Improve Your Instructing Through Video Generation: Making a Film from Idea to Fruition.

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October Red floor covering film chief. Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach. 12. Walk 16, 2007 ... The Movie Premier. Celebrity main street ! Sustenance ! Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer ...
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Improve Your Teaching Through Video Production: Making a Movie from Concept to Completion Don A. Wicks, Ph.D. Margaret Maurer, M.L.S. Shane Roach, B.A. Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Possibilities Promised by our Visual Culture Television The development of non-book materials in libraries and schools Educational distributers make non-print material that is distributed in conjunction with course readings Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Technology and Visual Communication Instructional TV Personal video recorders and cameras The Internet Broadband Digital recording Podcasting Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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A Quick Peak at the Literature Choi & Johnson (2005) — Video guideline Hobbs (2006) — Video in the classroom Lawson, et al. (2006) — Guiding inquiries Mainhart & Gerraughty (2005) — Production offices Shrewbridge & Berge (2004) — Role of hypothesis and innovation Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Value of Video Videos in addresses (in individual or distance training) Videos on Web sites Demonstration recordings Case study video Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Conception of Our Movie An explanation behind making the motion picture Providing A Tour  The inspiration for making the motion picture Use a suitable level of intricacy Use the apparatuses accessible to you Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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How Could Video Help us at Kent? Community working connections History of cooperation Tours of specialized services Presentations in classes It helped us to have had past experience cooperating Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Tours were Taking A Toll Preparation time for administrators Disruptions of work process upon the arrival of the visits Other educators were requesting extra visits Didn\'t serve separation instruction understudies New library representatives required an introduction Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Pay-off : A Synergistic Solution By making the film we disposed of rehashed visits in specialized administrations One pedagogical device fulfilled numerous instructive needs at a wide range of times Distance training understudies are served Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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More Synergies We made a library introduction device Teleproductions understudies picked up experience Don & Margaret found out about motion pictures as pedagogical devices Shane found out about specialized administrations librarianship Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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2006 Project Timeline March – Preliminary arranging April – Tour of specialized administrations June – Script composing July – Pre-generation/preparatory creation August – Production (guideline shooting) August – Post-generation September – Movie complete October – Movie added to library gathering October – Red floor covering motion picture head Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Touring Technical Services SCRIPT __________________________________ Opening Titles/Credits On screen: The objective of the Libraries & Media Services Collection Management system is to keep up, upgrade and save the nature of the accumulations in direct relationship to the mission and needs of the University. Host : Welcome to The Collection Management zone of the Kent State University Library. I\'m here with Margaret Maurer, Cataloging Manager, and today we are going to guide you on a voyage through this office, situated on the third floor of the Kent State Library. Margaret, there have been a great deal of changes in library operations in the previous decade or two - with additional to come, I\'m certain. How would you see the way specialized administrations today? M.M. : It used to be that the work we do here was isolated into various units. Today, we are all the more a group with people contributing their extraordinary abilities. We have cataloguers, accumulation improvement bookkeepers, acquisitions individuals and the sky is the limit from there. Give me a chance to show you on outline. Content Creation Managers in specialized administrations gave the 1 ½ hour visit to Don and Shane Don composed a 20 minute video script in light of the visit and visit freebees Draft scripts were assessed by specialized administrations chiefs and insignificantly reexamined Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Construction There are three stages to any video generation: Pre-production  1 Production  2 Post-production  3 Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Pre-Production Phase The arranging period An essential stage Can take up as much as of your venture time 70% Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Things Decided in this Phase Define the reason and objective of the video The reason and objective, once characterized, will illuminate both the structure and the substance of the video Good openness is of the utmost importance as of right now Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Decisions  How Video will be Used Stand-alone video Element of a Web website It could be intended to be gotten to remotely All of this might be resolved, partially, on the assets accessible and the focused on gathering of people Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Determine the Target Audience Plan the video so that the crowd can identify with it normally and effectively. Undergrad versus graduate Introductory, or particular The demographic will characterize the structure of the last item Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Three Key Questions What is the motivation behind the video? How is the video going to be utilized ? Who is your intended interest group ? Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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How would You Present the Content in a C r e a t i v e Way? Joining design and extra video footage includes intrigue Some subjects make an interpretation of effectively to video Use amusingness where possible Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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GFX Clip Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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B-roll Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Humor Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Next Decisions/Other Factors Determine the length of the last video Determine the expenses of the video Seek outside financing Determine if the film will be shot in a studio or on area Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Establish a Shooting Schedule Divide the motion picture into scenes Decide the shooting arrangement and calendar Decide where you will shoot every scene Decide who will be in every scene Determine what gear is required A site review is a smart thought! Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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What you need to pass on will decide w ho will be on screen Short motion pictures can be utilized to demonstrate: An instructor conversing with a class The re-formation of an occasion A showing Will you utilize proficient performing artists or subject specialists with small acting knowledge? Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Making beyond any doubt you get what you need Work firmly together and convey Be adaptable and urge alterations to idealize the last item The better every one of you are set up in this stage, the smoother the creation stage will be. Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Production Phase 10% The instructor\'s part—keeping up quality and substance control Final changes are the norm Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Things to Know about the Production Phase The group can be huge The video hardware can consume up room The video executive is centered around substance and visual progression The sound gear will get what you wouldn\'t dare hoping anymore "Performing artists" shooting over a progression of days must dress similarly every day Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Post-Production Phase 20% The video editorial manager pieces together the video shot. Includes timing & a shot-by-shot distinguishing proof Graphics are made Music is selected Transitions and Music Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Final Post-Production Viewing the harsh cut variant, then… Final changes Signing off on the last film Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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The Final Product Format Legal issues Touring Technical Services Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Celebrating: The Movie Premier Food ! Celebrity main street ! Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Planning Handouts Glossary \'Making A Movie\' Planning Sheet Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Questions Thanks for coming! Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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Follow-up Contact > Margaret Maurer Don Wicks Lilly West-Wicks, Maurer & Roach

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