Ice Diagramming Framework in the Baltic-an illustration.

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Ice Outlining Framework in the Baltic-an illustration Robin Berglund, VTT Specialized Examination Focal point of Finland IICWG 5 th meeting, Hamburg/Rostock April 19-22, 2004 Presentation reason and substance
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Ice Charting System in the Baltic-a sample Robin Berglund, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland IICWG 5 th meeting, Hamburg/Rostock April 19-22, 2004

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Presentation reason and substance Purpose: to give a review of the present status of IceMap and to introduce how ice data is exchanged and utilized by one imperative end client bunch: the icebreakers. Substance: IceMap IBNet, IBPlott frameworks

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VTT Information Technology An administration possessed examination organization We assist organizations with getting most extreme advantage from the fast advance in microelectronics, data innovation and media innovation. Around 400 representatives, yearly turnover 40 M€ Remote detecting is one of the examination ranges IceMap is one illustration of a Customer particular frameworks improvement

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IceMap An intelligent altering apparatus for making maps utilizing satellite pictures as layouts Based on polygon systems: attibutes can be alloted to territories characterized as polygons. These credits are identified with the visual appearance (bring forth), additionally to properties like ice thickness and so on. Yield groups: Postscript, Grid (trait values at general examined interims), range sizes and sorts per territory. Different arrangements can be created from the Postscript yield (PDF, raster) Possibility to peruse temperature estimations specifically from record and plot them on the guide Isotherm era Tailored to the Ice\'s needs benefits around the Baltic Sea. Keeps running on a Unix workstation (HP-Unix, Digital Unix, SUN Solaris, Linux ) Implemented utilizing C++, X-Windows, Motif

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FINNISH ICE SERVICE: FLOW OF DATA AND INFORMATION PRODUCTS Sending to Receiving Format change ViewIce : NOAA ships & handling & pressure Check AVHRR & alter Geometric Sending to RADARSAT Down-transformation+ icebreakers SAR stacking region cuts+ determination ViewIce : reduction+ Check SST pressure & modify Users of all Ground Automatic kind: truth Automatic Classification - Classification - Icebreakers Call-fax Ice graph - Ships ECMWF - Pilots - Fishermen email ICEMAP - Coast Line diminishment watch HIRLAM - Military - Strategic Ice float Ice float in content transpor-Ice estimate outline group tation Wave & WAM arranging WAM gage - General Wave conjecture information open diagrams Wave figures in content Formats: *. pdf , *.ice , *.tiff , *. postcript , *.grid, Output item Server Model Processes Interactive operations on In stream Model Manual PC operation

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IceMap status today Development chiefly in Linux, most recent variant 3.2 . This adaptation utilized as an instrument as a part of exploration undertakings (IRIS: Ice Ridging Information for Decision Making in Shipping Operations ) Versions in operational utilization : FIMR: HP, ver BSH: Sun Solaris 7, ver 3.0.3 SMHI. Advanced Unix, ver 2.8.4 Windows rendition prototyped

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ICEMAP late increases and future upgrade thoughts Possibility to run IceMap in bunch mode. Empowers robotized creation of graphs for particular territories and in distinctive organizations (counting framework documents). Utilized at FIMR Ice Service. Programmed shading of diagrams as indicated by ice polygon properties utilizing shading standard rules. Exploratory at this stage Additional characteristics for the ice polygons identified with ice ridging. Empowers dynamic expansion of new traits. Line disentanglement to decrease size of yield document. Helpful for conceivable exchange of vector organizations over moderate connections or for determination diminishment for different purposes. Windows form (obliges Cygwin permit) Output as indicated by SIGRID-3 (if obliged, execution not there yet)

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IceMap on Linux - authorizing choices Linux-variant is prototyped in an examination venture (IRIS). Model will be made accessible to members in the IRIS venture (FIMR, SMHI) Licensing alternative including source code access may be offered to anyone intrigued. Empowers advancement of upgrades and in-house support without reliance on VTT. Terms and conditions accessible on solicitation. duplicate of revisions/changes likewise sent back to VTT for utilization inside of own association just

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IBNet – the End User System on the icebreakers Traffic data framework for icebreakers Contract task by the Finnish and Swedish Maritime Authorities (mutually) Now in operational utilization in 2 focuses + 20 hubs, around 50 customer establishments, every minute of every day use in wintertime. Amid a season more than 200 Mbytes of information is created in one repeated database (barring satellite picture information) Utilization of satellite pictures crucial

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IBNet topographically VSAT satellite association with the ”big” icebreakers , up to 512 kbit/s

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IBNet fundamental modules Input on one IBNet hub, on an icebreaker for instance, is automaticaly recreated, i.e exchanged to the next IBNet hubs. Certain operations must be data by the IBNet Operator, for example, ice confinements for ports, boat register data and so on

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Message screen

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Shipowner’s Office Satellite Data stream in the Baltic Sea Data Provider Server Client Software Client programming Data supplier Server - Image preprocessing and geocoding - Compression 1.1 km pixel, unmistakable and infrared Icebreakers FMA, FMA, NOAA satellites SMA FMI Ice administrations (FIMR, SMHI) NOAA climate satellite pictures - Image conveyance - Icemaps KSAT RADARSAT 30 - 100 m pixel, all climate Merchant boats FMI = Finnish Meteorological Institute IBPlott SMHI = Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Possible connection Institute FIMR= Finnish Institute for Marine examination ViewIce FMA = Finnish Maritime Administration Mobile connection SMA= Swedish Maritime Adminstration KSAT= Kongsberg Satellite Service AS

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IBPlott <- > IBBridge association

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IBPlott Satellite pictures NOAA and RADARSAT, now additionally ENVISAT Traffic circumstance Both icebreakers and boats DirWays Icechart Weather estimate and perceptions

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ViewIce (= IBPlott for trader ships) Functionality as in IBPlott, however no activity circumstance data Ice diagrams Satellite pictures Weather visualization Wave figures

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ViewIce 2

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ViewIce 4

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ViewIce 4

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ViewIce 5

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ViewIce 6

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Viewice 7

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Viewice 8

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Data supplier n Data supplier 1 General information stream from suppliers to ViewIce Data documents Data record Pre-existing information exchange framework (e.g. AMOS mail) Data record ... ViewIce Data record Classified pictures and ice diagrams Wind, weight, water level perceptions Wind, weight estimate NOAA pictures Text conjectures Wave gauges Radarsat pictures

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VTT center later on Distribution and conveyance perspectives the Facade conveyance customized to client abilities and needs Architecture of appropriated frameworks interoperability open frameworks (Archive) inside remotely And: VTT sees no motivation behind why IceMap couldn\'t have a focal part in the Ice Services still for a long time to come.

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Additional data (IceMap) .:tslidesep.

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