Infection Informatics: ICD-11 at the doorstep .

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Bill and Narayana. Disease Informatics: ICD-11 at the doorstep. By: RP Deolankar Presentation for 4 th Nutraceutical Summit, WTC, Mumbai, India Feb. 21-23, 2008. WHO.
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Charge and Narayana Disease Informatics: ICD-11 at the doorstep By: RP Deolankar Presentation for 4 th Nutraceutical Summit, WTC, Mumbai, India Feb. 21-23, 2008

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WHO World Health Organization (WHO) gives an administration which is assigned as a Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) tenth variant of (ICD-10) has a Chapter entitled "Endocrine nourishing and metabolic maladies"

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ICD One of such administration is International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Application of Statistics and Information Science to build up reasons for horribleness The action is being depicted as a piece of "Illness Informatics"

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Disease Definition The ICD has turned into the worldwide standard analytic arrangement for all broad epidemiological and numerous wellbeing administration purposes. Thusly, ICD gave Diseases definitions "Let your nourishment be your solution and your pharmaceutical be your food" Hippocrates to put it plainly, the vast majority of the infections could be connected to sustenance and way of life.

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ICD-10 Endorsed by the Forty-third World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 1990 Disease Definitions are quantal Domain of handpicked specialists as depicted by media Severity of the ailment activated by the infection might be controlled by the kind of nourishment had been eaten by the subject.

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Scope for development Severity of Disease: Diseases are quantitative Holistic approach: Multiple morbidities associate Throwing open entryway to Doctors, Health Workers, Educationists and Spiritualists Dr. T. B. Ustun

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Scope for development in clinical research Multiple dismalness ► Multiple theories Bayesian applications What should be possible? As the majority of the utilitarian sustenances serve as numerous cure furthermore could lessen symptoms of medications, make team for factual techniques here

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Objectives of the presentation Discuss: How to utilize stage gave by ICD-11 to Defining the infections with minimum blunder so that those are comprehended, counteracted and switched Identifying the greater part of the objectives to battle a bunch of sicknesses, comprehend spatial continuum through taking a shot at Disease Causal Chains and Designing an all encompassing answer for the ailment issue

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Health of an individual = % Wellbeing + % Disease Loosing the prosperity is relatively picking up the ailment Wellbeing protects Good nourishment Superb way of life Complementary Nutraceuticals

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Medical registration Revealing certain occasions in the wellbeing history of an individual Three parts of Medical Check-up Attempt to chase priors (Backend occasions) Understand exhibit (Current occasion) Predict rear ends (Frontend occasions)

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Event Disease Causal Chain or Web Events connected together Chain could be turned around because of mediation Pruning the Frontends could animate stretching in the chain

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Factors (Components) Prof. HC Kraemer Drive occasions from backend to frontend Proxy, Overlapping, Independent, Mediators and Moderators Events could be tweaked through modifying elements Factors are appeared by bolts Event Cause Effect Diagram

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Components cooperating It is not A + B It is A + B + AB Genes stack the firearm, nature pulls the trigger Prof. Kenneth Olden Point to contemplate: Why certain probiotics turn around viral looseness of the bowels?

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Ancient Indian Model of Human Body Computer Human = Somatic body + Vitality + Mind + Intellect + Bliss (Panchakosha) Intellect (Central Processing Unit) + Self/Ego (Software) + Memory (Free space, Pen Drive/Hard Disk) + Mind/detects (Program) + Life history (Data)

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Human Microbial Organs Gut Associated, Vagina Associated, Skin Associated and so forth (Eco-organs) Being portrayed as Human Microbiome Prebiotics Probiotics Synbiotics Prof. Stig Bengmark

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Clinical Research To comprehend the ailment of an individual, one needs to comprehend human and his body PC and his related organs additionally

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ICD-10 characterization Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Cancers Endocrine, healthful or metabolic illnesses and so on

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Triviality Infectious sickness is not a nourishing malady Nutritional ailment is not an endocrine ailment One may have Infectious Disease + Nutritional Disease + Endocrine ailment i.e. Various morbidities yet not the intricate ailment

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Reality Infection can happen because of endocrine variation from the norm and endocrine irregularity can happen because of ailing health Some segment may happen as earlier some part may happen as back (Keshan malady: Selenium Deficiency + coxsackie infection B4)

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What is dismissed in ICD-10 Disease Causal Chain Most of the customarily settled cures (TER) change illness causal chain TER could adjust some segment of an adequate reason for the ailment Disease definition won\'t not respect that segment

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Rothman and Greenland Sufficient and segment cause show (Button is not adequate cause to switch on or switch off the globule) Sufficient causal systems > 1 Three adequate reasons for ailment.

