INT403: How to Actualize an EAI Design with Sybase Advances.

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INT403: How to Execute an EAI Design with Sybase Innovations Marius Roets Framework Administrator: Mix Arrangements August 15-19, 2004 Plan Review of Woolworths Guidelines for actualizing an Endeavor Application Incorporation System
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INT403: How to Implement an EAI Architecture with Sybase Technologies Marius Roets System Manager: Integration Solutions August 15-19, 2004

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Agenda Overview of Woolworths Rules for executing an Enterprise Application Integration Strategy Critical Success Factors for Application Integration The Integration Competency Center Benefits for Woolworths Technical Environment Existing joining structural engineering difficulties Sybase Technology as a major aspect of the EAI Architecture Questions

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Overview of Woolworths Store environment 180 Corporate stores in South Africa Textiles: 180 Foods: 120 55 Franchise stores 50 International stores 25 Cross Border Stores 5 Convenient Franchise Foods stores @ petrol stations Distribution Centers 3 Textile DC 4 Foods DC

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Overview of Woolworths

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Rules for actualizing an Enterprise Application Integration Strategy Create an application mix competency focus. Add to an incorporation city arrangement for your endeavor. Concentrate on both B2B and A2A. Record all application interfaces. Select coordination items by concentrating on key prerequisites. Run a proof of idea before purchasing. Select the right usage accomplice.

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Critical Success Factors for Application Integration Executive Sponsorship. Name the best assets into the reconciliation competency focus. Begin off Right: Selecting your Enterprise Integration Broker. Looking Beyond “Silos”. Constraining Customization in legacy applications. Arrangement for Professional Services. No “One-Size-Fits-All” Integration Solution. Association is critical.

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Key Objectives of the Integration Competency Center Get application combination perceived as the formal order it should be for the business and IT Combine the abilities and procedures connected with application mix into a solitary gathering, improving utilization of a rare asset Build and create aptitudes, capacity and best practices for coordination procedures and operations Monitor and evaluate mix innovation and instruments and select an adaptable arrangement of affirmed apparatuses

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The Integration\'s Skills Competency Center Middleware Specialists Interface Designers System and Software Engineers Operational Support Specialists Leadership, Management and Relationship Management

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How might a competency focus gathering identify with a structural gathering? Possibly huge covers between the mix gathering and any current design bunch. The key distinction is that the competency focus unites building, improvement and operational parts into one gathering. The bunches\' character is likewise diverse — engineers outline, show and proceed onward, however a lot of what the combination gathering does is more commonplace. Those with design parts inside of the combination gathering can, and in fact ought to, assume a dynamic part in the engineering gathering.

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Benefits for Woolworths Preserves existing frameworks – negligible effect on existing structural planning Integrated, extensive arrangement Component-construct building design in light of Sybase e-Biz Impact Integration specialist improved support TCO for coordination intermediary extremely moderate for business Integrated construction modeling help business to think distinctively how they need to actualize new frameworks/applications Integration structural planning help with the execution of business movement checking

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Overview of the specialized environment More than 250 business applications in Woolworths Application equipment stages Mainframe – MVS – 2 LPARS (110 MIBS) AIX Unix – All stores (store back office applications), all DC’s & head office AIX Unix – Data stockroom (3 TG Informix database) AIX Unix MQ Server Cluster Microsoft Windows 2003 servers on IBM & Dell servers – 50 Applications servers & 3 MS SQL Server database bunches

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Mainframe Foods request administration Textiles marketing framework Transaction Control Finance Systems (Walker) Woolworths Financial Services Systems (Vision Plus) Unix Foods inventory network Textiles interest guaging Data outlet center applications WebSphere MQ Series Windows NT Microsoft Exchange RightFax Integration dealer WebSphere MQ Series Staff Planner Peoplesoft Postilion installment door switch Microsoft Internet Servers/Microsoft Transaction Servers Overview of the specialized environment

