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Started in 1972, EOCs give data, confirmations and budgetary guide help, and profession directing to assist grown-ups, with maturing 19 and more seasoned, start ...
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Instructive Opportunity Centers … A government program drawing in and building up the low-salary workforce through training and preparing ... Displayed by: Dara Ware Allen, Diane Athanas, Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

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Program Background Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) The Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) project is a government TRIO program. Started in 1972, EOCs give data, confirmations and money related guide help, and vocation advising to help grown-ups, age 19 and more established, start or proceed with a system of postsecondary instruction. EOCs serve low salary, potential original understudies who are US Citizens. 2002 Statistics Total Number of Participants: 217,836 Total Funding: $48,011,331 Average Cost per Participant: $220

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Program Background About TRIO A progression of instructive bolster programs called TRIO rose up out of the United States Department of Education (USDE) in 1964 as an aftereffect of previous President Lyndon B. Johnson\'s War on Poverty enactment. At first three projects, henceforth the name TRIO was begat, they were intended to help low-wage people whose guardians did not move on from school to get to advanced education in endeavors to break social, financial, and social obstructions. TRIO has now extended to incorporate the accompanying projects: Training Program for Federal TRIO Programs Educational Opportunity Centers Veterans Upward Bound Upward Bound Math/Science Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Upward Bound Talent Search Student Support Services

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Program Background There are 139 EOCs in the United States and its regions

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Program Background Penn State University, the Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity, Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) supports the majority of the accompanying TRIO programs Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS) Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC): Southwestern Pennsylvania Philadelphia Talent Search (TS): Western Pennsylvania York College Assistance Migrant Program Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program Student Support Services (SSS) Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) Upward Bound (UB)

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Need for EOC According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics :2000-2010 projections Professional and related occupations are anticipated to expand the quickest and include the most occupations (7 million) "Livelihood in each of the 7 instruction or preparing classifications that by and large require an advanced education or other post optional grant is anticipated to become speedier than the normal over all occupations. These classifications will increment from 29% to 42 % of the anticipated new employment development." Recent Welfare change with its "work pays" and "land a position now" approach does not address the genuine issue of individuals (frequently ladies) eventually acquiring just a low-paying, low expertise work. "2/3 of these previous welfare beneficiaries report profit that are beneath neediness level." David Pacchioli Not by Jobs Alone

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"Junior colleges are at the center of the workforce and monetary improvement world." Margaret Forde Community College Journal July 2002 "We should guarantee that our entire populace gets a training that will permit full and proceeding with investment in this dynamic time of American financial history ." Alan Greenspan "The all the more exceptionally instructed a given workforce is, the more gainful it is prone to be" Sarah Turner Connecting Higher Education and the Labor Market 2002

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Need for EOC 7 6 5 4 8 2 1 3 9 10 6. Cardiovascular technologist and specialists 9. Camera administrators, TV, film, video 3. Frameworks Analyst 1. PC Engineers 2. PC Support Specialists 5. Paralegal and lawful associates 7. Therapeutic colleagues 4. Desktop distributed masters 8. Respiratory specialists 10. Database managers While the sorts of interest occupations have changed, the abilities of the workforce have not kept pace. Instruction and preparing of the current and developing workforce are basic to crossing over this crevice. In workforce improvement, EOC is the connection between suitable occupations and the undiscovered work pool: low-wage grown-ups.

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EOC\'s Role in Workforce Development … What We Do. EOC educates grown-ups of vocation patterns, request occupations, and occupations in development regions to empower them settle on more educated choices about their prospects/professions. In many examples, at least specific preparing is required for professions of interests and sought after. At work preparing is once in a while enough.

