Interface Design for Hacking Tools .

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Interface Plan for Hacking Devices. Greg Conti. picture: Disclaimer.
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Interface Design for Hacking Tools Greg Conti picture:

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Disclaimer The perspectives communicated in this article are those of the writer and don\'t mirror the official arrangement or position of the United States Military Academy, the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government. picture:

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Outline Introduction Command Line versus GUI\'s Task, User, & Technology Principles of Design GUI Components Critique of Tools Pointers Q&A

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What is an Interface? "The purpose of collaboration or correspondence between a PC and some other substance, for example, a printer or human administrator." source:

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Command Line versus GUI Flexibility Time Ease of utilization Best for substantial clients picture: source:

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Crack in One Line of perl - nle \'setpwent;crypt($_,$c)eq$c&&print"$u $_"while($u,$c)=getpwent\' Author: Alec Muffett

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Several Lines of Perl Can Crack DVD Encryption #!/usr/container/perl # 472-byte qrpff, Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz <> # MPEG 2 PS VOB record - > descrambled yield on stdout. # use: perl - I <k1>:<k2>:<k3>:<k4>:<k5> qrpff # where k1..k5 are the title enter bytes in slightest to most-critical request s\'\'$/=\2048;while(<>){G=29;R=142;if((@a=unqT="C*",_)[20]&48){D=89;_=unqb24,qT,@ b=map{ord qB8,unqb8,qT,_^$a[- - D]}@INC;s/...$/1$&/;Q=unqV,qb25,_;H=73;O=$b[4]<<9 |256|$b[3];Q=Q>>8^(P=(E=255)&(Q>>12^Q>>4^Q/8^Q))<<17,O=O>>8^(E&(F=(S=O>>14&7^O) ^S*8^S<<6))<<9,_=(map{U=_%16orE^=R^=110&(S=(unqT,"\xb\ntd\xbz\x14d")[_/16%8]);E ^=(72,@z=(64,72,G^=12*(U-2?0:S&17)),H^=_%64?12:0,@z)[_%8]}(16..271))[_]^((D>>=8 )+=P+(~F&E))for@a[128..$#a]}print+qT,@a}\'; Authors: Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz Original source: *Note that code above is not finished

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Foundations... Errands Users Technology picture:

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Understanding Tasks What undertakings are your clients attempting to fulfill? picture:, utilized with authorization

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Who are your clients? picture: by Rachel Blackman, utilized with consent

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Your Users might be Beginners… "alright I know i\'m moderate, doltish too perhaps.… I can\'t see a damn thing execpt the notice\'s email address … . I am new to PCs and am attempting to realize what I can so please make a special effort to be delicate." - alt.2600.hackersz source: alt.2600.hackersz

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Advanced… "From your inquiries, it appears you are over-improving exactly what a dissassembler can accomplish for you. On the off chance that you are not an accomplished low level computing construct software engineer then the dissassembled record will look like Greek" - alt.2600. hackersz

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International Users McAfee VirusScan can be found at Image (English): Image (Japanese):

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Enabling Technology Analyze the assignment and your clients first. The correct innovation takes after. picture: by Dionna Harris and Paul Gray, utilized with authorization

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Principles of Design Cognitive Science Design for Clarity Navigation Color Fonts Metaphor Consistency Feedback Testing Information Display and Visualization

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Cognitive Science Fitt\'s Law Invisible structures Mental Models Modes

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Design for Clarity Intuitive Allow Exploration Always permit an exit plan Consistency picture:

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Navigation Beware an excessive number of elements at top level Go where clients expect picture source: by Dack Ragus, utilized with consent

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Color People require differentiate Less is more Color Blindness White or pale foundations are favored Use of hues to draw consideration

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Metaphor utilize can delineate from individuals\' involvement with different ideas Don\'t constrain it Some are overcompensated… "The Town" "The Library" pictures: &

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WINAMP can be found at pictures: & &

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Consistency Build on earlier learning of different applications Placement of controls Keyboard easy routes Within program, condition and related devices

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Feedback Timely criticism Busy marker Progress pointer Visual and capable of being heard

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Testing Try it out on clients, get input and settle You might be astounded Allow time to settle your venture Value of Testing Iterative outline How to lead testing

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Information Visualization tracert from the charge line

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Xtraceroute Neotrace perception NeoTrace by NeoWorx is accessible at Xtraceroute by Björn Augustsson is accessible at additionally the superb Atlas of Cyberspaces at book/routes.html pictures: &

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Network Traffic Dataset picture:

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Network Traffic Viewed in Ethereal by Gerald Combs can be found at

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Network Traffic as Viewed in Etherape by Juan Toledo can be found at

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GUI Components Radio Buttons Check Boxes Dialog Boxes Menus Labels Text Fields Toolbars Forms Splash Screens Push Buttons List Boxes Spinners Sliders and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg… picture: MS Visual Basic 6.0

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Radio Buttons 1 to Many Control Try to farthest point to 6 things Set Default Not a check box Never utilize only one

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Check Boxes Used for single on/off settings Max 12 for each gathering Don\'t mistake for radio catches

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Dialog Boxes Modal (quick errand) Modeless (on going assignment) Beware an excessive number of levels Cancel doesn\'t cross out pictures: PCMark2002, MS Word, Win XP PCMark2002 by Futuremark Corp can be found at

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Why Microsoft Interface Guidelines are Great… Well thoroughly considered Plenty of talking paper cuts Mandatory enrollment to guarantee I get exceptional offers Works well with Linux and Netscape

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Menus Menu length Confusing menu things Keyboard alternate ways You can discover UltraEdit by IDM Computer Solutions at

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Menus Dynamic interfaces are by and large thought to be awful Screen catch is from Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

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Labels Keep message clear Place names near setting Consistent phrasing, composing Avoid vagueness Concepts must be unmistakable picture is from Microsoft Powerpoint 2000

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Text Fields Defaults Make them sufficiently vast Highlighted current information Font measure Alignment Ethereal by Gerald Combs can be found at direct/ch03capturestart.html#CH03CAPPREF

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Toolbars/Icons Consistency Test your pictures Sometimes message just works better Don\'t Overdo It picture is from Microsoft Excel 2000

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Forms and Overall Layout Four Criteria 1 Dominant perusing request Frequency of utilization Relationship to different controls User Expectations Other Issues Resizable Background Images Logical Grouping Line things up 1. GUI Bloopers by Jeff Johnson, p.143 2. OTP can be found at

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Let\'s Tear Apart My Own Projects Frequency Counter Advanced Frequency Counter

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Frequency Counter Frequency Counter can be found at

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Advanced Frequency Counter Advanced Frequency Counter can be found at

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Example Redesigns picture: center anime.gif by Rachel Blackman, utilized with consent

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Respect to Authors Your Kung Fu is Very Good

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Win Nuke V95 picture: V95 is by BurntBogus and its area changes

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WinNuke 95 Redesign

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NetBus Image source: Netbus is via Carl Fredrik Neikter

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NetBus Redesign

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NetBus Redesign

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Critique of apparatuses Image: Tracey Knight, utilized with authorization

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SubSeven Image source: SubSeven is by mobman. The official site is

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SubSeven Connection Keys/messages Adva

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