Hurricane Allison Recuperation.

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Web association restored. 713-743-1000 call focus set up. Frameworks and ... UHV system association restored. Desktop evaluation group inventories ...
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Typhoon Allison Recovery Charles Chambers Information Technology 2001

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Time Line Saturday flooding starts (1 A.M.) – IT group on grounds Additional IT staff arrive – pumping and power are basic Institutional needs are engaged – Non-IT Sunday Pumping of system hub offices start Power restored to UHS server farm Internet association restored 713-743-1000 call focus set up Systems and servers came back to benefit

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Time Line Monday, June eleventh WAN administrations restored with the exception of UHV IP phones initiated in basic regions Relocated a few servers to Data Center Tuesday, June 12 th Internet availability shaky because of ISP Servers in Data Center develop by 20 UHV system association restored Desktop evaluation group inventories grounds Network groups assess structures for harm

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Time Line Wednesday, June 13 th UH-CVN administrations restored, classes held. Finance handled half of telephone framework came back to administration Thursday, June 14 th Data spine restored Data availability to opened structures Order Equipment for Storm Solutions for Hofheinz Pavillion

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Time Line Friday, June 15 th Majority of telephone framework restored Saturday, June 16 th Equipment for Hofheinz Pavillion arrives, introduced

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Time Line Sunday, June 17 th Hofheinz Pavillion accessible 270 IP phones 314 information ports IT bolster stall made Monday, June 18 th University Re-Opens First inhabitants moves into Hofheinz Pavillion

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Time Line Tuesday Voice Mail framework restored Touch Tone Registration restored Remainder of telephone framework restored Wednesday Majority of SWB trunking issues adjusted

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Time Line Thursday Friday Reconfiguration of Hofheinz Pavillion system

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Technology Priorities Infrastructure Phone System Internet Connectivity Inter-grounds Network Campus Data Network Interactive Video Network Data Center Operation

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Technology Priorities Services E-mail Web Site WebCT IVR for Registration/Records Payroll Financial Application

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Technology Priorities Desktop Computers Inventory Repair Replacement Computers Data restores

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Technology Priorities Temporary Space - Holfheinz Used ball structure Boxes got to be workplaces Basketball floor got to be labs and desk areas

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Holfheinz Pavillion From Basketball to Academics 27 boxes Cisco IP telephony – 270 telephones Switched information system 270 ports in workplaces 144 ports on b-ball court Over 100,000 feet of copper and fiber IT bolster corner Voice and information system bolster Desktop PC support

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Recovery Resources Over xxx individual hours (UH Staff) Loss and Business Resumption Costs evaluated in millions Over 250 IT related staff included

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Lessons Learned Move IT offices over the ground Move generators over the ground Flood entryways on underground passageways Established arrangements helped . . . The right individuals at the right places, settling on the right choices was the key. Assemble bolster endeavors early Food Sleeping Quarters

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Heroic Efforts Pumps/Pumping Saving the Animals Getting Primary DID in administration Internet Connectivity Holfheinz Pavillion

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How the Speedy Recovery Temporary fixes Great personalities and colossal objectives Dedicated staff Very extend periods of time Multiple arrangements Quick merchant reaction Elimination of organization Communication of status and objectives Central coordination point

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Starting Recovery Pumping and Power Starting pumping PGH on Saturday Moved pumps to creature lab (SR2) Sunday power restored to Computing Center Internet Connection Reconfigured to processing focus Web and email up first

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Recovery Partners Herculean endeavors by all! Pumping water Removing harmed hardware Designing and putting in new frameworks Power reclamation UH Support College volunteers Facilities Vendor reaction was extraordinary! Staff nearby (more than 100) Rapid sending of hardware

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Initial Impact Primary Technology Areas Affected UHS Data Center Network Node in PGH Network Node in UCU Headend Facility in Moody

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UHS Data Center Lost power No flooding or other harm

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Network Node (PGH) Services lost Voice, information, video for UH Internet and intuitive video for all UHS Damage Water 18 inches above raised floor Power frameworks all out misfortune

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Network Node (PGH) Telephone and Voice Mail Systems

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Network Node (UCU) Services lost Voice system for 1/3 of grounds Trunk lines from SWB High limit circuits from SWB Damage Telephone Switch eroded Wire focus decimated 3600 stations

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Network Node (UCU) Telephone framework

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Network Node (UCU) SWB Interface

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Network Node (UCU) Wire Center Frame

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Headend Facility (Moody) Services Lost CATV Network

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Hofheinz Pavillion Home of "Phi Slamma Jama"

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Hofheinz Pavillion Wiring was quite open…

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A wide shot perspective of the inward city of Houston, Texas

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Flood waters attack the City with no Mercy

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Freeway Entrance slope into downtown from the North

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Freeway Exit incline

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A perspective of Allen-Parkway

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Raging waters in the Tunnel System Downtown

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Another perspective of the Tunnel System Downtown

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And...Another perspective of the Tunnel System Downtown

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Canoeing down HWY 59 close to the Compaq Center

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A perspective of 1 of 3 of the Suspension Bridges that traverses HWY 59 close to the Compaq Center

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A perspective of the Houston\'s Channel 11 - KHOU - Television Studio

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A perspective of Interstate Highway I-10

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Jet Sking in the surge waters on Interstate Highway I-10

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A perspective of a 3-way Intersection situated at Allen Parkway and Sanford Street

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Here\'s Who did it! CTS "Team" at Storm Allison Luncheon

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