Ideal Tariff .

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Home Demand. Home Supply. Home Imports . Remote Exports. Local and World Prices. Imports and Exports. . . . . . . . . . . . . misfortune. . misfortune. . pick up. . Duty and Prices. - Home Imports=Foreign Exports:. . Pre-tax world value and post levy home cost:. :Post duty world cost. The levy and household welfare.
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Ideal Tariff Derivations

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Imports and Exports Home Demand Home Supply Home Imports Foreign Exports Domestic and World Prices

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misfortune pick up

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Tariff and Prices - Home Imports=Foreign Exports: Pre-levy world cost and post duty home value: :Post tax world cost

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The tax and residential welfare

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Gain-Loss=tU-t 2 V Where U and V are sure expressions free of the level of tax, t. In the event that t is sufficiently little the principal term surpasses the second term. Conclusion: the ideal levy is certain!

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