If you don't mind MEET Paragon Programming Bunch.

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If it's not too much trouble MEET Paragon Programming Bunch Paragon Programming Bunch Universal Holding Organization Agent Workplaces Russia Germany Switzerland Principle Exercises Framework utilities Databases arrangements Programming for PDAs and cell phones confinement word references diversions
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It would be ideal if you MEET Paragon Software Group

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Paragon Software Group International Holding Company Representative Offices Russia Germany Switzerland Main Activities System utilities Databases arrangements Software for PDAs and cell phones confinement lexicons diversions individual efficiency instruments for Symbian OS based cell phones

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Company’s Business Development Number of Employees Turnover

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Company’s History 1995 Foundation of Paragon Software ( SHDD ) Smart Handheld Devices Division 1997 First restriction of Windows CE 1.0 & Palm OS 2.0 199 8 Handwriting acknowledgment for Windows CE ( PenReader ) 199 9 First on the planet PDA limitation for Arabic and Hebrew dialects

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Company’s History 2000 The first word references for Palm OS and Pocket PCs Localization for 28 dialects Handwriting acknowledgment for desktop PCs ( PenReader ) 200 1 Handwriting acknowledgment for Tablet PC ( PenReader ) 2003 D ictionaries for Windows Smartphone

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Company’s History 2005 Dictionaries: 10 stages , including Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Smartphone, Symbian OS 30 dialects About 100 dialect sets Localization: Windows Mobile, Windows Smartphone, Palm OS Localization for 30 dialects

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They Already Chose Us

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The Company’s Partners Network Smart handheld devises division System utilities office

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Highest Level of Quality Paragon Software Group forever takes think about high specialized level and nature of its answers. The organization partakes in testing projects of world driving IT companies.

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