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Flying corps. Virginia Tech. I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l e n c e. Cadets are all grins after a C-17 flight from the Roanoke Air terminal. Present starting 15 September 2010, data subject to change . AFROTC Det 875 Review. Flying corps Preparing What's in store
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Aviation based armed forces Virginia Tech I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l e n c e Cadets are all grins after a C-17 flight from the Roanoke Airport Current starting at 15 September 2010, data subject to change

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AFROTC Det 875 Overview Air Force Training What to Expect What separates us Scholarships & Majors Air Force Career Fields Earning a Pilot Slot Benefits of Active Duty More about Virginia Tech Helpful Phone Numbers VT graduates discuss pledge of office together at Commissioning function

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Aerospace Studies Freshmen & Sophomores (GMC) Air Force Class – 1x week, 1 credit hr Year 1: A Basic Introduction (AS1115/AS1116) Uniforms, Rank Structure, Major Commands Year 2: History (AS2115/AS2116) Origins and the Development of Air Power Transfer understudies can take Year 1 & 2 classes simultaneously & finish AFROTC in 3 years with endorsement from Unit Admissions Officer before fall term classes start.

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Aerospace Studies Juniors & Seniors (POC) Air Force Class – 3x week, 3 credit hrs Year 3: Leadership & Management (AS3215/AS3216) Teambuilding, Motivation, Power & Influence, Followership, Ethics, Counseling & Supervision Year 4: National Security & Prep for Active Duty (AS4215/AS4216) Regional Studies, Military Strategy, UCMJ

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Aerospace Studies All Cadets Air Force Fitness – 2x week, 1 credit hr Every Semester: Air Force Fitness (AS2934) Proper exercise frame, AF directions, exercises Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) - 1 min of push ups; 1 min of sit ups; 1.5 mile run - Earn 75+ or better to initiate/hold grants & go to Field Training before taking junior level classes AF Leadership Lab – 1x week, 1 credit hr P/F Every Semester: LLAB (AS2944) Drill, Customs & Courtesies, Group Leadership Projects, Parades, Expeditionary Skills

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What to Expect: Activities & Organizations Base Visits NC, SC, VA, OH Orientation Flights C-130, C-17 Career Day Talk to Active Duty Officers Arnold Air Society Focus on Service & Officership *Air Force Flyers Club Pilot Wannabees *AF Special Operations Trng Prg Gung-Ho PT Warriors * Unique to our AFROTC Det 875 at Virginia Tech

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What to Expect: Summer Adventures Program choices incorporate parachute preparing, lightweight plane preparing and base visits! Get Paid! Arrange! Learn! Obligatory 4-wk Field Trng before Junior year at Maxwell AFB, AL

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What separates us at VT The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets The Corps is an organized lifestyle 24x7 preparing condition MGT 2944 What the Corps offers Air Force Cadets The best of both universes: conventional ROTC & USAFA Leadership Minor Option – no other ROTC program offers this! 2Xs initiative open doors in mil association as trad ROTC New Cadet Week – awesome military introduction & prep for Field Training Life-long companionships w/cadets/sailors in Army/Navy ROTC Strong graduated class organize –a advantage as a cadet & after graduation

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Typical Weekly Cadet Schedule * AF Fitness: 2 choices offered M/W or T/Th ; AS Class: 4 segments offered T, W, Th

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H.S. Grant Application Process Rising Seniors/Seniors apply online ( www.AFROTC.com) after 01 May/by 01 Dec Take SAT or ACT by 31 Dec Submit all printed material to HQ AFROTC by 10 Jan Officer reaches you for the Interview by 01 Mar If chose – be readied! Acknowledge AF $ + Submit Admissions Letter by 31 May

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H.S. Grant Application Process APPLICATION PAPERWORK Official Transcripts ACT/SAT Scores Fitness Assessment Scores Personal Statement Extracurricular Activities Sheet Counselor Certification Résumé (1 Page just) Tip : Make Copies Before Mailing & Send All Together

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H.S. Grant Offers Average Scores of Recipients (from 2009) Class Rank: Top 13% CGPA 3.77 SAT 1261 (math + verbal just) ACT 28 Avg VT Undergrad Admissions Stats for AY09-10 : 3.94 CGPA; 1250 SAT

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70% of all grant dollars accessible given to understudies seeking after specialized degrees All Engineering Fields Architecture, Meteorology, Physics, Chemistry Mathematics, Operations Research, Computer Science Want to change Majors? Specialized to Technical >>> OKAY Technical to Non-Tech >>> Loss of Scholarship H.S. Grant Offers 2008 National Summary All Tech Majors Have Option to Extend Scholarship Benefits for fifth Year

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Scholarship Benefits 10%* - Type 1 : pays boundless Tuition 23%* - Type 2 : up to $18K 67%* - Type 7 : up to $9K * 2008 Distribution of Scholarship Types Plus Annual Book Money : $900 Plus Monthly Allowance (amid semesters) GMC : $300 for green beans, $350 for sophomores POC : $450 for youngsters, $500 for seniors 2009 Tuition & Fees: $8,605 (in-state) $21,878 (out-of-state)

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Det 875 Scholarship Stats Numbers present starting at 16 Mar 10 68% of our cadets earned grants yet just 47% are dynamic today. Why? Since a few grants are suspended, ended, finished, briefly inactivated or granted and not yet dynamic.

