Imbalances of Race and Ethnicity.

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Disparities of Race and Ethnicity Section 9 9.1 What is a Minority? Size or Shading? Key Components of Minorities Unmistakable physical elements which can be isolated from the lion's share Minority is overwhelmed by the larger part Minority attributes are regularly accepted to be sub-par compared to greater part characteristics
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Disparities of Race and Ethnicity Chapter 9

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9.1 What is a Minority? Size or Color? Key Features of Minorities Distinctive physical elements which can be isolated from the greater part Minority is overwhelmed by the dominant part Minority qualities are frequently accepted to be mediocre compared to larger part attributes Members of the minority have a judgment skills of personality Majority figures out who has a place with the minority through credited status .

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9.1 How would we characterize Race? Skin shading, hair shading, facial components, etc… Three Types: Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucasian There is no genuine “pure” race Only slight contrasts show up between races, however no race is substandard compared to each other.

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9.1 What is Ethnicity? Social and National Identity Ethnic societies for the most part attempt to keep up some they could call their own standards, convictions, and qualities. This more often than not make them an ethnic minority .

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9.2 Patterns of Assimilation Minority gatherings have two decisions when entering the US: Rejected by society Assimilated to society To adjust to another society qualities may must be surrendered or smothered. “Resistance is Futile”

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9.2 Melting Pot or Salad Bowl? Social Pluralism: a longing for a gathering to keep up some feeling of character separate from the overwhelming gathering. Sample: Mexican-American Cultural Pluralism gives strife inside of a gathering Accommodation: Extreme social pluralism (Cuban-Americans in Miami)

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9.3 ‘Fighting da Man’ Prejudice Negative demeanors towards another gathering and its individuals Based on deficient data Example: All white Southerners are bigot. Bigotry Assumes that one’s own ethnic gathering is better than another Discrimination Treating so as to ace upon convictions others unreasonably Functionalist Perspective The predominant gathering feels better than minorities, consequently reinforcing their self idea

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9.3 Hate Crimes A Criminal Act Motivated by Prejudice Hate Crimes including naming a gathering or individual Case Study: James Byrd, Jr. Contextual analysis: Matthew Shepard

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9.3 Stereotypes A mutilated, overstated or distorted picture connected to a classification of individuals. Overwhelmingly false! What generalizations do we have? By what method would we be able to change them?

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9.4 Institutionalized Discrimination Unfair practices that develop out of basic practices and dispositions that are a structure\'s piece of a general public Example: Education in the ghettos Example: making so as to keep blacks from voting them take complex tests

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9.4 African Americans Physical qualities (skin shading) make it hard for African Americans to absorb. Substantial holes exist between African Americans and Whites African Americans are twice as likely as whites to work in lower level occupations. In general, African Americans experience serious difficulties work.

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9.4 Latinos From Central, South America & the Caribbean. Quickest developing minority bunch

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9.4 Native Americans 2 Million, 500 tribes 28% of Native-Americans live underneath the destitution line 25% of Native Americans live on reservations High levels of liquor addiction and misuse Use of ‘gaming’ to enhance financial status and social circumstances for tribes.

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9.4 Asian Americans 4% of the aggregate populace China, Philippines, Japan, India, Korea and Vietnam Chinese are seen as committed to diligent work & instruction. 1941-110,000 Japanese-Americans constrained into internment camps in America. (Compensation of $20,000 each) 42% of Asian Americans has finished four years of scho

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