Improving a Change for the.

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Current circumstance: Joe eats broiled nourishment at any rate twice per day. ... Joe will eat more prepared, bubbled and cooked nourishment rather than as quite seared sustenance. ...
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Improving a Change for The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

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Why Should I Change? Feel better Reduce expense of therapeutic consideration Keep you here for your friends and family Prevent complexities you don\'t need

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Easier to Start New Habit Than Change Old

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Successful Change Be particular about what you need to do Make an arrangement Set a period for activity Write it down Ask for assistance from others Monitor progress

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Plan Rewards Write down conceivable prizes in advance Make deserving of the exertion May require little rewards all long to keep inspired

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Helping Joe Change The circumstance: Doctor needs Joe to eat less broiled sustenance so his weight will go down Present circumstance: Joe eats seared nourishment in any event twice every day. Versus

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What particularly is Joe\'s Goal? Joe will eat more prepared, bubbled and cooked nourishment rather than as abundantly broiled sustenance.

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How will Joe isn\'t that right? Joe will have prepared potatoes rather than browned. Joe will have prepared or seared meat, chicken or fish. Joe will have oat rather than broiled eggs and bacon.

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Who Will Support Joe? Joe requests that his better half not alter fricasseed nourishment that week. Joe requests that his companions go to an eatery where he can arrange sustenance that is prepared or seared.

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How will Joe know whether he isn\'t that right? Joe will keep a sustenance journal of what he eats for a week.

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How will Joe reward himself? Joe will work a half hour on his carpentry leisure activity every time he avoids the browned sustenance. On the off chance that he doesn\'t have seared nourishment for one week, he will go to a motion picture .

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What Do You Want to Change? Record it particularly what you need to change How will you isn\'t that right? Who will you have to request support? In what capacity will you know you isn\'t that right? What will be your reward(s)?

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