In what manner Can GSA Help Meet Your IT Requirements GWAC .

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How Can GSA Help Meet Your IT Requirements ? GWAC. What is a GWAC?. A Governmentwide Acquisition Contract is defined as a task or delivery order contract for information technology . Contracts established by one agency for governmentwide use
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In what manner Can GSA Help Meet Your IT Requirements ? GWAC

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What is a GWAC? A Governmentwide Acquisition Contract is characterized as an errand or conveyance arrange contract for data innovation . Contracts built up by one office for governmentwide utilize Operated by an Executive Agency assigned by the OMB Pursuant to Section 5112(e) of the Clinger-Cohen Act 2

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GWAC Program - Goals and Objectives Provide incorporated IT answers for fulfill clients\' advancing needs Sustain access to head IT arrangements Exceptionally Qualified Industry Partners Meet financial objectives Complement other GSA contracts Create pathways to accomplishment for viable industry accomplices 3

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Alliant & Alliant SB Provide Comprehensive and adaptable arrangements based contracts for data innovation benefits and related items Highly qualified contractual workers for honor of undertaking requests Pre-contended, simple to-utilize contracts Streamlined requesting techniques Shortened acquirement lead time A full range of agreement sorts Paths to accomplish financial objectives Limited protestability-FAR 16.505 and NDAA 2008 Supports the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ventures and objectives Training and support from Alliant GWAC group 4

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Alliant Basic Contract Information 5

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Alliant Basic Contract Information - proceeded with 6

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Alliant Awardees - 7

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Alliant Awardees – 8

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Alliant SB Awardees – 9

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Alliant SB Awardees – 10

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Alliant Basic Contract Scope General Information Technology (IT) Services and IT Services-based Solutions Contract adjusted to FEA/DoDEA Robust degree that gives access to a scope of correlative administration, specialized, and other bolster administrations IT Services-based arrangements may incorporate subordinate non-IT segments the length of they are indispensable and important to finishing the IT arrangement 11

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Alliant Scope Review Process How to present an extension audit ask for Client submits ask for similarity survey to: Alliant: Alliant SB and other SB GWACs: 12

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Alliant Ordering Accessing the Alliant GWACs Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) GWAC office gives preparing and issues DPA Agency contracting shop conducts securing and errand arrange organization Fee of 0.75% incorporated into temporary worker work rates Interagency helping substances Third-party conducts obtaining Fees consulted between client office and helped administrations association 13

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Alliant DelegationTraining & Websites Training Options Webinars Online Conference Call Onsite Training Contact Director of Client Support for more data ( or (877) 534-2208 Website Alliant site – SB site – 14

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Small Business GWAC Center Resources Procuring Contracting Officer: Greg Byrd (816) 823-4356 Small Business GWAC Center (877) 327-8732 Alliant SB E-mail: Alliant SB Website: -Alliant SB Contract -Alliant SB Ordering Guide 15

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Enterprise GWAC Center Resources GWAC Contracting Officer: Paul Martin ( 858) 530-3176 Enterprise GWAC Center - West ( 877) 534-2208 Alliant E-mail: Alliant Website: -Alliant Contract -Alliant Ordering Guide 16

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