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Being interesting can.... oust
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Clever JOKE POLITICS How & how not to utilize silliness in interchanges

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Being interesting can... depose & empty an adversary permit you to state things you couldn\'t with a straight face cut a contention make messages much less demanding to go along comprehensively redirect feedback, indicate humankind

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When does it work? Infrequently.

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When does it not work? Frequently.

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Why ? Mind excessively; would prefer not to make light Comedy is awful at imparting new thoughts Focus is excessively particular; no passage point Wrong delegate Also: it\'s outrageously hard

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How ? Meet them midway Need to locate a mutual introduce: shared opinion The additionally astounding , the more entertaining

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Formulas for interesting Ridiculing character Pushing contention to outrageous Translate to human talk: sociological or mental Connect to popular culture Juxtapose Language A with Message B

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Ridiculing character

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Push contention extraordinary

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Push contention extraordinary

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Push contention extraordinary

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Push contention extraordinary

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Translate to human talk

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Explain with popular culture

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Language A, Message B

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Language A, Message B

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But, truly, how ? Try not to run with first thought — conceptualize 10 more Commit . Setting matters — discover something to duplicate Don\'t belittle the force of swearing, little cats, and sex

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You don\'t need to be clever Best as a mentality, not an arrangement Just be fascinating.

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Good individuals Andy Cobb — Lee Stranahan — Andrew Boyd — Robert Greenwald — Brave New Films

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