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Information Abilities Online A Maternal and Tyke Wellbeing Tool compartment for Diagnostic and Innovation Preparing of General Wellbeing Experts APHA Yearly Meeting: October 2001 Undertaking Depiction Administration Gave : Free, self-instructional, electronic preparing
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Information Skills Online A Maternal and Child Health Toolbox for Analytic and Technology Training of Public Health Professionals APHA Annual Meeting: October 2001

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Project Description Service Provided : Free, self-instructional, electronic preparing Target crowd : State and nearby general wellbeing experts Project Goal : Train experts in abilities that can be utilized on interest at work, for example, Working with populace based information Developing and reporting measures for the Title V Block Grant Monitoring and assessing project exercises Developing procedures to address the issues of the MCH populace Courseware Used : WebCT 3.6 (Web Course Tools) Tool Access : User registers by giving their contact and demographic data User chooses a device and makes account with login ID and secret word User downloads and prints an endless supply of a device Funding Period : September 2000 – May 2002

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Web Site Registration Form Online Tools Page View portrayals of devices View tables of substance Read logon directions Technical Skills Test Assess your computer’s limit Practice exploring in WebCT Practice exploring in a PDF record Practice downloading an archive Technical Support Page Registration and logon guidelines Troubleshooting tips DSO staff contact data WebCT Courseware Create a free record with a username and watchword Add DSO apparatuses to your record Hyperlinks to glossary definitions Table of substance accessible inside of every device Certificates of finishing accessible for printing Web Site Features

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Currently Available: Subscribing to a List Browser Basics and Searching Web Design Creating Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel Overview of Primary Data Collection Instruments Designing Questionnaires Developing an Analysis Plan for a Quantitative Study Geographic Information Systems Several Plug-In Tutorials Under Development Understanding Title V Performance Measures and the Title V Information System* PRAMS Data Analysis for Title V Performance Measures* Conducting a Health Services Needs Assessment for CSHCN* Economic Analysis in MCH Measuring Maternal Morbidity Assessing Infant Mortality Factors at State and Local Levels Creating a Relational Database in Microsoft Access 2000 Curricula Offered * Currently being field tried and forthcoming discharged

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Marketing Venues Listservs (e.g. State Title V chiefs, City MatCH, UNC SPH graduated class) Search motors (e.g. Hurray, Excite, HotBot) Web website joins (Public Health Foundation, UNC SPH, UC Berkeley SPH) National association pamphlets (NACCHO enrollment month to month, ASTHO, Society of Public Health Educators, AMCHP)

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Tool Abstracts Technology Tools "Subscribing to a List" This device is intended to show experts about how to partake through email in the distinctive records that associations utilization to spread data. Endless supply of the instrument, the client will have the capacity to: · Conduct a quest for a rundown of premium · Subscribe to a rundown · Send and get messages on the rundown "Browser Basics and Searching" This device is intended to assist experts with finding out about the World Wide Web, and how to discover data utilizing Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Endless supply of the instrument, the client will have the capacity to Describe what the World Wide Web is and how to investigate it utilizing either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator Use a web crawler to hunt the web down a subject of premium Create bookmarks in a web program "Web Design" This device is intended to show experts how to deliver their very own page utilizing Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and Netscape Composer. Outline and specialized issues included in the three phases of site advancement - Planning, Design, and Maintenance, will be considered. Endless supply of the apparatus, the client will have the capacity to: Describe the fundamental standards of good website page configuration Create straightforward pages and transfer them

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Tool Abstracts Analytic Tools "Overview of Primary Data Collection Instruments" This device is intended to help experts in figuring out which kind of essential information to assemble, contingent upon the issue to be concentrated on, and particular exploration questions. Endless supply of the device, the client will have the capacity to: Â·â  Identify methods of essential information accumulation, and know when to concede to optional information Â·â  Know where to find auxiliary information sources particular to MCH Â·â  Identify routines for managing polls/overviews Â·â  Describe points of interest and drawbacks of distinctive systems for study organization Â·â  Given a situation, focus the sorts of essential information to gather, the methods of accumulation, and techniques for organization "Designing Questionnaires" This apparatus is intended to help the expert in building up a survey for quantitative and subjective essential information gathering. The client will be acquainted with the segments of surveys and ways to deal with creating them. Endless supply of the apparatus, the client will: Understand the distinctive sorts of inquiries intended for polls Understand rules and essential standards of composing and arranging viable inquiries Know the method of reasoning for pre-testing surveys Be mindful of moral contemplations when overseeing surveys

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Tool Abstracts "Developing an Analysis Plan for a Quantitative Study" This instrument is intended to help the expert in settling on choices about how to look at and present numerical information on wellbeing related issues. The instrument will direct the client through the progressions of a study, and give recommendations to composing a last report in view of spellbinding or inductive information. Endless supply of the apparatus, the client will have the capacity to: Describe the justification for adding to a quantitative investigation arrangement Describe the principle contrasts between an expressive study and an inductive study List and depict the segments of a quantitative examination arrangement Determine which univariate or bivariate factual tests to utilize Understand how to decipher aftereffects of univariate or bivariate measurable tests Develop an investigation arrangement "Geographic Information Systems" This instrument is intended to show experts about geographic data frameworks (GIS), which are devices used to gather and showcase information as maps. GIS is ordinarily used to help answer spatial inquiries by encouraging representation, spatial examination, demonstrating, and choice making. Endless supply of the three lessons in this apparatus, clients will have the capacity to: Describe essential GIS hypothesis and phrasing Be acquainted with the functional use of GIS strategies; including information gathering, guide development, and the fitting utilization of hues and shading Describe qualities and confinements of GIS information sources and programming applications Construct a straightforward guide utilizing ArcExplorer programming

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Six-Month Follow-Up: Participants Who Completed a Tool from 01/01/01 – 04/30/01 Have you shared data about the Data Skills Online site with collaborators? (N=57) Have You prepared or helped one or more partners in an ability that you learned by finishing a Data Skills Online device? (N=57)

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Education Level of Registrants (N=586) January 8-September 14, 2001 Year of Most Recent Degree (N=574) January 8-September 14, 2001

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Data Skills Online Registrants by State (N=586) January 8 – September 14, 2001 A sum of 586 people speaking to 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Malta, Palau, and Tanzania have enlisted for no less than one of the apparatuses accessible as of September 14, 2001. Grouping of registrants is most noteworthy in GA, NC, SC, and VA as a result of undertaking activities (counting nearby preparing) at the general wellbeing area level.

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Data Skills Online Participants, by MCH Occupation (N=586) January 8 - September 14, 2001 Non-MCH Professionals MCH Professionals

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Users are Saying. . . “I thought I knew a considerable measure about studying for information. This short course expanded my insight and made me consider better approaches to improve and make information accumulation more useful.” ( Primary Data Collection device)

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Users are Saying. . . “Overall, this experience has been to a great degree significant to me, in bringing my certainty level up in utilizing the Internet and the PC all in all. I am considerably more OK with the wording and different programming abilities, during an era when it is an expert survival skill.” ( Web Design device)

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Users are Saying. . . “Overall, this experience has been greatly important to me, in bringing my certainty level up in utilizing the Internet and the PC by and large. I am a great deal more alright with the phrasing and different programming capacities, during an era when it is an expert survival skill.” ( Web Design device)

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Users are Saying. . . “This was an extremely edifying task. I can see numerous ways that I will have the capacity to utilize this information to assemble and examine information to figure out whether we are giving adequate medicinal services in my community.”( Developing an Analysis Plan f

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