I Cherish Guinea Pigs.

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I Love Guinea Pigs Genre: Expository Nonfiction Author\'s Purpose: Inform Skill: Text Structure By: Dick King-Smith Compiled by Terry Sams , Piedmont

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Summary   Guinea pigs aren\'t pigs, in spite of the fact that the guys are called pigs and the females are called sows .  These tubby rodents, initially from South America, make extraordinary pets.  They carry on quite a while (for rodents) and they\'re not fussy.  They eat and "talk" a lot.  And on the off chance that you treat them well, they can get to be enamored with you.  Are they the ideal pet?  Dick King-Smith, the creator of I Love Guinea Pigs , beyond any doubt thinks so!

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Genre: Expository Nonfiction is composing that depends on certainty rather than on fanciful occasions. It is a sort of writing that arrangements with genuine individuals, occasions, and encounters. It clarifies the way of something, or tells what something resemble. It utilizes definitions, cases, groupings, and examinations.

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Comprehension Skill - Text Structure Knowing how a bit of content is composed helps the peruser to comprehend the data . Fiction is frequently sorted out in the request things happen. Verifiable can be sorted out by examples, for example, sequencing, circumstances and end results, truth and assessment, investigate, and primary thoughts and subtle elements .

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Comprehension Skill – Review Fact and Opinion A reality is a genuine proclamation. A few truths never show signs of change. Be that as it may, a few realities can change. A reality that can change: The nourishment is hot A conclusion is an announcement that tells what somebody considers. Feelings additionally can change .

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Practice Text Structure – Fact and Opinion TE 195b

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Now you Practice – Fact and Opinion TE 195b

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Vocabulary Skill - Homographs are words that are spelled the same and sound the same. They can be declared in an unexpected way. Cases – read – read record present sow – sow record present Homophones (homonyms) are spelled diversely yet affirmed the same. there – their – they\'re your – you\'re as well – to - two

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Literary Device – Onomatopoeia TE 195i Words that mimic the sounds they depict are called likeness in sound . Likeness in sound makes meaning clearer. Sound to word imitation makes composing livelier and all the more intriguing. Cases: Compare guinea pigs make clamors with guinea pigs say putt, chut, and tweet.

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Practice Onomatopoeia Go to page 191 to find words that mirror the sounds guinea pigs make.

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Research Skills – Charts/Tables TE 195j When doing research you may discover data in graphs or tables. Outlines and tables show data "initially" as opposed to with words. Diagrams compose data in a way that is anything but difficult to take after. A table is a sort of graph that presents data in lines and segments.

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Weekly Fluency Check Go to pages 188-189 "I once had a . . ." or Go to page 191, "Another pleasant. . ." Read with Accuracy – Use your insight into word structure to profess words effectively. The word cauliflower can be separated into 4 sections and sounded out. Search for and disentangle any troublesome or numerous syllabled words in the section as you read. (The educator will hear you out read.)

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Review How are guinea pigs and pigs alike and diverse? What does the creator think about guinea pigs? How does the creator know such a great amount about guinea pigs?

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Review 2 What does a proprietor need to do to make his guinea pig well disposed and agreeable? What does the creator need you to recall the most about guinea pigs? Why will the creator always remember King Arthur and Beach Boy?

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Writing Assignment Write a passage clarifying what you have found out about guinea pigs from this choice. Make sure to edit for right spelling, accentuation, and sentence structure. You may utilize the data on the table on Workbook p. 79-80 for data.

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More Good Stuff Interesting Facts More About Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs Reading Test Spelling Test ABC Spelling Words

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Say It! hogs affectionate biting sow assortments

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More Words to Know progenitors cavy discussion guinea pig rodents

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fond adoring and preferring

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boars male pigs or hoards

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gnawing gnawing and wearing ceaselessly

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varieties various types, sorts, or sorts

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sow a completely developed female pig

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ancestors people from whom one is straightforwardly slid

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conversation amicable talk

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cavy any of the group of South American rodents

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guinea pig a little, fat creature with short ears and a short tail or no tail

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rodents any of a gathering of creatures with substantial front teeth utilized for biting

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The canine was chewing on the shoe.

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The canine was biting on the shoe.

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There are such a large number of assortments of guinea pigs to browse.

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There are such a large number of assortments of guinea pigs to browse.

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These rodents are from the cavy from South America.

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These rodents are from the cavy from South America.

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The guinea pig guys are called bears.

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The guinea pig guys are called pigs .

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The progenitors of the guinea pig originated from Dutch Guiana numerous years prior.

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The predecessors of the guinea pig originated from Dutch Guiana numerous years back.

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Rats and mice are additionally rodents.

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Rats and mice are likewise rodents .

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The guinea pigs like for you to have an inviting discussion with them.

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The guinea pigs like for you to have a benevolent discussion with them.

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A sow can have babies a few times each year.

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A sow can have babies a few times each year.

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Have you ever had a guinea pig for a pet?

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Have you ever had a guinea pig for a pet?

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Terry is enamored with her guinea pig.

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Terry is enamored with her guinea pig.

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Spelling Words Compound Words classroom any way news paper something a few times base ball wicker bin ball up stairs my self high way

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Spelling Words Compound Words delicate ball week end cohort entryway chime drive way writing slate ear rings evening time engine cycle down stairs

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This Week\'s Word Wall Words Click and sort your own particular words during the current week:

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Let\'s survey our words. Observe deliberately in light of the fact that they will streak on the screen for one minute. We will applaud as we spell the word.

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in any case

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daily paper

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here and there

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writing slate

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Slide 65

evening time

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Slide 67

first floor

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Slide 69


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