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Inquiry and Operators October 8, 2002 Jae Kyu Lee Master's level college of Management Korea Propelled Foundation of Science and Innovation Purchaser Commercial Exercises Item/benefit hunt and revelation in the data space Correlation shopping and item
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Inquiry and Agent October 8, 2002 Jae Kyu Lee Graduate School of Management Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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Consumer Mercantile Activities Product/administration pursuit and disclosure in the data space Comparison shopping and item determination taking into account different traits Prepurchase association Nogotiation of terms, e.g., value, conveyance times Placement of request Purchase fulfillment Authorization of installment Receipt of item Postpurchase cooperation Customer administration and backing (if not fulfilled in X days, return item)

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Fundamental Stages of Buying Process Stages (Maes’ View, CACM 1999) 1. Need recognizable proof 2. Item facilitating 3. Dealer facilitating (value, guarantee, accessibility, conveyance time, and notoriety) 4. Transaction (settled cost presented just 100 hundred years prior) 5. Buy and conveyance 6. Item administration and assessment Buying Behavior considered by Nicosia, Howard-Sheth, Engel-Blackwell, Bettman, and Andreasen Role of Software Agent [mediate buyer behaviors] Information separating and recovery, customized assessments, complex coordination, and time-based communications.

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Search and Comparison Shopping Key Word Search and Directory Meta-Key-Word Search and Meta-Directory B-Cart and Meta-Malls Architecture Agents based Comparison

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Search Engine Gathering : Manually or naturally Search Agent versus Versatile Agent Indexing Storing Retrieval

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Intelligent Search on Documents Key Word Search : String coordinating Advanced Search : Conditional, AND/OR connections, and sifting Demonstrate the propelled elements in Proximity Search : Synonyms Languages and Translations Concept Based Search : Concept Object Hierarchy Directory and Linkages Similarity Based Search : Case Based Retrieval Case Based Reasoning; Associations Image Search : Content-Based Image Retrieval Image Processing versus Content based Index about pictures

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Concept Object Hierarchy Home Requirement Level of Detail Balancing Buyer : e-Procurement Directory of KAIST Supplier : Home + Packing machi General Office Supplies + Procurement - + Labeling mach Computer Supplies Logic Expression + Sorting machin Computer Accessories Generation of Directory + Peripheral Data Storage Typing machin Consistency of Directory - + Printer Supplies Binding and La - Management of Rule Base + Toner Office machina - + Use for Hewlett-Packard Fusers and acc Extract + LaserJet 4V Printer, fax a Q & A + Manual LaserJet 5 + Printer, fax Help - + LaserJet 6P Printer, fax E-Mail + HP Model C3903A Image Cartri Toner + Nu-Kote Model LT105R Image Transfer roll

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Popular Search Engines Google. Com and Yahoo Empas Naver Simmani Hanmir Dreamwiz Lycos Altavista

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Meta-Key-Word Search and Meta-Directory Relevant Pages Directoies KeyWord Inquiry Customer How to Acquire Knowledge about Directory? Manual Registration Automatic Learning Meta Directory Merged Response

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Meta Search Engines: Experimental All-in-One Search Page CUSI Fun City Web Search HyperNews Info Market Crawler Search Searchers W3 Search Engine Web-Search

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Mobile Agents Mobile Agents = Mobile Robots Why Robot Exclusion Standard 1993-1994: Too successive visits of versatile operators Disturbed the meeting servers Robot Exclusion Standard was fundamental Format “ <field>: <optionalspace><value> <optionalspace> Values in Field: User-specialists, Disallow Examples 1: User-specialists: * Disallow:/cyberworld/map/ Disallow:/tmp/Any robots are not permitted to visit the URLs in “/cyberworld/map/” , “/tmp/”

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Examples: Robot Exclusion Standard Examples 2: User-operators: * Disallow:/cyberworld/map/ User-specialists: cybermapper Disallow: All robots with the exception of the cybermapper are not permitted to visit “/cyberworld/map/” Examples 3: User-operators: * Disallow:/No robot is permitted to visit.

