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April 20, 1997 Two exciting ride autos crashed on the Wildcat thrill ride ... Each time The Wildcat separates, it is archived. Working ...
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IE496 Industrial Engineering Internship Dr. Barnes March 17, 2008 Lecture # 8

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Ethics – Part 2

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Review of Ethics Last time we took a gander at – The birthplaces of morals Theories of morals (Utilitarianism, Duty Ethics, Rights Ethics, Virtue Ethics) Engineering as a calling Codes of morals (IIE, NSPE, Order of an Engineer) Ethics cases (e.g., space transport)

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This week How to investigate issues from a moral perspective.

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Analyzing Ethical Problems 1 st Step – totally see all issues included and specify them. Three classes of issues – Factual – what is really thought around a case. Calculated – the importance or materialness of a thought. Moral – which moral guideline is appropriate to the circumstance.

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Two examination strategies Line Drawing Flow Charting (lines must have directional sharpened stones) Supporting account and

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1. Line Drawing Useful for circumstances in which the relevant good standards are clear, however there is by all accounts a lot of "hazy area" about which moral guideline applies. Perfect inverses are built up. Positive worldview. Negative worldview. Moral issues are put along line as per where it is seen that every fall on a continuum. "P" is put where you trust issue fits with respect to sections.

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Elementary line-drawing method Negative worldview Positive worldview (NP) (PP)

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Example - Problem 1 Dispose of somewhat risky waste into lake. Water hotspot for adjacent town. EPA limit 10 ppm. Normal convergence of transfer – 5 ppm – Expect no wellbeing issues. Individual not ready to distinguish (taste) compound.

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Problem 1 proceeded with – Hypothetical Considerations Dump 5 ppm waste in lake; innocuous, yet bizarre taste. Town\'s water-treatment framework can successfully expel waste. Town can expel waste with organization obtained gear. Town can evacuate waste with citizen obtained hardware. Periodic (uncommon) ailment, goes on for 60 minutes. At 5 ppm individuals become genuinely ill, keeps going one week, no long haul impact. Unique gear can diminish ppm to "1."

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Hypotheticals on line and "issue" gauge Negative worldview Positive worldview (NP) (PP) 6 5 4 1 P 7 2,3

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Flow Charting Helpful when there is a grouping of occasions or a progression of results that streams from every choice. Gives a visual picture and promptly permits one to get aftereffects of every choice.

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Elementary stream diagram Operation Decision

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Example - Problem 2 Should Union Carbide manufacture a plant at Bhophal? Explore – Laws. Wellbeing models. Taken a toll contemplations.

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Union Carbide - Flow Chart

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Please read –

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Info Source Engineering Ethics , 2 nd Edition, Charles B. Fleddermann, Chapter 4, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004. Perused - Section 4.5: Conflict Problems 1 st - Conflicting good decisions, yet one is clearly more noteworthy than the other. 2 nd – "Inventive Middle Way," an endeavor at a trade off that will work for everybody. 3 rd – When 1 and 2 don\'t work, take care of business, utilize your "hunches" and settle on most ideal decision from data accessible. Segment 4.6: Bribery/Acceptance of Gifts Bribery never adequate.

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Ethical Problem Solving Techniques: Addressing Airbus 330-300 Case Study By: Joe Mathew IE 491 University at Buffalo April 22, 2005

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Incident Summary Airbus A330-300 withdrew Vancouver Substantial measure of smoke and vapor seen transmitting from Engine 2 Emergency arriving in Vancouver Engine 2 close down Inspection indicated fuel was spilling

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Causal Factors 1. Off base section on support office obligation board Did not take after inconvenience shooting manual (TSM) Unnecessarily expelled LP fuel line from fuel/oil heat exchanger 2. Newness to Equipment Retainer avoided view Did not utilize Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) 3. Motor vibration brought on separation of fuel/oil heat exchanger LP fuel line Substantial hole from Engine 2

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Line Drawing – Causal Factor 1, 2 Negative Paradigm Positive Paradigm Compliance with TSM and AMM was not accomplished. P Compliance with TSM and AMM was accomplished. Negative Paradigm: The laborers don\'t take after the Trouble Shooting Manual and the Aircraft Maintenance Manual bringing about investigating and performing upkeep without reference Positive Paradigm: The specialists took after the Trouble Shooting Manual and Aircraft Maintenance Manual so all investigating and support is performed with appropriate reference and direction.

