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In my family, photography is utilized to take pictures of ourselves. ... For instance photography could show individuals that nature is being demolished so it ...
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IN OUR OWN WORDS Thoughts on Photography, by the Kittridge St. Basic Photo Club (Photos by David Blumenkrantz)

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KIMMY LIMON Photography is utilized by all individuals. Before 1900 genuine craftsmen were the main individuals to utilize cameras. Be that as it may, when the Brownie went along by the 1900\'s photography was accessible to a wide range of individuals. Before photography individuals couldn\'t record minutes throughout their life. On the off chance that some person got hitched or had an infant their relatives couldn\'t see that. In a way photography was a kind of correspondence. For me, and I represent a huge number of individuals, the camera was a standout amongst the most critical things ever imagined.

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JESUS LOSOYA The decisions that picture takers use are the lighting, timing, creation, vicinity, and point. "Photography" implies composing with light. Picture takers use organization in their photos by: attempting to mastermind every one of the components in their sight into a sythesis that they like, generally as you do when you are drawing or painting. In the event that the world had no cameras the world will change no doubt. On the off chance that the world did not have cameras individuals that were received would not have the capacity to see their genuine guardians. Individuals would not have the capacity to see the awful things that happened. The world ought to have been changed. The camera was an extraordinary development.

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JENNIFER LOBOS People use photography for recollections. For instance, if your grandma kicked the bucket, and you don\'t know what she looked like, your folks may have a photo of her, and by simply having that photo, you have a memory of what she resembled. I think photography is an approach to express your emotions. In my family, photography is utilized to take pictures of ourselves. The world was altogether different before photography. For instance, if a family needed a family representation they needed to enlist a painter . . . What\'s more, needed to pay them a great deal of cash. Since photograph class is practically over I take a gander at photography in an unexpected way. I used to imagine that picture takers didn\'t need to experience a long procedure to make their photos great. Presently, I realize that they needed to experience a long procedure.

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VALERIA CACERES My most loved some portion of photography is that it kinda opens you into another world. Since I made some amazing progress through photography I see photography altogether different. I used to consider it to be something to recall. In any case, now I consider it to be something for verification. For instance photography could indicate individuals that nature is being decimated so it could be evidence.

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GRECIA VASQUEZ I would say that the most critical thing about this photography task is that we get the opportunity to investigate the world more. For instance on the off chance that we should photo our group we become more acquainted with individuals increasingly or discover things we didn\'t think about. Once in a while you could discover more regard for your group. On the other hand alternate individuals could know more about your family with only a photo. Then again you can become more acquainted with one uncommon individual more like your accomplice or companion. That is the thing that I think photography implies in this anticipate.

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CARLOS RUIZ Photography is an approach to recall your past, and many individuals use it. Without photography the world would be way distinctive, we wouldn\'t have approaches to recollect our past. The world was very different before there was photography. Awesome pioneers have been shot, however in the event that there wasn\'t any cameras we wouldn\'t know such incredible individuals. My most loved thing about photography is the point at which you zoom the focal point and it looks nearer.

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EVA SANCHEZ When I used to take a gander at a photo, I just took a gander at the general population in the photo. Presently I take a gander at the photographs and check whether the individual who took it truly got all things obviously. The photos that I have taken are about my companions in school, and about my family. I like taking photos of my family since they generally help me with my homework and different things. I might likewise want to photo my entire family so I could keep the photo until the end of time.

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KARLA VEGA The principle reason for photos is the occasion, and to demonstrate their identity. Additionally, the most essential thing I learned is the way to utilize the camera, and the fundamental things like planning, lighting and sythesis. Something I might want to change is for the posses to stop, since they slaughter individuals and devastate the wonderful earth. I think photos could change individuals\' psyches since they could see it.

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NATHAN ALEXANDER When photography first came to be it was another world. When I initially began photography I pondered squeezing a catch . . . Be that as it may, now I realize that you can sort of modify how the photo looks. I\'d like to cover nature, since I\'d like to show how manufacturing plants and contamination are slaughtering nature. Nature is a piece of the earth, and tossing rubbish on the ground or cutting your name in a tree isn\'t making a difference.

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BRYAN MERINO I think photography is composing with light. What\'s more, frosty a minute rare. Before when the world didn\'t have photography, there wasn\'t computer games, TV, PCs or any books that had genuine pictures. Photography helped a considerable measure since when there was tyke work and the children needed to work, then Lewis Hine took photographs of the children and afterward he took the photos to the administration and the children quit working.

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