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Five Types of Comparison Support (TL2.11, p. 58-63 ) 1. Look on Hypertext documents utilizing Agents Bargain Finder 2. Seek in a Web-based Database : human and S/W specialists sharing data Mysimon, Junglee, Jango 3. Equivalent Item Retrieval and Tabular Comparison (Side by Side correlation conceivable) Meta-Malls Comparison Architecture 4. Correlation of Multiple Items from Multiple eMarketplaces -Personalized B-Cart 5. Correlation as a Multiple Criteria Decision Making Personalogic

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Characteristics of Key Comparison Sites ILA* : Internet Learning Agent motor, half Performance Enhancement to BF VDB* : Virtual DB ILA*: Internet Learning Agent Engine (half Performance Enhancement to Bargain Finder) VDB*: Virtual DB

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Compare Shopping Sites Search “Comparison Shopping” Get List of Sites List of web crawlers for thing classes Try with Notebook: Review the webpage and user’s rating Specificational conditions Display stores with rating, item specificaitions, value and connection Compare.Net Tabular Comparison By Application Category, Customized Configuration and offer value Post Popular: Comparative Review Show by Models Show Stores with rateing, value, transportation expense, stock status, take requests, related items, Price Drop Alert MySimon Specification based Search

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Korean Comparison Sites

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분야별 비교구매 서비스

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분야별 비교구매 서비스

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분야별 비교구매 서비스

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분야별 비교구매 서비스

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Current Status of Comparison Shopping Retrieval of Standard Models Graphic Displays Preference Based Scoring Tabular Comparison Configuration Support Intelligence: Rules, Constraints, Preference, Similarity  Multiple Criteria Decision Support

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Opportunities in Comparison Shopping Research Opportunities Configuration with Options: -CBR: Find the Best Standard Model -CSP: Search toward the best choices Multi-seller based Configuration and Order Processing Pick and Delivery essential Buyer Agents Buyer’s Bahavior?

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Architecture of B-Cart Buyer Sellers e - Procurement e - Catlaog MyB - Cart System Collect/Order MyS - Cart . . . . . . Overhaul Intermediaries Buyer Visit/Order e - Catlaog Interface MyI - Cart

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Meta-Malls Architecture Goal Shopping Over Multiple Independent Cyber Shopping Malls One Stop Shopping and Payment over Multiple Malls Product Level Comparison Support As A Multiple Critera Decision Marking

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Characteristics of The Meta-Malls Architecture Meta-Malls Coordinator Keeps: Summary Products and URL Relationship Indices in the middle of Products and Malls Communicate with the Mall Operators Mall Operator Independent Entities But has discretionary linkage with Meta-Mall Coordinator Merchant: Compatibility with the Coordinator important

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Individual Buyer’s Cart: b-Cart Tentative Picking and Decision Support Allow Budget Consideration Supporting Record Keeping Possible Individual Buyer Assistant in Buyer’s Personal Computer Coupling with the ERP can be upheld One-Stop Payment IC-Card Based User Access for Certification and Electronic Wallet can be bolstered

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Illustrative Screen of B-Cart

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Agent Based Commerce Agent Software Agent Intelligent Agent Communication Languages Robot Softbot

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Definition of Agent Technologies (U.S. Lee, ICEC 98 Tutorial) Internal definition A product module which acts with its own particular information, conviction, premium and aim against informations given from environment External definition A practical unit which acts like a person or executes errands for the benefit of a human with human elements outwardly and aurally - A general term to demonstrate a useful module which takes care of an issue independently toward a particular objective by perceiving circumstance and participating different frameworks in light of cooperations with environment

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Features of Agent [Wooldrige and Jennings (1994)] Weak Notions - Autonomy or self-loader Social capacity Reactivity Pro-animation - Strong Notions - Mentalistic thoughts Knowledge Belief Intention Obligation Emotion -

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Features of Agent Other Attributes - Continuous running: checking Mobility : Mobile Agent Veracity ( 성실성 ) Benevolence ( 선행성 , 순응성 ) Rationality -

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Core advances for Agents in EC Autonomous/Intelligence Recognition of environment Problem comprehending/Learning system - Communications Task/Result/Knowledge sharing Agreement/Negotiation/Competition/Balancing - Anthropomorphism

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A Prototype of Agent Development AGENT ENVIRONMENT Proc

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