Instructive Partnership Agreements .

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Instructive Association Assentions. Lorraine E Flanders FLC Damage Delegate Organizer ORTA Maritime Surface Fighting Center, Dahlgren Division
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Instructive Partnership Agreements Lorraine E Flanders FLC MAR Deputy Coordinator ORTA Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division

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"The Department of the Navy (DoN) is one of a developing number of Federal organizations communicating worry about its capacity to meet its future science and innovation (S&T) workforce needs." ASEE Annual Meeting June 2004 "New Paradigms in Naval Science and Technology" R. Kavetsky et al Retirements of S&T faculty expected in the coming decade from a maturing workforce. Diminishing number of US understudies tightening propelled thinks about in S&T and less universal understudies. Escalated enlisting of these understudies by industry, the scholarly community, and the administration.

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Encouraging and Enhancing study in Scientific Disciplines at all levels of training. Enactment Title 10: Armed Forced Chapter 111 – Support of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education Section 2194 – Education Partnerships Director of every Laboratory may go into EPAs for: Loaning Equipment Making Laboratory Personnel Available to Teach Courses or Develop Curriculum Involve Students in Laboratory Research (with Academic Credit) Provide Academic and Career Advice

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Considerations Responsibilities Liabilities/Warranties Publication Intellectual Property Patent/Licensing Procedures Copyright rights Proprietary Information NDAs Security Non-US Citizens

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"Instruction is not the filling of a container… it\'s the lighting of a fire!" W. B. Yeats

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