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Det 875 Cadet Strength Freshmen/Sophomores (General Military Course) 81 Juniors, Seniors, Super Seniors (Professional Officer Course) 80 Det 875 Averages from FA10 CGPA: 3.00 PFA: 92.02 SAT Math: 620 SAT Verbal: 590 Total 161 starting at 16 Mar 10

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In-College Scholarships Eligible Freshman and Sophomores Automatically named by staff Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA (3.0+ to be aggressive) Pass AFOQT (verbal: 15; quantitative: 10) Meet therapeutic, weight/muscle to fat ratio ratios & wellness measures 16 cadets earned grants in 2008 (Feb & Jun) 7 rookies & 9 sophomores 13 cadets earned grants in 2009 (Feb & Jun) 4 green beans & 9 sophomores 3 cadets earned grants in 2010 (up until this point) 2 first year recruits & 1 sophomore

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Air Force Career Fields Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) Judge Advocate General (Lawyer) Chaplain ** Scientist ** Developmental Eng ** Acquisitions **Civil Engineering Contractors Financial Management Special Investigator Operations Management Physical Therapist Optometrist Aerospace Physiologist Biomedical Scientist Dietitian Pharmacist Neurologist Surgeon Flight Nurse Orthodontist Dentist Aerospace Medicine Specialist Pilot CSO Air Battle Manager Space and Missiles Airfield Operations Intelligence Weather Logistics Readiness Aircraft Maintenance Security Forces Public Affairs Services Manpower/Personnel Communications ** Most designing majors enter one of these vocation fields, if not pilot, CSO or ABM

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Rated Slot Selection Virginia Tech versus National 3 Rated Career Fields: Pilot CSO (Combat Systems Officer) ABM (Air Battle Manager) Det 875 Rated Slot Selection FY06: 86% (13 of 15, 9 pilot) FY07: 85% (11 of 13, 7 pilot) FY08: 86% (18 of 21, 11 pilot) FY09: 80% (8 of 10, 6 pilot) FY10: 100% (19 of 19, 13 pilot ) FY11: 69 % (11 of 16, 4 pilot) 6-year Det 875 Avg : 85% AFROTC Nat\'l Avg in 2011: 67% Why we think our cadets contend so well: Additional scholastic concentration of the Corps Strong preparing program High wellness scores Air Force Flyers Note: Students\' class rank & GPA have most prominent effect. Degree/real (tech versus non-tech) does not affect appraised determination.

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Benefits of Active Duty Competitive Pay Starting Salary for a second Lieutenant: $42,000/year Excellent Benefits Free Healthcare, 30 Days Vacation with Pay Serve Your Country & See the World Bases in Italy, Germany, England, Japan Continued Education Opportunities to be low maintenance or full-time Grad Student Typically a 4-year Commitment After Graduation Longer for appraised vocation fields (pilot, CSO and ABM)

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About Virginia Tech 2009-2010 University Overview University Motto : Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) 28,259 understudies : 57% men & 43% ladies 65 Bachelors Degree Programs (the greater part of any VA school) Over 600 Student Clubs and Organizations! 16:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio Ranked fifteenth broadly for state funded college offering top of the line instructive involvement with a deal value Undergrad Engineering Program fourteenth in the country (tied with Johns Hopkins and Northwestern) Ranked 30th among national state funded colleges

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Key Dates & Sources of $ Undergrad Admissions & Financial Aid Scholarship Opportunities Walts Scholarship: $2K+/yr for Cadets in Studying Engineering Emerging Leader (ELS): $2K/yr in-state & $3K/yr out-of-state Band Scholarship: $1K for Freshmen Joining the VTCC Band Commandant\'s Scholarship: $1-2K for Sophomores-Seniors Your Department/College or University Financial Aid Office $50 Application Fee Waived for All Applicants who Express a Desire to Join the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

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Helpful Phone Numbers HQ AFROTC Scholarship Hotline: 1-866-423-7682 Det 875 Unit Admissions Officer Capt Dan Kresge (at Virginia Tech) (540) 231-8022 dkresge@vt.edu VTCC Recruiting Officer Maj Rewa Mariger (540) 231-6858 rmariger@vt.edu VT Admissions Office (540) 231-6267 vtadmiss@vt.edu

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AFROTC Det 875 Summary Air Force Training What to Expect What separates us Scholarships & Majors Air Force Career Fields Earning a Pilot Slot Benefits of Active Duty More about Virginia Tech Helpful Phone Numbers Cadets Visit Clemson University for Military Appreciation Day

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