Individual Safety Injury Prevention .

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Personal Safety & Injury Prevention . D.P.A. – Are you ready???. Daily Physical Activity in Schools CIRA Ontario Active 2010 OPHEA. Personal Safety & Injury Prevention. Recognizing Personal Safety & Injury Prevention situations:. Swarming Threatening Bullying Harassment
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Individual Safety & Injury Prevention

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D.P.A. – Are you prepared??? Day by day Physical Activity in Schools CIRA Ontario Active 2010 OPHEA

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Personal Safety & Injury Prevention

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Recognizing Personal Safety & Injury Prevention circumstances: Swarming Threatening Bullying Harassment Violence in the media Abuse Physical battling Violence seeing someone First guide Babysitting

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But Don\'t Forget: Internet viciousness Cyber Bullying

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Apply procedures… . Outrage administration Assertiveness Conflict determination Decision-production

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Identify People and Community Agencies Parents/Guardians Teachers Neighbors Kid\'s Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) Local Services School Guidance office

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Effective Strategies to Address Expectations: Case contemplates/Scenarios Stories Videos Role Playing Small gathering discourse took after by substantial gathering sharing DON\'T lecture!!!!!

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What\'s your point of view?

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Feelings and Conflict (Grade 5 OPHEA)

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Understanding Perspectives: (The initial phase in struggle determination) Diverse elucidations Takes into thought how all individuals included see the circumstance No "right" or "wrong" answers

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION Communicate Negotiate Mediate Arbitrate Litigate Legislate

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What is the Threat??? Perused every circumstance card Discuss with your gathering Decide (by agreement) under which heading it best fits Tape the card on the board Complete all cards Be set up to legitimize your choices

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Decision-Making Process (Grade 6 ahead) 1. What is the issue? "I" 2. Options or options "D" 3. Evaluate all options or consequences "E" 4. Make a choice "A" 5. Reflect on/assess your choice "L"

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Bullying Is it an issue in your school? I was called mean names, ridiculed or prodded in a destructive way  Other understudies let me alone for things deliberately, barred me from their gathering of companions or totally overlooked me  I was hit, kicked, pushed, pushed around or bolted indoors  Other understudies informed lies or spread false bits of gossip concerning me and attempted to make others despise me  I was ridiculed due to my race or shading I was ridiculed in light of my religion  Other understudies made sexual jokes, remarks or signals to me

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Have you been tormented?

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Bullying Behavior

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According to HBSC… 41% of understudies reported being included in social tormenting (either as casualty or spook) 32% physical tormenting 18% had been called bigot names 16% reported undesirable touching, getting or squeezing 13% reported being included in electronic harassing 10% exploited by homophobic provocation

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Bullying Programs in Schools extensive – set of principles, constructive and adverse outcomes for understudies\' conduct , staff gatherings, guardians Classroom level – rules & schedules, gatherings with guardians Individual level – mediations, association of guardians NTIP – PD Core Content Example – Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

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Dealing with Bullying Grade 5 – Apply procedures to manage individual security and harm counteractive action circumstances Grade 6 – Describe and react suitably to possibly brutal circumstances applicable to themselves Grade 7 – Describe badgering and recognize methods for managing it

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Dealing with Bullying Hold the outrage Never get physical or spook back Act overcome, leave, and disregard the domineering jerk Use cleverness Talk about it Use the amigo framework Develop more companionships by joining clubs or games programs Canadian Children\'s Rights Council

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How Does Bullying Affect Learning? Both misled kids and kids bully\'s identity at hazard for poor school working, as far as poor mentalities towards school, low evaluations, and non-appearance (Rigby, 2003; Tremblay, 1999). 20-25% of every now and again exploited kids report harassing as the purpose behind missing school (Rigby, 2003).

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Bullying Resources Ontario Teacher\'s Federation Bullying Prevention Project

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Bullying Resources Canadian Safe Schools Network Canadian Public Health Association (Safe School Study and Toolkit) Promoting Relationships & Eliminating Violence (PREV Net) Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

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Is it Harassment? Why or Why Not? (Review 7) Making remarks on the allure of somebody\'s appearance Slapping somebody\'s butt Putting an arm around somebody who is harmed and crying Patting somebody on the back after a vocation well done Commenting on the measure of bosoms Commenting on a "tight butt" or any physical part of a man\'s body, paying little mind to sex A male calling another male a fag since he doesn\'t care for discussing female bodies or taking a gander at sexually exploitative magazines A female calling a male a stud when she needs to stand out enough to be noticed

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Harassment Any undesirable, uninvited comments, signals, sounds or activities of a constant sort that make you feel risky, corrupted, or uncomfortable. (Check your Board\'s definition)

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Teacher\'s Notes (Grade 7) Consider the effect on the collector , as opposed to the goal of the sender Do NOT point the finger at yourself Do NOT disregard it. It won\'t leave. Protect yourself Teacher\'s must counsel Board\'s Policy & Procedures, Safe School Policy Parents, gatekeepers, understudies and instructors have the privilege to contact police specifically

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Other Resources: Public Health Agency of Canada Thrive! (Lion\'s Quest Canada) OPHEA Curriculum Support Documents Canadian Red Cross ( RespectED ) "Mission for the Golden Rule" – (harassing avoidance programming, gr. 2-5 classroom computer game including pretend)

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ANGER HIT LIST Or Venom Ventors that work! Cry . It\'ll release the pressure, unwind muscles. Practice . Vigorous exercise, running, running all concentration our vitality on one action and help dispel the pressure. Work . Buckling down gives us a chance to center our vitality to a particular assignment. Giggle . Cleverness redirects our outrage and gives us a chance to unwind. Compose . It helps us release our emotions. Talk . Discuss what\'s stinging, it\'ll help you quiet down. Play . Perused, stare at the TV, play diversions, do a leisure activity ; these are mental wipes that sop up stress. Take care of the Problem . Coordinate your vitality towards what\'s wrong; it lessens the anxiety because you expect help. Punch . Hit your cushion, your bed, a punching pack; have a private victory. Tune in . Music can be significantly quieting. Take a little time alone with a most loved recording. Block out . No movement by any stretch of the imagination. Brief rest periods like taking a gigantic moan before reacting will help you feel quiet. Look again . Remain in the shoes of the individual you\'re feeling irate with. Take a gander at their needs, convictions, values, confinements. Contend . With yourself. Take the other individual\'s perspective; then express your own point of view. Contend for both.

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