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To compress the foundation Diseases are intricate Needs bunch push to see Needs present day devices of data science to concentrate Yet can have basic arrangements

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ICD-11 Membership is interested in all why should willing register Members can back their recommendations with suitable confirmation Members can take an interest in online open deliberation over proposed changes in infection definition What should be possible? Enroll as a part, Form Disease Informatics Groups

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Systematic surveys: Basis of ICD-11 Practice of joining the aftereffects of various studies (logical, clinical and general wellbeing) that address an arrangement of related research theory What should be possible? Take an interest in Cochrane joint effort

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What is Cochrane Collaboration? It is a worldwide system of devoted volunteers for giving dependable wellspring of proof in social insurance. Proof is as Systematic surveys in light of meta-investigation What should be possible? Enroll our enthusiasm for nutraceuticals and practical nourishments, shape Cochrane audit assemble Professor Archibald Leman Cochrane

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Field testing of ICD-11 Draft form of ICD-11 should be field tried What should be possible? Partake in the field testing

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Standardization of phrasing ICD-11 site should give linkage to institutionalization of wording What should be possible? Discover philosophy so world comprehends our phrasing

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Examples of Indian terms Simple term: Ama = Dysbiotics (Products of dysbiosis) Complex term: Vata = Body constitution portrayed as Low thickness of the body + Ectomorphy + More vaporous + Less muscle + High body motility + Linear body shape and so forth Traditional Knowledge Digital Library ought to be made accessible to ICD-11

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Confusion because of nearby vernacular Kanjika (Indian practical nourishment, additionally abridged as Kanji), a probiotic sustenance, is a lactic aged item where lactic aging is the terminal stride in sustenance handling and is set up from crude material of plant starting point and without dairy item Kanji is likewise utilized for porridge that is confounding

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Confusing terms (Continued) Umbil is like kanjika however contains lactic matured drain as a fixing or cooked plant material might be consolidated with lactic aged dairy item Umbil is additionally utilized as a part of place of Kanjika by a few people

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Standard Terminology MeSH, Medical Subject Headings of NLM, NIH, USA Based on UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) Metathesaurus

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Standardization of Data Processing ICD-11 site should give linkage to institutionalization of Data Processing More and more Bayesian Approach would show up in Disease Informatics What should be possible? Create easy to understand programming

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Standardization of Research ICD-11 site might give linkage to institutionalization of research More and all the more Good Practice Protocols would be requested What should be possible? Create standard courses in Health Research, Project Management Software, Infrastructure and Equipment Management, Store and Inventory Management, Archive Management, Document Management and GLP, GCP, GCLP, GMP and so forth

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Example of Disease Causal Chain; … takes after Phytase (developed grains) + Calcium + Vitamin D + Sun Exposure for Influenza anticipation? Sania in Sun

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Calcium insufficiency as the front-end occasion because of Chelation by Phytic corrosive

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Front end occasions of Reduced accessibility of Calcium

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Front end occasions of Degradation of vitamin D in the liver John M Pettifor. Nourishing rickets: insufficiency of vitamin D, calcium, or both? Am J Clin Nutr 2004; 80(suppl): 1725S–9S.

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Front end occasions of Vitamin D lack (Avitaminosis D disorder, I) D: Finally, a vitamin measures up. A few new studies recommend that the alleged daylight vitamin (since it\'s created in skin presented to daylight) may ensure against tumor. One study demonstrated that as blood levels of vitamin D go up, ladies\' bosom growth chance goes down. Another found that genuinely a lot of vitamin D brought down the hazard for pancreatic malignancy by around 40%. The Top 10 wellbeing stories of 2006, from the Harvard Health Letter

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Founder employee of the Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes at the AIIMS, INDIA Dr.Narayana Kochupillai "Based on our clinical experience and constrained studies, we trust vitamin D lack is far reaching in northern India,"

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Front end occasions of Vitamin D inadequacy (Avitaminosis D disorder, II)

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The UV Advantage: The Medical Breakthrough That Shows How to Harness the Power of the Sun for Your Health by Michael F. Holick. I Books/Marvel, New York Prof. Michael Holick Boston University

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Front-end occasions of Vitamin D de

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