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HUMAN RIGHTS and CULTURAL SUSTAINABILITY. Ivana Dragic Peaceful School International – Initiative in Serbia & Montenegro. I STATE of HUMAN RIGHTS and CULTURAL SUSTAINABILITY In Yugoslavia (now Serbia & Montenegro). COMPLEX INFLUENCES AND HISTORY.
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HUMAN RIGHTS and CULTURAL SUSTAINABILITY Ivana Dragic Peaceful School International – Initiative in Serbia & Montenegro

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I STATE of HUMAN RIGHTS and CULTURAL SUSTAINABILITY In Yugoslavia (now Serbia & Montenegro)

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COMPLEX INFLUENCES AND HISTORY MAJOR INFLUENCES IN ANCIENT HISTORY 1. Crossing outskirt between Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire 2. Crossing outskirt between Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire RESULT: Strong religious impacts of three noteworthy admissions: Islam, Orthodox and Catholic Christianity among individuals talking similar dialect

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HISTORICAL FACTS IN LAST 100 YEARS: 6 wars 1. I Balkan War, 1912. 2. II Balkan War, 1913. 3. I World War, 1914. - 1918. 4. II World War, 1941. – 1945. 5. Balkan Civil War 1992. – 1995. 6. Kosovo war emergency and shelling effort on Serbia, 1999.

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HISTORICAL FACTS IN LAST 100 YEARS: 6 times change of the name of the State 1. Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, 1915 2. Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1918 3. Federative Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia, 1943 4. Communist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, 1974 5. Government Republic of Yugoslavia, 1992 6. State Union Serbia and Montenegro, 2003

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HISTORICAL FACTS IN LAST 100 YEARS: 3 deaths on Serbian pioneers King Aleksandar Obrenovic, 1903. 2. Ruler Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, 1934. 3. PM Zoran Djindjic, 2003.

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HISTORICAL FACTS IN LAST 100 YEARS: 3 diverse Social requests Kingdom (Monarchy) 2. Republic (Socialism since 1943.) 3. Republic (Society on the move since 2001.)

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EXPERIENCES IN LAST 30 YEARS Socialistic federative Republic of Yugoslavia THE STATE I WAS BORN IN

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EXPERIENCES IN LAST 30 YEARS Civil war Milosevic autocracy Sanctions Economic sadness Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992-2003

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EXPERIENCES IN LAST 30 YEARS Bombing of the place where I grew up Pancevo, April 1999

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EXPERIENCES IN LAST 30 YEARS October fifth Revolution 2000 Leader with a genuine vision In Memoriam Dr. Zoran Djindjic 1952-2003

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II VISION Respecting Human Rights Maintaining Cultural Sustainability "Social maintainability" is another term, and one not effectively characterized. The word culture implies numerous things to numerous individuals. We utilize it in the broadest sense to signify \'our qualities and goals, conventions and shared recollections, the ways we create, get and transmit these, and the lifestyles these procedures deliver\'. Maintainability can be characterized as : "Addressing the necessities of the present without bargaining the requirements of future eras". Assembled these thoughts and we\'ll have social manageability – "creating, restoring and keeping up human societies that make constructive, continuing associations with different people groups and the common world". In the expressions of Nelson Mandela , "Like truth, culture and imagination are enduring."

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III PARTICULAR CHALLENGES ADDRESSING MENTALITY OF SERBIAN PEOPLE ADAPTED ON ABNORMAL LIVING CONDITIONS: - Always precarious encompassing Normal is to make progress toward the surviving (Zone of surviving versus Zone of higher life quality) - Becoming adjusted on increasingly elevated sum on bad form and "offensiveness" in media and regular daily existence. Outcomes: Passivity, "learned vulnerability", absence of the "inward locus of control" "Emotions are not imperative" Becoming unaware on others adversity, raising of pride and childishness

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ADDRESSING MENTALITY OF SERBIAN PEOPLE 2. "Level SOCIETY" - Society without characterized progression and solid world class (vertical request): Collective oblivious in view of Feudalism and Orthodox Christianity making great ground for the acknowledgment of Socialism No supervisors – no characterized parts and assignments/No pioneers – no vision and mission Consequences: - Put together five shrewd and able people keeping in mind the end goal to settle on a choice and you\'ll get "moronic gathering" of five individuals 3. "Mindset OF DEFICIENCY" : - Life and riches resemble constrained cake – If somebody takes greater part, others will have less Consequences: - "They will excuse you everything except for achievement"

