I. American Film: A Short History.

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1940-1945 Film as war purposeful publicity. 1946 Peak of US film industry (90 million Americans go to the motion pictures week after week) ... 1960s Films consolidate more sexual and savage substance on the huge ...
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I. American Film: A Short History SMST215-06B American Media Week 31 (August 2)

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1888 Thomas Edison creates movie camera 1900-1909 rivalry over innovation and licenses (Edison and Biograph), By 1909, the USA was the world\'s biggest film market. Nickelodeon. 1903 The Great Train Robbery (d. Edwin Porter) 1915 Birth of A Nation (first element film) 1919 Golden time of quiet movies starts

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1922 The Hays Office (film restriction) The ascent of the film star 1927 The Jazz Singer (\'you ain\'t heard nothing yet!). By 1930 for all intents and purposes all movies were "talkies" 1928 First Oscars 1933 King Kong

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1939 Gone With The Wind 1941 Citzen Kane 1940-1945 Film as war promulgation 1946 Peak of US film industry (90 million Americans go to the motion pictures weekly) 1948 The Paramount Case (dissolving studio/presentation syndications) 1948 Television touches base in America

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1950s The ascent of the teenager gathering of people + sci-fi (Cold War distrustfulness) Decline of the studio framework. 1960s Films fuse more sexual and rough substance on the enormous screen. Ascent of the workmanship film. 1968 MPAA film appraisals presented 1970s \'The New Hollywood\' (ascent of the director), The ascent of the huge spending plan \'block-buster\' ( Star Wars , Jaws ) 1980s VCR for home use; multiplex silver screens

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The 1990s 1995 Toy Story. To start with totally computer-created film 1997 DVDs presented 1997 Titanic. Most costly film ever/most astounding netting (single) movie ever "prequels" and "spin-offs" ( Star Wars );re-makes and re-discharges; "non mainstream" silver screen

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