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Information Administration Board Joint Meeting on Pre-adult Treatment Viability Walk 27-29, 2006 Baltimore, MD Melissa Ives, Increase Organizing Center, CHS; Jennifer Eckert, EAT-Red Bank, NJ Gillian Leichtling, EAT-Portland, OR Celica Mireles-Workmanship, TCE, EAT, DC-Laredo, TX
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Information Management Panel Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness March 27-29, 2006 Baltimore, MD Melissa Ives, GAIN Coordinating Center, CHS; Jennifer Eckert, EAT-Red Bank, NJ Gillian Leichtling, EAT-Portland, OR Celica Mireles-ART, TCE, EAT, DC-Laredo, TX Sara Becker & Christina Sanchez, EAT-Durham, NC

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Goals … Explain What a Data Manager does What happens to your information after it is gathered from the customer until it is come back to your site as a SPSS document, Where to get more data or help Present fruitful systems destinations are utilizing to safeguard their information is getting it done, and Work together to create methodologies for locales to take home to enhance their nearby information process.

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The Plan… Overview of Data Management: Melissa Ives Presentations by site DMs Small site taking care of everything: Jennifer Eckert (EAT-Red Bank) Agency with an outer evaluator: Gillian Leichtling (EAT-Portland) Agency with numerous study stipends: Celica Mireles (ART, TCE/HIV, EAT, DC-Laredo) University association and New DM Transition: Sara Becker and Christina Sanchez (EAT-Durham) Discussion and inquiries

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Data Management Role Manages ABS on location: Assures that ABS information are transferred to fundamental ABS Server, Lookup table administration, User accounts, passwords administration, Assigns bunches for HIPAA access to a case, Has access to all cases in an ABS database. Guarantees GAIN Record Log (GRL) information and reports (FUL, TTL) are exact and complete. Arranges ABS User preparing.

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Data Management Role Responsible for information uprightness on location: Reviews information quality; guarantees that normal records have been entered. Contact with CHS in regards to all information entries and alters. In charge of reacting to information oddities recognized by GCC Data Team; Exports, compresses and passwords the information (GAIN, TxSI, GRL); presents the documents on the FTP site (requires username/secret key accessible from CHS). Contact with organization’s IT/MIS division and/or ABS manager as appropriate.

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What happens to your information at CHS Site information documents (ABS) are transported in into SPSS for review and preparatory cleaning. Input to locales on ABS information is given month to month utilizing GAINEdits.xls. Cleaned datasets from every site are consolidated by undertaking on a quarterly premise for change into crude, altered, diagnostic, and synopsis (SPSS) datasets accessible to destinations.

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Data Processing (What CHS does) Data are checked for evident issues. Sudden reactions (age < 10, weight <50) Too numerous missing for CORE things Locally skipped things set to –3 through SPSS language structure if necessary. Missing qualities are supplanted if essential. - 9s set to consistent quality (as a rule 0). Scales & extra variables are registered. Information are checked to make sure records got match records anticipated.

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GAINEdits document: Why…? The reasons of the GAINEdits record are: to advise the site of flawed values and proposed changes and/or questions about traded ABS information so the site\'s information can be adjusted, and to educate CHS of the site\'s reaction to the inquiries and recommended alters so postings won\'t be sent over and again. We attempt to send just those alters that were not redressed per your site reactions in the returned GAIN Edits record. On the off chance that you have not included site reactions and/or gave back the GAIN Edits document, you will keep on accepting the same alters over and again.

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GAINEdits Sample

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GAINEdits: What do I do…? Site Responses - At the site, you have to: figure out whether our recommendations are right or figure out what changes are required (for yellow-highlighted cells or if the proposal is not right), then MAKE these adjustments in ABS, and show in the \'Site Response\' section what changes were made. This can be as straightforward as "OK", or "No-change to _(fill it in)_" or more nitty gritty if fundamental. When the alters have been made and the GAINEdits document overhauled, please spare the GAINEdits record with another name—by including single word (e.g. " GAINedits_##_0306 answer .xls “). Post the Excel record to the FTP site at . (what\'s more, tell )

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DM Training and Support (1) New Data Managers will get bolster and preparing through a Data Manager call with the GCC Data Team to safeguard the techniques and documentation are locally accessible and comprehended and to answer any inquiries. (any DM may ask for a call whenever) Specific points of interest on neighborhood information accommodation are controlled by the site in a joint effort with the GCC Data Team. ABS preparing is given at GAIN Trainings . ABS Site Management and ABS User manuals are given at GAIN Trainings or according to popular demand.

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Data Manager Call Topics Is DM likewise ABS Admin? Is there a different evaluator? Is PI at the site? What is correspondence with PI/Site/Evaluator like? Is DSA finished to permit accommodation of information? Is ABS introduced? Are there any inquiries? Can DM access APSS site? Has DM gotten to APSS site?

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Data Manager Call Topics Does DM have/has DM perused: GRL Memo GRL FAQs TxSI Instructions/FAQs Multisite Collaboration Guidelines (PI needs to have perused these as well) Data Submission Memo Has DM gotten to FTP Common site? Subsequent windows and desires? Meaning of XCHK is entered?

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Data Manager Call Topics Data accommodation issues Data Submission secret key? Current GRL? GRL overhaul process? Where to spare the current GRL? Utilization of the GPRA apparatus and the GPRA site? Is WinZip introduced at the site? What rendition? Does DM have FTP site watchword? Has DM attempted to get to FTP site, does DM know not records we post? Names other than our standard names for documents when they post? (, GAINEdits_##_mmyy.xls,

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DM Training and Support (2) Documentation for Data Managers is given on the APSS site and/or the FTP Common site. Information Submission Memo GRL Memo, GRL FAQs, GRL Sample Follow-up windows realistic Definition of XCHK Commonly incorrectly spelled medication names SPSS directions, linguistic structure and .tpf records Meeting Minutes and Reports Instruments, guidelines and manuals GI Scales and Variables (a.k.a. Electronic Encyclopedia)

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GRL Memo and GRL FAQs Adolescent Job codes for V5b SPSS Template document to peruse in sent out information FTP Common Site Misspelled Drug Names Definition of XCHK Instructions to peruse ABS Export into SPSS Description of Files Follow-up Windows Graphic Includes a GAIN\'s duplicate I Scales and Variables record SPSS Syntax to make GAIN-I scales

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DM Training and Support (3) E-mail support for inquiries Data accommodation, GRL or SPSS/Analyses ABS working GAIN instrument or Quality Assurance

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Site Presentations 1. Small site taking care of everything: Jennifer Eckert (EAT-Red Bank) 2. Agency with an outside evaluator: Gillian Leichtling (EAT-Portland) 3. Agency with different study stipends: Celica Mireles (ART,TCE/HIV, EAT2, DC-Laredo) 4. University alliance and New DM move: Sarah Becker and Christina Sanchez (EAT-Durham)

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Keys to Great Data Management Use a nearby following framework to oversee information flow—KEEP GOOD CHARTS and RECORDS! Know the nearby information stream and desires. Verify you have the present adaptations of everything . Make utilization of accessible documentation and assets. Take breaks, have lunch, know when to step away! Make information redresses month to month (GAINEdits) and utilization data to guide preparing. Give sufficient and progressing staff preparing Check and twofold check information (Validity Report, dates, customer records) regularly. Correspond with one another and with CHS! Make inquiries! Arrange, Organize, Organize!

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Presentation URL and Contacts Melissa Ives: 1) Jennifer Eckert: 2) Gillian Leichtling: 3) Celica Mireles: 4) Sara Becker: 4) Christina Sanchez:

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