IML 101: The Dialects of New Media.

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Workmanship history & Visual society. expressive arts, photography, visual computerization ... History that is hesitant, even suspicious, about the procedure its could call its own ...
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IML 101: The Languages of New Media Introduction: The Stakes of Multimedia

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What " s in question? History 2. Subjectivity 3. Representation

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What " s in question? History How would we consider the past? What do we recall about the past? How would we develop the past in the present? Why is the past essential?

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Odilon Redon Odilon Redon or The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity Guy Maddin

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How would we discuss a craftsmanship? Assess 2. Portray 3. Decipher

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How would we discuss a fine art? Assess -great/awful/pleasant 2. Depict -formal angles/creation/feel 3. Decipher -comprehend different levels of significance -interpret belief system

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What " s in question? 2. Subjectivity (Race, class, sex) Who are we? How would we see and consider the world? How are we characterized through innovation? Who would we like to be?

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Ann Lee Ann Lee You Proposes Dr. Frankenskippy

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What " s in question? 3. Representation How would we demonstrate the world and individuals in it? How does the world show us? How are force relations communicated through representational frameworks? How would we get to be makers as opposed to unimportant customers of visual society?

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Star Guitar Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers Michel Gondry

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The IML and its technique rise at the convergence of four hypothetical customs

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Art history & Visual culture expressive arts, photography, visual communication

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Cinema contemplates visual and sound outline, account hypothesis

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Electronic media broadcast/radio/TV/media communications

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Digital society PCs, intelligent media, diversions, systems

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History/Historiography History that is reluctant, even wary, about the procedure of its own development

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Critical interactive media/Meta-basic sight and sound Research-based mixed media that is completely aware of the instruments and methodologies by which it is made

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