Increasing the value of Regenerative Wellbeing Research.

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ARHP\'s Irvin M. Cushner Award. Driving twentieth century general wellbeing advocateReproductive medicinal services innovatorInfluential pioneer, instructor, policymakerDirector, Center for Social Studies in Human ReproductionProfessor, Johns Hopkins
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Increasing the value of Reproductive Health Research Communicating about the ethical measurements of science The Added Values Project another activity from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

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ARHP\'s Irvin M. Cushner Award Leading 20 th century general wellbeing advocate Reproductive medicinal services pioneer Influential pioneer, instructor, policymaker Director, Center for Social Studies in Human Reproduction Professor, Johns Hopkins & UCLA Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs, DHHS

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Wanda Jones, DrPH 1998 Clinton arrangement to DHHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Director, Office of Women\'s Health 1988 – 1997: CDC Associate executive for ladies\' wellbeing Associate chief for science, HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS lab coach

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Wanda Jones, DrPH Advocacy National pioneer in ladies\' wellbeing, HIV/AIDS, STIs, wellbeing access Science Microbiologist, general wellbeing analyst, research facility hone master Education PhD general wellbeing, lab hone, UNC Masters therapeutic innovation, Penn State

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Wanda Jones, DrPH Health advocate for patients & suppliers Eliminating ladies\' wellbeing differences Preventing savagery against ladies HIV/AIDS avoidance & treatment Disabilities Established notable organizations National Centers of Excellence in Women\'s Health National Community Centers of Excellence National Women\'s Health Information Center National Minority Women\'s Health Expert Panel

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"Moral Values Malarkey" AP Exit Poll Q: "Which issue mattered most in choosing how you voted in favor of president?" Dick Meyers, Against the Grain , November 5, 2004

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Moral Values? KERRY BUSH Moral Values (22%) 18% 80% Economy/Jobs (20%) 80% 18% Terrorism (19%) 14% 86% Iraq (15%) 73% 23% Health Care (8%) 77% 23% Taxes (5%) 73% 26%

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Same AP Poll Abortion 55% need it to stay lawful Stem cell research Ample backing

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Moral Values? Trustworthiness Responsibility Fairness Freedom Empathy Self-assurance Knowledge

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AP Poll "Message" Perception "Moral qualities" rises to restriction to premature birth, gay marriage Reality "Moral qualities" meet distinctive things to various individuals

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Religious Example "Lost Christianities" Gospel of Thomas Gospel of Mary Magdalene Gospel of Judas Carpocratians Bart D. Ehrman

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Perception of Science: Professionals "We depend a lot on science & insufficient on confidence" "Investigative examination nowadays doesn\'t give careful consideration to the ethical estimations of society" "Exploratory exploration has made the same number of issues for society as it has arrangements"

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Perception of Science: The Public "We depend a lot on science & insufficient on confidence" "Experimental examination nowadays doesn\'t give careful consideration to the ethical estimations of society" "Logical exploration has made the same number of issues for society as it has arrangements"

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Perception of Science: The Public

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Perception of Science: The Public

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Ideology versus Science Preserving Core Values in Science Initiative (ARHP & RHTP) Plan B calamity Inappropriate Federal arrangements Declining support for natural control Integrity of Science Initiative (UCS) Successfully brought issues to light about the issues

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Values Project "This is the ideal opportunity to emphatically start the long haul handle that can characterize and fuse our own particular good standards into conceptive wellbeing instruction and promotion work" Felicia H. Stewart, MD

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Scientific Values: What Are They? Proof based science is critical to positive wellbeing results & a satisfying life Pursue answers to questions with trustworthiness Encourage interest & addressing Use results to advance normal great Recognize the significance of differing qualities and some more. . .

