'re kinfolk, and whether it be against rich or poor; for God can best secure both. Try not to take after any enthusiasm, keeping in mind that you not be just. Also, on the off chance that you twist or decrease to do equity, verily God is all around familiar with all that you do.’ ” (Quran 4:135)

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Repel Evil with Goodness 041.034 Nor can goodness and Evil be equivalent. Repulse (Evil) with what is better: Then will he in the middle of whom and thee was contempt gotten to be in a manner of speaking thy companion and private! 003.134 Those who spend (unreservedly), whether in thriving, or in difficulty; who control outrage, and absolution (all) men; for God adores the individuals who do great.

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Suicide is a Grave Sin O ye who accept! Gobble not up your property among yourselves in vanities: But rather let there be amongst you activity and exchange by shared cooperative attitude: Nor execute (or wreck) yourselves: for verily God has been to you Most Merciful! (Quran, 4:29)

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One=All …if any one slew a man - unless it be for homicide or for spreading naughtiness in the area - it would be as though he slew the entire individuals: and if any one spared an existence, it would be as though he spared the entire\'s life people….(Quran, 5.32)

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Quran: Verse 8:12 Often misjudged Verse by Islam bashers: Remember thy Lord enlivened the blessed messengers (with the message): "I am with you: offer immovability to the Believers: I will ingrain fear into the Unbelievers\' hearts: destroy ye over their necks and destroy all their fingertips off them." (The Quran, 8.12) Read for a clarification:

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Quran: Verse 8:61, … 008.061 But in the event that the adversary slant towards peace, do thou (likewise) slant towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that hears and knows (all things). 060.008â  God restricts you not, as to the individuals who battle you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from managing generous and fairly with them: for God cherishes the individuals who are just. 060.009â  God just denies you, as to the individuals who battle you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and bolster (others) in driving you out, from swinging to them (for companionship and security). It is, for example, swing to them (in these circumstances), that do off-base.

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A Few Sayings of the Prophet “The Muslim is that one from whose tongue and hand the Muslims are safe.” And said: “None amongst you trusts (really)

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