Hunt down the Shadowman .

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Search for the Shadowman. By Joan Lowery Nixon. Chapter 1– Vocabulary. genealogy (p. 2) 2. desperado (p. 2) 3. conceited (p. 5) 4. dignified (p. 5) 5. impressive (p. 5) 6. decrepit (p. 7) 7. indignation (p. 7) 8. quavery (p. 9). Chapter 1 – Notes. Characters: Andy Thomas (Main)
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Hunt down the Shadowman By Joan Lowery Nixon

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Chapter 1– Vocabulary family history (p. 2) 2. outlaw (p. 2) 3. arrogant (p. 5) 4. noble (p. 5) 5. amazing (p. 5) 6. dilapidated (p. 7) 7. anger (p. 7) 8. quavery (p. 9)

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Chapter 1 – Notes Characters: Andy Thomas (Main) Miss Winnie Grandma Dorothy J.J. Gasper Miz Minna Mr. Hammergren Mrs. Thomas Setting: Fall, West Texas, Hermosa J. J. furthermore, Andy = closest companions Project from history instructor (Mr. Hammergren) on family history Conflict between Miz Minna and Miss Winnie

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Chapter 1– Quote What missed Winnie mean when she said, "A few stories are for the advising, some are not… ?" (p. 8)

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Chapter 2 – Vocabulary obediently (p. 10) attentive (p. 11) economical (p. 11) interested (p. 14)

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Chapter 2 – Notes Family moved to West Texas Family was poor– cash was stolen Coley Joe (Cole Joseph) name set apart out in family Bible

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Chapter 2 – Quote "However the cash he\'d spared to fabricate a house and purchase stock … that was stolen." (p. 11) Why was this announcement so stunning and intriguing to Andy?

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Chapter 3 – Vocabulary thong (p. 20) dressing (p. 26) mournfully (p. 27)

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Chapter 3 – Notes Andy needed to get some information about Coley Joe ("riddle man") Marked out of Bible if disfavors family Andy conversed with Miz Minna about Coley Joe yet she wouldn\'t let him know

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Chapter 3 – Quote When Miz Minna cautioned, "At times asking excessively numerous inquiries prompts inconvenience." (p. 28) What was she notice him not to inquire? Why was she notice him?

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Chapter 4 – Vocabulary irritation (p. 30) tokens (p. 30) [memento] shards (p. 31) [shard] seriously (p. 32) [solemn] attentively (p. 37) [wary] bandied (p. 38) [bandy]

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Chapter 4 – Notes Mom took Bible and a few papers from the container to duplicate and rundown family Andy broke edge of Bonner picture and sees Coley Joe for the 1 st time Andy attempted to sneak inquiries in about Coley Joe to Miss Winnie In 1879 CJ was 23 CJ did not move with family to Corpus Christi The family thought CJ stole the cash

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Chapter 4 – Notes proceeded with… Andy got telephone call cautioning him to stop "snooping" Coley Joe disrespected family by apparently taking the family\'s cash

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Chapter 4 – Quote Andy announced to J.J., "I\'m going to demonstrate that Coley Joe was a decent person." (p. 33) Do you think Andy truly trusted that Coley Joe was honest? Why?

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Chapter 5 – Vocabulary dissatisfaction (p. 40) grisly (p. 44) contemplative (p. 50) headstone (p. 42) segregated (p. 44) mishmash (p. 51)

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Chapter 5 – Notes Andy & J.J. choose to go to the cemetery– headstones Mom says no – Dad says yes Andy utilizes web for venture (Hunter) Locates verse book by Grace Elizabeth Bonner Dreamed about GEB

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Chapter 5 – Quote Andy told his mother, "I simply had a bad dream." (p. 52) Why did he consider his fantasy a bad dream?

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Chapter 6 – Vocabulary private (p. 54) fashioned iron (p. 56) monolith (p. 57) mottled (p. 58)

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Chapter 6 – Notes Andy conversed with Mr. Hammergren about venture (CJ) and gets guidance At the graveyard: Malcolm John Bonner – wind head, storm comes, got by Elton converses with the dead

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Chapter 6 – Quote Elton expressed, "I can." [meaning he could converse with the dead] (p. 62) Did he truly mean he could converse with them? Why or why not?

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Chapter 7 – Vocabulary serpent (p. 64) passel (p. 65) upstarts (p. 71) [upstart] rigors (p. 73)

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Chapter 7 – Notes At supper (Andy, Mom, Dad) talk about MJB gravestone Shakespeare – "How more keen than a serpent\'s tooth it is to have a difficult youngster." CJ? Elton – converses with the dead?! Andy gets email about affection letters from CJ to Felicity from "El Paso" (he made it)

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Chapter 7 – Notes proceeded… Interviewed Grandma Dorothy & Grandpa Zeke Read letters: CJ had touched base in El Paso, wanted to purchase domesticated animals, and he guaranteed to about-face to wed Felicity!

