Inside my Heart by Zoe Ryder White .

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Inside my Heart by Zoe Ryder White. Inside my heart lives One birthday party Two jazz bands Three wrestling puppies Four dancing birds Five laughing babies Six blasting spaceships Seven lucky fireflies and A sky full of stars. Happiness: Sadness. Spiderman 3 Flowers blooming
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Inside my Heart by Zoe Ryder White Inside my heart lives One birthday party Two jazz groups Three wrestling puppies Four moving winged animals Five giggling babies Six impacting spaceships Seven fortunate fireflies and A sky loaded with stars.

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Happiness: Sadness Spiderman 3 Flowers sprouting Doing math issues Georgia Mud Fudge Ice Cream Comparing Feelings

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1. Add an example to your sonnet. 2. Add a correlation with your ballad. I/He/She/It is as ______ as ________ 3. Chip away at another ballad. 4. Compose another ballad.

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Bat My child is a bat. His eyes squint when obscurity comes. His body blends with life. His appendages pig out with blood as he sets out through the give in of night his rooftop the stars the moon a major white eye viewing. Pulled in by the false lights he blends with his wacky companions weaving all through clubs unlimited gatherings each other\'s places till detecting the sudden ebb of haziness he shudders home a shrouded Dracula to the empty of his room where he will rest throughout the day.

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My Mum My mum is a general. She stalks through the house letting me know what to do. She then rests for the duration of the night. Be that as it may, when she wakes up..... her decorations clanging, stars sparkling & thunders us to consideration she barks arranges as she charges through the house: " Lisa, do the dishes ! " " Lisa, clean your room ! " then slithers back to her room while we, her loyal fighters complete her requests.

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