Interesting Commotions in Mother's Ears.

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Amusing Clamors in Mother's Ears By Sammy and Mama February 2, 2009 This is my mom and me. My name is Sammy. My mama adores me. She supposes I am pleasant. I cherish my mom since she is entertaining.
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Amusing Noises in Mommy’s Ears By Sammy and Mommy February 2, 2009

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This is my mother and me. My name is Sammy. My mother adores me. She supposes I am decent. I adore my mama in light of the fact that she is clever.

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I like to be clever as well. In some cases I make interesting commotions. Some of my clever commotions sound like words that Stitch says in Lilo and Stitch . The children like it at school yet Mommy doesn’t like this clamor on the grounds that it is too boisterous inside.

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I shouldn’t make that clamor inside any longer. It is a commotion that I can make at break. It will make my companions chuckle. Now and then I make an outsider commotion. Mother doesn’t like me to make it inside. I ought to just make that clamor outside.

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My mom likes when I talk like a human. My mother preferences when I sing like a major kid. My mom loves my voice. My mother supposes I am exceptionally interesting. She chuckles at my jokes. She chuckles at my moving. She giggles at my manikin appears.

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I don’t need amusing clamors to make my mom giggle. I don’t need interesting clamors to stand out enough to be noticed.

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I won’t make interesting clamors inside any longer. My mom will be pleased with me on the grounds that I hear her out. I can make clever commotions outside at the play area however just on occasion. My companions like my human voice. My companions comprehend my human voice. I need to be a decent and entertaining companion. .:tsli

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