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Values Project: Goals Make positive qualities connected with regenerative wellbeing science an esteemed some portion of regular daily existence Communicate positive good ascribes of our examination to people in general Use effectively comprehended dialect Emphasize shared qualities Inform human services hone & strategy

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Values Project: Objectives Professionals Ensure that the constructive qualities connected with conceptive wellbeing and science are talked about in each proper gathering Public Develop strong, deliberately refined arrangement ideas with dialect & correspondence approaches that clarify conceptive wellbeing science & its constructive qualities

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Values Project: Our Challenges Learn to talk the dialect of nonscientists Appeal to the constructive parts of conviction frameworks outside of our experience Communicate key logical qualities to general crowds who can profit Communicate the constructive advantages of progress to companions & partners Learn to be political not appointive

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Why a "Qualities" Project? Open larger part does not comprehend the positive estimations of science in their regular daily existences Moderate to dynamic development is prepared for new headings Informed open has the most obvious opportunity to start improve Sustainable change can just happen on the off chance that it is qualities driven

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Absolute danger diminishment (inferable danger) Relative danger Absolute danger Why Start With Reproductive Health? Touchstone for warmed political level headed discussion Target for misconception & experimental strike Affects the greater part of individuals\' lives Has incredible potential to impact change Can be a model for other moderate to dynamic developments WE ARE UNDER SIEGE!!

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Reproductive Health: The New "Code Word"

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UN bargain rejects new rights to fetus removal, killing, homosexuality "The UN meeting on the privileges of people with inabilities was on equalization a win for ace lifers.", September 1, 2006

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WHO Report: "Worldwide Promotion of Abortion" "A standout amongst the most endless and vociferous open deliberations at the UN is over the significance and use of the expression \'conceptive wellbeing\'." Douglas Sylva

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Values Project: Assumptions Long-term venture (15+ years) No relationship with race governmental issues Learn from past errors & rivals\' triumphs Identify crisp strategies & new patterns adjust & change If the present state of affairs is no more working, look for change Seek change through experimentation Duplication of exertion can be certain

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Values Project: How will it work? Stage 1 Review of existing & in-procedure research Embark on qualities based subjective exploration Develop composed interchanges & outreach arrangement Internalize research comes about Develop a workforce preparing program & national instruction venture Identify measurements & checking strategies

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Values Project: How will it work? Stage 2 Extend the value of science as an esteemed some portion of life for ordinary Americans Train & place master speakers Advocacy, relationship administration Launch showcasing arrangement for paid & earned media. Build up progressing venues for dialog & change Monitor for achievement & lessons learned

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Values Project: Timeframe Focus on long haul change A really educated open must be instructed on the full scope of regenerative wellbeing administrations the worth its adds to their lives the significance of science in deciding conceptive wellbeing developments & approaches

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Values Project: Timeframe ". . .also, this must be done painstakingly, after some time, in acknowledgment of the genuine differing qualities of societies, qualities, and conviction frameworks that make up our social orders" Contraception , September 2006

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The Landscape: Media Influence Positive Widespread scattering of regenerative wellbeing data Negative Misperceptions proclaimed Incomplete data (7 seconds) Business of offering news trumps science Risks not put in connection

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The Landscape: Political Influence Positive Debate about medicinal services issues & benefits Platform to express convictions Negative Mistrusted, not tenable Perception of predisposition Policy yielded for races

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The Landscape: Academic Influence Positive Emphasis on estimation of logical procedure Self basic Negative "Withdrawn" with regular day to day existence Communication not underscored Apolitical?

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The Landscape: Social Influence Positive Comfort with the well known Trusted wellsprings of data better approaches to talk Negative Misperception, myth, apathy about science Junk thrives

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The Landscape: Spiritual Influence Positive Reassurance of conviction frameworks Sometimes a marker of self-development Some religious stages are genius regenerative wellbeing & expert science Negative Misperception, myth, detachment about science Morality & religion entwined

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The Landscape: Personal Beliefs Positive Personal conviction & experience Reinforced by social cooperations We are all sexual Negative Lack of view of individual predispositions Easy to feel overpowered Environmentally needy

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Your Challenge Suspend Disbelief Be political Carpe Diem Lifelong learning

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A Final Thought "Viví dentro del monstruo y le conozco sus entrañas, y mi honda es la de David" José Martí

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Questions Let\'s discussion about the future To end up included David Grimes, MD 2006.

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