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Flow Charting – Causal Factor 3 Preventive fuel spill assessment required on air ship Yes Proper examination with utilization of lifted stage? High-Power Engine Run Performed? Fuel Leak Detection Implemented? No Perform High-Power Engine Run Implement Fuel Leak Detection Perform review with utilization of lifted stage Preventive Fuel Leak Inspection Performed

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Dharmy Bhatt IE 491: Ethics Presentation April 22, 2005 Bell\'s Amusement Park Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Accident Summary April 20, 1997 – Two crazy ride autos crashed on the Wildcat exciting ride The two autos were going up a slope and an against rollback gadget neglected to keep the primary auto on the track and it slipped back and collided with the auto behind it. The exciting ride was investigated two weeks before this mischance. One individual was executed and five others were harmed.

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Causal Factors 1. The "chain canine" was riding up on the edge of the chain trough. On the off chance that the chain rides up the side of the auto and onto the left leg of the chain close to the highest point of the slope, the chain can withdraw and the auto could slip. 2. Upkeep records/support of the thrill ride. There was no documentation for planned or nonscheduled support of The Wildcat, or for working strategies.

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The Wildcat can work. No Has the chain canine been changed? Yes A support laborer must assess the progressions. No Has somebody examined the progressions? Yes Fix the stature of the "chain canine" and assess once more. Is the "chain log" at the best possible stature? No Yes The Wildcat can work appropriately. Flowchart – The "chain puppy" Factor

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1 2 3 5 4 Line Drawing- - Maintenance Negative Paradigm Every time The Wildcat separates, it is reported. Working methodology are taken after generally. Administrators haven\'t been prepared by any means. Changes made to the auto don\'t should be composed down. Appropriate part substitutions ought to be taken after. Positive Paradigm P Proper documentation exists and the exciting ride is adequate. Documentation impedes the execution of every auto.

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Ethics Problem Solving: Whiteshell Air Service Ltd. Plane Engine Failure Theresa J Moehle IE 491 April 22, 2005

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Accident Summary: Airplane left Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba without episode After plane was leveled in air, expansive reverse discharge heard and loss of motor force Pilot landed plane in swampy territory with minor and serious wounds to travelers

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Casual Factors Incorrect establishment of plane parts Cylinder push pole tube Valve conformity screw bulge past cutoff points Caused harm to valve train – fumes valve would not open extra time Failure to legitimately examine plane Field Barometric Power Reference Check Valve leeway keeps an eye on 400-hr plan

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Line Drawing: Incorrect Installation of Parts NP PP P 2 3 1 Airplane parts are introduced erroneously bringing on prompt, deadly harm Airplane parts are introduced accurately Parts are introduced mistakenly, yet adjusted quickly Parts are introduced inaccurately, and cause minor harm additional time Parts are introduced erroneously, however cause no harm additional time

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Flow Chart: Failure to Properly Inspect Plane Should plane be assessed? Have parts been supplanted? Had last Check inside 400 hrs? Has pilot seen Irregular Sounds? No Yes Inspect plane before flying Yes No Inspect plane before flying Inspect plane before flying Inspection is not required

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Assignment Work in gatherings to – Choose one issue/mishap and email it to me to get my consent before you begin – wellsprings of information on unique class "Timetable and Syllabus" record. Most punctual date and time will choose who get issue if increasingly that one gathering requests it. Dissect issue/mishap utilizing both systems demonstrated today. Present your examination in class utilizing PPT. Send me one duplicate of your electronic document by means of email.

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Assignment - proceeded with Dates: April 14 th , 21 st , 28 th in class All reports due April 14 th : one composed report and going with PowerPoint slides per bunch – paper and electronic duplicates to me; supporting material, for example, charts or photographs are helpful Presentation request declared April 14 th 12 minutes for every gathering, 4 minutes for each individual

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Groups Group 1: Anipindi, Awad, Bednowitz Group 2: Brown, Chandra, Chang Group 3: Cheng, Chung, Davis Group 4: Devendorf, Dooling, Frank Group 5: Henchey, Hyde, Indraputra Group 6: Jackson, Luo, Lyke Group 7: Markin, Mohd Yusof, Myers Group 8: Pedicone, Piecuch, Prok Group 9: Snyder, Stange, Stovers Group 10: Szalkowski, Willis, Worthy

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The End Questions??

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