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Chapter 7 – Quote From King Lear (by William Shakespeare) "How more keen than a serpent\'s tooth it is to have a difficult tyke." [quote from Malcolm\'s tombstone] (p. 64) If this is discussing Malcolm John Bonner and Coley Joe, what does it mean?

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Chapter 8 – Vocabulary question (p. 77) perfect (p. 80) arrange (p. 80)

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Chapter 8 – Notes History class – examine advance of activities Andy tells that he got love letters Andy conversed with Miz Minna about family trees Posted another question on the web Headed to the burial ground to see Elton

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Chapter 8 – Quote Andy asked J.J., "You need me to surrender?" (p. 79) Does Andy need to surrender? Why or why not? Does J.J. need Andy to surrender? Why or why not?

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Chapter 9 – Vocabulary flourish (p. 88) unfavorable (p. 90) orthodontist (p. 90)

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Chapter 9 – Notes Find out information from the Bonners Looking at the case of stuff – considered more inquiries 1 st letter, 2 nd verse book (on end table) 3 rd thong Andy got debilitating mail/letter

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Chapter 9 – Quote "Who else did you tell?" Andy scowled as he thought. "Mother and Dad, obviously. Also, Grandpa and Grandma… and you." A stray thought destroyed Andy like the agonizing sting of a mosquito… . "Much obliged for perusing the letter. I\'ve gotta go." Who was the "you" Andy was discussing? Why did Andy out of the blue feel a "sting" and need to surge off?

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Chapter 10 – Vocabulary dallied (p. 95) [dawdle] people (p. 98) benefactors (p. 103) [patron] battered (p. 98) [batter] arraignments (p. 99) [indictment] Archives (p. 103) [archive]

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Chapter 10 – Notes Andy raked leaves at home and grandparents at last (as a result of being vexed about J.J. what\'s more, the 2 dangers) Received email from a "DrPR" about Texas history (Salt Wars) in San Elizario Read about it at library however keeps running into more inquiries "disappointed" – Mrs. Alonzo helps  will discover who were murdered there (in San Elizario) Was it CJ?

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Chapter 10 – Notes proceeded with… Also, who was CJ\'s companion (specified in letter to Felicity) Someone in the shadows. Who is it?

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Chapter 10 – Quote "It\'s extreme being a criminologist," he said. (p. 100) Why did Andy tell the administrator it was intense being an analyst? What was he searching for now in the library?

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Chapter 11 – Vocabulary strengthening (p.108) [fortify] stiff neck (p. 109) incidental (p. 108) plan (p. 111)

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Chapter 11 – Notes J.J. was in the shadows – came to check whether Andy needed to play computer games or something Sorted through Bonner papers (Andy/J.J.) At people group theater – Miz Minna tells Miss Winnie what Andy is doing

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Chapter 11 – Quote "Was that why I saw you by the letter box, J.J.?" (p. 106) Why did Andy ask J.J. about being at his letter drop?

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Chapter 12 – Vocabulary break (p. 118) deceive (p. 118) described (p. 119) youthful (p. 120) trade off (p. 121) convincing (p. 122)

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Chapter 12 – Notes

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Chapter 12 – Quote "I have to realize that you regard what I need to say and that you believe me." (p. 120) Why did Andy say this to his folks and what was he attempting to fulfill?

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Chapter 13 – Vocabulary superstitious (p. 130) beseechingly (p. 133)

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Chapter 13 – Notes

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Chapter 13 – Quote "It was Coley Joe!" he yelled. "I discovered Coley Joe!" (p. 132) Why was Andy so energized he had at long last gotten some answers concerning Coley Joe? Why was the place Coley Joe imperative to Andy, Miss Winnie, and the plot of this book?

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Chapter 14 – Vocabulary silly (p. 140) outrage (p. 145)

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Chapter 14 – Notes

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Chapter 14 – Quote "The principal J.J. was an agent, in a low-paying employment. How could he have been able to he all of a sudden obtain a sizable sum of wealth to move to Hermosa and set up both a store and a bank?" (p. 141) What sort of response did Andy anticipate from Miz Minna when he asked this? What is the right response to the above question?

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Last Chapter – Vocabulary strongbox implicate

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Last Chapter – Notes

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Last Chapter – Writing Response What might you do on the off chance that you were Andy with the data he found about Coley Joe and the main James Jonathan Gasper?

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Author\'s Notes

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