Idate – 22nd November 2005 - Montpellier..

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Idate – 22nd November 2005 - Montpellier. New Versatile Administrations Period : Rich-Media and Intuitive arrangement, another empowering influence. 2. 1. Case of utilization: television News station made out of 4 screen regions 1 > Intuitive Route (e.g. Menu + Keys) 2 > Video (RTSP, DVB-H, … )
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Idate – 22nd November 2005 - Montpellier. New Mobile Services Era : Rich-Media and Interactive organization, another empowering influence

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2 1 Example of utilization: TV News channel made out of 4 screen territories 1 > Interactive Navigation (e.g. Menu + Keys) 2 > Video (RTSP, DVB-H, …) 3 > Hot-news (Slides appear) 4 > Ticker (e.g. Stocks Exchanges News) 3 4 Mobile stages drive the improvement of new business cases. Disappointment of customary iTV has been remunerate by the utilization of SMS TV and feature on versatile another business sector: Users are prepared to pay 10€/month Users spend around 20 minutes by day on portable TV Content is key, and Sport is a MUST have Key favorable circumstances: Interactivity, Connected whenever, all around New utilize cases and applications show up: New utilization modes New channel circulation for substance Convergence

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Interactive Mobile TV is more than sitting in front of the TV Display Ads from accomplices Real-time Statistics from the amusement played Real-time Comments from writers Access all matches of the multiplex, take after a particular match when coveted Get cautioned and Replay Goals with direct VOD access

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Deliver extra element content around the occasion for client dependability Competition tables : diversions played, position, win/misfortune/draws, objectives distinction, focuses Team & Players : pictures or meetings, matches piece, players positions in amusement Statistics : appeareances, objectives, yellow/red cards Others : arbitrators information, areas with maps, stadium picture & data,…

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Create extra income utilizing known portable uses Personalization with Download offer : Logos/features/ring tones : group, players, objectives Goodies : Slideshows, screensavers,.. Adjust intuitive administrations by means of SMS/MMS Voting Quizzes, Pronostics Pools M-Commerce : Book Tickets, Shopping, couponing

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Rich-media and intelligent configuration a key empowering agent The business has discharged another rich-media intuitive arrangement: SVGTiny/LASeR Provides a nature of experience for which the end-client will be prepared to pay for. Deployable over any systems and stages 3G, ADSL, DVB, DTT, RTP, HTTP… versatile, fix, set-top, PC, Standardized: Create a world group of substance designer Ensure a reasonable rivalry Decrease the expense versus exclusive arrangement

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News/Info/Portals - News Portals,l Sports - Finance - Video Portal - Ring-Tones, Slideshow - Adult Entertainement - Rich Media Catalogs - B2B/B2C/M-Commerce - Adverts, Marketing Applications - Messaging, Chat, IM - Intranet-2-Mobile - Man-2-Mobile - WebCast - Customer Service - E-Learning - Customer following - Alert/Push Entertainement - Multi-clients Game - On-line Game - Card , Boards, Quizz - Cartoons Complete suite for Rich-Media Multimedia Dynamic Content XML Flash SVG Audio & Vidã©o XML WebServices SGBD Audio & Vidã©o GPRS/UMTS/DVB-H system Service Node Rich Media Engine Studio System Integrators Web Agencies Content Providers Symbian 6.0, 7.0 Smartphone J2ME DOJA Brew Hosting Solutions Providers Content Aggregators Creation Delivery Rendering Services

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Conclusion Mobile starts joining of organization stage, systems Mobile make another business sector for substance suppliers, telecasters and administrators New Rich-Media intelligent institutionalized dialects empower there sending More informations: .:tslide

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