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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in South Carolina:. Strength in Collaboration. Name Organization Date. South Carolina & Hydrogen: A Natural Fit. SC has a 50+ year history of hydrogen research A Harvard study identified hydrogen and fuel cells as a major economic focus for SC
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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in South Carolina: Strength in Collaboration Name Organization Date

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South Carolina & Hydrogen: A Natural Fit SC has a 50+ year history of hydrogen research A Harvard think about distinguished hydrogen and power devices as a noteworthy monetary center for SC In 2006, the South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance was shaped to arrange and work together SC\'s hydrogen activities in view of financial improvement objectives

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Hydrogen is an all inclusive fuel that will be a noteworthy piece of our state and our country\'s perfect, reasonable vitality future. Hydrogen can: Improve our economy by making occupations for our natives Improve our vitality freedom by decreasing our dependence on remote wellsprings of oil Lessen our natural effect by taking out carbon emanations

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What is hydrogen? What is an energy component? The most bounteous component in the universe An all inclusive fuel that can be utilized to power anything from autos to mobile phones Non-harmful, lighter than air, vapid, unscented, dull

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SC has numerous current hydrogen qualities Multi-level legislative support of hydrogen Long-existing quality in research Emerging qualities in an assortment of hydrogen markets Long-existing assembling aptitude energizes financial advancement and private speculation Coordination and cooperation through SCHFCA exercises

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Multi-Level Governmental Support National Support : Rep. Bounce Inglis and Sen. Lindsey Graham seat House and Senate Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucuses State Support : Gov. Check Sanford shaped SC Competitiveness Initiative, distinguished hydrogen and energy unit advertises as real center SC Legislature passed the Hydrogen Infrastructure Development Act in 2007 Community Support : Aiken County subsidized the $10 million Center for Hydrogen Research; City of Columbia passed a determination to end up a pioneer in hydrogen and power device advancement

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Strength in Research Hydrogen generation and capacity Savannah River National Laboratory Center for Hydrogen Research Fuel Cell Research University of South Carolina; NSF Industry/University Collaborative Research Center; Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Center of Excellence Automotive Integration Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research Transportation Issues S.C. State University James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center

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SC\'s Unique Hydrogen Markets Focused on attainable close term applications Portable applications – Such as ETV power device cameras and crisis responder packs Off-street applications – Such as USC/Hydrogen Hybrid Mobility energy component Segway and Bridgestone hydrogen forklift ventures Automotive – Federal Transit Administration\'s National Fuel Cell Bus Program, Fall 2008

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Columbia Activities and Demonstrations In 2007, the City of Columbia collectively passed a determination to wind up a pioneer in power module advancement The Greater Columbia Fuel Challenge reserves tasks of different scales, including: Portable energy unit battery packs for ETV cameras First responder amplified energy unit control packs University of South Carolina teachers revealed two hydrogen power device Segways in 2007

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Aiken Activities and Demonstrations $10 million Center for Hydrogen Research opened 2005 SC\'s first hydrogen vehicle, a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado truck, disclosed February 2008 Bridgestone plant sent 23 hydrogen forklifts in 2008 with arrangements to make an all-hydrogen forklift armada by 2009

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SC\'s planned assembling framework could draw in more private speculation SC has immeasurable system of assembling assets More than 50 statutes give monetary impetuses to assembling Statewide coordination through the SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership Skilled workforce programs with the ReadySC program and SC\'s Technical College System

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Hydrogen still needs your bolster Let your state and nearby delegates know you bolster hydrogen and the work of the SCHFCA Educate yourself on hydrogen and energy components Visit schydrogen.org for data on SC\'s exercises Plug into national exercises at hydrogenassociation.org and h2andyou.org Learn more about positive state motivations for receiving elective vitality innovations at www.energy.sc.gov

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Please go along with us in Columbia in March 2009 as we host the National Hydrogen Association\'s Annual Conference and Hydrogen Expo

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