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ADDRESSING MENTALITY OF SERBIAN PEOPLE DISTRUSTFUL ATTITUDES ABOUT WEST - as far as political and sparing inspiration or demands from the West ( not about "standard individuals" from abroad – which is regularly stopped inverse) - Fear of being misused Consequences : Popularity of preservationist nationalistic political gatherings CONSEQUENCES OF ALL 4. Focuses - Passive or Aggressive life stiles – Assertiveness is not referred to even as an idea - Passive larger part is effectively affected/managed by forceful minority

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PARTICULAR PROJECTS SUMMER SCHOOL "100 x Better!" (2000) 10 days camp with 100 members age 18-27 from Pan čevo Lectures about peace-building, human rights, nature; Workshops – personality, values, partialities, group building NGO " Pančevo Civil Reaction " – GruPa, Pancevo

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SUMMER SCHOOL "100 x Better!" (2000)

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SUMMER SCHOOL "100 x Better!" (2000)

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PARTICULAR PROJECTS HUMAN RIGHTS TIME MACHINE (2001) P ublic execution C ostume ball P ublic addresses S eminar on infringement of human rights for legal advisors S urvey NGO " Pančevo Civil Reaction " – GruPa, Pančevo

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PARTICULAR PROJECTS PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL (since 2000) Founded by Hetty Van Gurp with Headquarter in Nova Scotia, Canada MISSION The mission of Peaceful Schools International is to give support to schools that have pronounced a promise to making and keeping up a culture of peace. Establishing PRINCIPLES - Membership in PSI is intentional - PSI is non-prescriptive GOALS - Facilitate organizing among quiet schools - Act as a clearinghouse for imaginative thoughts and projects - Encourage understudy focused clash determination systems Reduce brutality and corrective train measures - Support at-hazard understudies - Promote a comprehension and energy about differences

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Schools that get to be individuals from Peaceful Schools International are urged to show a guarantee to a number of the accompanying: A community oriented way to deal with school-based basic leadership 2. Curricular or potentially extracurricular peace instruction activities 3. Instructing strategies that stretch support, collaboration, critical thinking and regard for contrasts 4. Understudy and group focused clash determination systems, for example, peer intercession 5. Group benefit ventures 6. Open doors for expert advancement of all staff concentrated on making a positive school atmosphere "We can see the expansive impacts of this association which, through exercises in our schools, will likewise influence the neighborhood groups and society in general." - instructor, Serbia

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PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE IN SERBIA (since 2002) AT THE BEGINNING PSI required in one Belgrade school "Vasa Pelagic" 2000. New Ministry of Education in Serbia began genuine instruction change 2001. Hetty Van Gurp meets Deputy of Ministry of Education – Tunde Kovac –Cerovic RESULT OF THEIR MEETING: Ministry of Education pick 6 Elementary schools from various locales of Serbia for beginning pilot venture and 12 educators went to the headquarter of PSI in Canada for the preparation and going to schools in December 2002. NGO "MOST" which runs "Peace thinks about" drew in for planning among six schools

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PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE IN SERBIA (since 2002) INITIATIVE IN PARTICULAR Elementary School "Isidora Sekulic" Pancevo MAJOR ISSUE for the primary year A synergistic way to deal with school-based basic leadership Starting point: All educators went trough the workshops on non – rough correspondence with manuals for working with understudies Conducted look into on a few noteworthy parts of school life which incorporated all staff, and 50 % of guardians and understudies School Development Plan (including understudies, guardians, group individuals) with real issue on teach and air in school Rethinking "Direct of conduct" with clearing up all systems and intercessions (in every class, then understudies delegates with staff, and afterward all class guardians agents with staff) delegates Changing the administration in school Electing three understudies for the late spring camp in Canada

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PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE IN SERBIA (since 2002) Ongoing backing from PSI Hetty going to our school January 2003 Students from Serbia and Canada on summer camp "Approach to Peace" 2003

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PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE IN SERBIA (since 2002) Following period in school advancement - Starting Student Parliament Starting project of the Peer Mediation Encouraging instructors, understudies and guardians in giving new activities Starting normal understudies parties sorted out by understudies Keeping records and praising every achievement and commitment Ongoing backing from PSI, new visit, official enrollment and new summer camp - Free trip for the understudies who made some achievement

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PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE IN SERBIA (since 2002) Various exercises in school

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PEACEFUL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE IN SERBIA (since 2002) Preparation for spreading the system in Serbia with a support of previous Ministry of Education - Conference "PEACE CULTURE IN SCHOOLS" in Belgrade, December, 2003; Developed adjusted preparing for this district Transl

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