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How does EOC Help? EOC gives the accompanying four center administrations for nothing out of pocket to program members: Career Counseling Admissions Assistance Financial Aid Referrals to GED projects and testing focuses

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EOC Participants Speak "The system is unquestionably required… only the consolation to continue onward." - EOC Participant enlisted at Penn State University in Health Policy and Administration, Sonja Ford, Pittsburgh, PA "Numerous more assets exist that I didn\'t know about… [the] vocation choice study affirmed my profession way. Amazing, this was a ton of good, free data." - Careers Workshop Attendee, July, 2001 "Best data I have gotten!" - Financial Aid Workshop Attendee: Isaac Moore, Pittsburgh, PA "She [EOC Educational Counselor] gave me a great deal of trust that I didn\'t have before she called." - EOC Participant attempting to determine her defaulted understudy advance: Joyce Sheers, Pittsburgh, PA

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EOC Participants Speak "It is one thing to get lost, yet it\'s something else to stay lost. I am lucky to the point that the EOC could get me back on track" - Norinda Rosario Norinda is at present going to Community College of Philadelphia and working low maintenance as a coach for secondary school understudies " I am not certain precisely what made me go the EOC, yet in the event that I hadn\'t gone there when I did, then I may have proceeded with the example of not going to class or work" - Samuel Chappell Sam completed his BA in American Studies at Penn State Abington and has been acknowledged to Widener Law school " I could never have been inspired to run this far without the backing of the general population at the EOC." - Virginia Mayo Virginia simply finished her High School certificate in the wake of being out of school for a long time. " The future looks exceptionally encouraging, now that I am working towards my fantasy. I owe a considerable measure to the EOC" - Denise Nunez Denise works low maintenance and goes to Community College of Philadelphia. She is seeking after a vocation in nursing. " The general population at EOC gave me the inspiration I expected to push ahead. Without their direction I would not have come back to work." - Than Lonh Than is a single parent initially from Cambodia. She is going to Penn State University contemplating Human Development and Family Studies. She works low maintenance at the South East Asian Mutual Assistance Coalition.

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Collaborating Agencies/Partners "EOC has been instrumental in helping us administration distraught habitations in the Hill District and Oakland people group of Pittsburgh. EOC has given genuinely necessary data and backing in helping our customers comprehend the part of advanced education and its relationship to business and profession tracks. The appraisal procedure gave by EOC has helped them to coordinate their gifts, cravings and scholarly capacities with instruction and profession choices they had not been already mindful of. This has had an incredible effect in their lives." - Collaborating Agency: Darryl Daughtry, Director, JobLinks "I have unflinching confidence in the staff of the Educational Opportunity Center and their aggregate capacity to give data, direction, and backing that will empower and rouse our members to assist their training. There is no denying the requirement for such a critical undertaking." - Collaborating Agency: Ruth E. Smith, Project Coordinator, McKeesport Collaborative, McKeesport, PA "… as an aftereffect of customized help from EOC staff, a significant number of our members are better ready to get to advanced education and preparing, which will manage the cost of them accomplishment of deep rooted objectives and an enhanced way of life." - Collaborating Agency: James M. Stark, Executive Director, Fayette County Community Action Agency, Inc. "Much obliged to you for imparting your time and skill to our class on Friday. Your presentation was educational, pleasant, strong, and empowering. I trust you will have the capacity to return. Much obliged to you!" - Collaborating Agency: Nieves Stiker, Director, New Choices/New Options Program, Carlow College, Pittsburgh, PA

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How does EOC Recruit Eligible Adults? Offices support EOC workshops inside their organizations for their clients and numerous give EOC office space to meet with members. Group accomplices give various referrals to EOC to those looking for instruction and preparing and different levels of backing. Banding together EOC is a group outreach program that enlisted people qualified grown-ups through a system of satellite locales, for example, CareerLinks (Job Centers), state and government programs (SPOC, WTW), veterans asset focuses and other group based associations.

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Locate an EOC close you TRIO Programs U.S. Branch of Education National EOC affiliation Council for Opportunity in Education (COE).

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How to compose for an EOC Grant TRIO Programs The following rivalry for EOC Program will be in the Fall of 2005

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