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IFX Forum OMG Presentation. Jim Shain IFX Architecture Chairman November 18, 2002. ALLTEL. Not just a phone company Information services $16.3 Billion in assets $7.7 Billion in revenue 25,000 employees Fortune 500 Concentrates on large financial institutions
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IFX Forum OMG Presentation Jim Shain IFX Architecture Chairman November 18, 2002

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ALLTEL Not only a telephone organization Information administrations $16.3 Billion in resources $7.7 Billion in income 25,000 representatives Fortune 500 Concentrates on huge budgetary establishments Retail stores, credit and home loan

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IFX Interactive Financial eXchange Business message specification Over 500 pages Implementation directs First discharge April 2000 Current discharge 1.3 Object based messages XferAddRq/XferAddRs DISA X12, MISMO, HR-XML

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Standards Adoption Determine territory of premium Gather minimum amount Publish standard Get the message out

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Determine Area of Interest Market study Find region not served by different measures Differentiate yourself How is this standard not the same as others Ally with comparative gatherings Utilize work done in different guidelines

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Gather Critical Mass Recruit the significant players Don\'t be a standard of one Open to every single Best thought for augmentations Recruit implementers Find organizations that have a reputation for actualizing models Recruit standard players Companies that have clout by name alone

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Publish Standard Limit scope Don\'t be standard to end all norms Set sensible desires Limit discharge cycle to year or less Be constant Avoid increment in degree Conference assembles Face-to-face conferences

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Get the Message Out Implement! Advertising, showcasing, advertising Publish to the web Follow-up on web asks Targeted email Talk to the squeeze Invite investigate gatherings to gatherings Attend and advance at different occasions

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Recent Activity ATM/POS aggregate development NCR, Diebold, ACI, Bank of America, Wincor Nixdorf Focus on terminal to acquirer messages not ISO-8583 substitution GA booked 1Q2003

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ATM/POS Proposals Terminal protest Defines area and depiction Device protest Device portrayal and qualities Terminal security Key trade Credit and charge messages Reversal verb Inventory and adjusting Payment encased

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Other Activities Replace IFX envelope with standard SOAP Replace transportation instrument Web Services ebXML Primer archives

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