Institutionalization Instruction Experience from The Netherlands Frosts Workshop Gaithersburg, 2008-02-21- - 22.

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Institutionalization Training Knowledge from The Netherlands Frosts Workshop Gaithersburg, 2008-02-21- - 22 Henk J. de Vries Initiator: Dutch Service of Financial Undertakings Members: Bosses associations ( VNO-NCW and FME-CWM )
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Institutionalization Education Experience from The Netherlands ICES Workshop Gaithersburg, 2008-02-21- - 22 Henk J. de Vries

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Initiator: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs Participants: Employers associations ( VNO-NCW and FME-CWM ) Employers association for SMEs ( MKB Nederland ) Standards clients Organization ( NKN ) Trade Union ( FNV ) Consumer Organization ( Consumentenbond ) National Standardization Institute ( NEN ) Chair: Prof. Albert Feilzer,RSM Erasmus University Raising Awareness of Standards and Standardization in The Netherlands – Education Project

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Higher Vocational Education – Building Higher Vocational Education – Electrical Engineering Intermediate Vocational Education – Electrical Engineering Higher Vocational Education – Building, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Education ventures

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Initiator: Dutch Patent Office Start with one school in Higher Vocational Education Teach/train/mentor center educator Develop showing materials Elective course Starting point for incorporation of IPR in different courses Teach/train the instructors Improve materials Provide access to patent data (for nothing) Allow visits to the patent office Be accessible for both educators and understudies Spread the idea to different schools Spread the idea to different levels of training Benchmark: Education on IPRs

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NEN in partnership with FME-CWM and Elevator Industry Core gathering of educators Interviews Determine needs Develop materials: Materials for educators extra to existing administration book Internet modules: How to follow gauges? Case: measures for lifts Awareness and instructional meetings Education Project Higher Vocational Education

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Policy at the national level Stakeholder contribution Focus Devoted pioneers Start little Establish a benchmark Long-term bolster Commitment Lessons to be learnt .:tslidesep.

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