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Existing Integration environment in Woolworths Hardware: 2 * IBM Netfinity Servers in Microsoft Windows 2003 Cluster for Impact 4.1 & 5.3 4 GB memory, 8 * 2 GHz processors, 300 GB circle 2 * Dell Power Edge Servers in Microsoft Cluster for Microsoft SQL Server 8 GB memory, 4 * 800 MHz processors, 600 GB circle Software: Sybase Impact v4.1 underway Sybase E-Biz Impact v5.3 underway Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (Unix/NT) Sybase Enterprise Application Server Sybase Enterprise Portal Opalis Robot – Windows Scheduler Microsoft MOM – Management & observing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise release Informix 9 on Unix stages (Stores, DC, Data distribution center) WebSphere MQ Server v5.3 for Windows NT & Unix WebSphere MQ Server v5.2 for IBM Mainframe Qpasa for WebSphere MQ administration Q-Liner for FTP pressure over FTP/MQ/TCP Postilion – Payment Gateway to banks SMS Enterprise Server

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Existing Integration environment in Woolworths Mainframe 150 diverse exchange sorts (Assembler, Cobol, Easytrieve) – Plan to relocate the greater part of this onto Impact v5.3 before October 2003 0.5 million exchanges for every day from/to centralized server (3 GB information/day) Average MAP message size 1 MB, perusing 55 MB for a few interfaces Main convention is FTP, yet MQ is additionally utilized as a part of a few interfaces to/from centralized computer Impact v4.1 setup 240 diverse exchange sorts 30% of interfaces are database securing and/or conveyance points 40% of interfaces are MQ interfaces 10% of interfaces are Microsoft DCOM interfaces 8 interfaces use TCP/IP Socket for interfacing with banks and centralized server (CICS exchanges) 10% of interfaces are Flat record/FTP interfaces Process 5 GB information/day

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Existing Integration environment in Woolworths E-Biz Impact v5.3 measurements 65 distinctive exchange sorts 30% of interfaces are database obtaining and/or conveyance points 40% of interfaces are MQ interfaces 2% of interfaces are Microsoft DCOM interfaces 1 interfaces use TCP/IP Socket for interfacing with banks and centralized computer (CICS exchanges) 28% of interfaces are Flat document/FTP interfaces Impact v5.3 arrangement 5 Clusters 13 Controllers 29 Applications

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Existing combination structural planning difficulties Real-time interfaces into business rationale that exist in Java classes and Microsoft COM+ segments Real-time interface from Java classes and Microsoft COM+ segments to get messages for preparing in Sybase e-Biz Impact Unified far reaching web front-end for the incorporation database and documentation that is open from diverse equipment gadgets. Ensured conveyance of interfaces into web administrations. Joining method must help with bringing the TCO of data innovation down. Coordination structural engineering is the base stage for conveying business action observing.

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Sybase Technology as a component of the EAI Architecture Sybase Enterprise Application Server (EAServer) Use EAServer to make web administrations for e-Biz Impact Integrate into Java business rationale from e-Biz Impact through JMS & EAServer Integration into Microsoft DCOM+ from e-Biz Impact through JMS & EAServer is the application server for our coordination entrance that keeps running on Sybase Enterprise Portal

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Sybase Technology as a feature of the EAI Architecture Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) Store transmission framework (180 stores) Use it as an arranging database in the store environment for the MQ parts ASA keeps running on AIX O/S that IBM does not bolster any longer (ASA v6 for AIX v4.1, ASA v9 for ASA v4.3 or higher) Security database for e-Biz Impact keep running on ASA v8.0 Sybase South Africa add to an administration console to screen and deal with all the ASA databases halfway from Woolworths administration focus.

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Sybase Technology as a component of the EAI Architecture Sybase Enterprise Portal Sybase Enterprise Portal is the joining group administration entry for all interfaces Functionality executed in Sybase Enterprise Portal: Data stream ready application to deal with all cautions from applications, interfaces & framework Interface documentation vault Resend application for messages to/from e-Biz Impact v5.3 and/or Impact v4.1 Impact v4.1/E-Biz Impact v5.3 database design application for the administration of interface arrangement New store/Store change application for the administration of interface steering

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Sybase Technology sway on combination competency Pro One merchant that bolster Woolworths coordination system Local backing accessible from seller Integration difficulties between distinctive Sybase item simpler in light of the fact that one seller care for every one of our items in the incorporation competency Development assets accessible from Sybase South Africa for activities Cons More innovation & applications to backing in the reconciliation competency Skill level of mix competency not generally inline with the innovation headings of the diverse Sybase items. Stage affirmation timing issues

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Closing Enterprise application combination is an unpredictable try, yet it’s doable if tended to appropriately. Innovation is not the most imperative part of utilization combination activities. Legitimate association and an unmistakable comprehension of your transient and long haul needs perhaps as basic as picking the “best”

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