Into the Heart of the Amazon Untamed life and Regular History Voyage on the Rio Negro in Brazil May 1-14, 2006.

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Into the Heart of the Amazon Untamed life and Common History Journey on the Rio Negro in Brazil May 1-14, 2006 Orvis Travel and The Pacific Forest Historical center of Normal History
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Into the Amazon\'s Heart Wildlife & Natural History Cruise on the Rio Negro in Brazil May 1-14, 2006 Orvis Travel & The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Participants: Donald Heyneman, Amy Heyneman, Lucy Arnold, Phil Rasori, Don and Terry Glasco, Souza, our neighborhood guide, in addition to a team of 6 on the riverboat Tucano The riverboat Tucano View from the pool at the Hotel Tropical on the banks of the Rio Negro, Manaus Sisters prepared for enterprise Lucy & Papa

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May 2, 2006 Hotel Tropical, Manaus The Hotel Tropical is truly a stunning old inn – at any rate inside. Finishing, pool, and zoo are extraordinary, however the entire structure is somewhat a mass all things considered, particularly the new Business Tower that simply opened alongside the first building. The perspective from the porch and pool is awesome, however. The tropical zoo incorporates: Blue & yellow macaws Scarlet macaws Curassow Black-bellied shrieking duck Chacalaca Spider Monkeys Wooly Monkeys Jaguar Collared peccary Paca Capybara Capuchin monkeys South American coati Collared peccary Scarlet macaw I knew I wasn’t in Kansas any longer when a bat flew by me at knee level in the lodging. Blue & yellow macaw As soon as we drew closer the jaguar’s confine, he lifted tail and showered in a corner. Exceptionally powerful. We couldn’t go anyplace close to his range of the zoo after that.

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May 3, 2006 On the Tucano We boarded the riverboat Tucano on an ordinarily stormy Amazon morning. Since there were just 6 travelers, we were allocated individual lodges. I can’t envision a more grand approach to investigate the Rio Negro than on this vessel. It is impeccably kept up, exceptionally agreeable, and perfectly beautified with heaps of finished dim wood and encircled prints of tropical plants and scenes on the dividers. Vases of orchids invited us into our lodges. There are 2 levels with lodges, kitchen, and lounge area in addition to a secured perception deck above. From here we could unwind and watch the wilderness pass by, rest, talk, or simply welcome the astounding day by day cloud shows. The cook brought hot canapés up there for us every night at dusk. Our neighborhood guide, Souza, was an incredible resource. He appeared to know each feathered creature and could even replicate huge numbers of their calls. He arranged the majority of our trips by kayak and made trails for us to follow in the wilderness. His English is extraordinary – he taught himself by book – and he could let us know about nearby traditions and history and additionally assist us with discovering and recognize natural life. There were likewise 6 crew members, so we were extremely well dealt with. We particularly welcomed the dedicated and skilled cook.

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May 3, 2006 Tour of Museum Serengal Vila Paraiso Our first trip is a visit to a proliferation elastic estate that was fabricated for the taping of a film. We visited the fundamental house, sanctuary, shop, and a minor shed where the laborers poured fluid latex onto a dowel to solidify over a smoking flame. Ocelot skin in fundamental house Anaconda skin on shop divider. Fundamental house Latex was gathered in little tin mugs. All hardware must be obtained in the shop by the specialists. Light caps were worn by laborers, why should obliged gather latex in the wilderness before dawn. Workers’ living quarters Scale used to measure the smoked chunks of elastic. The proprietor routinely conned his representatives, who were dealt with additional like slaves. Arboreal subterranean insect home. The folic corrosive of home can be utilized as a creepy crawly repellant. House of prayer

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May 3, 2006 Afternoon & Evening installed the Tucano We had some an opportunity to unwind and become acquainted with each other on the top deck while the pontoon headed go down the Rio Negro. Rather than more trips today, we motored back toward Manaus to get Phil, who arrived 1 day late. Souza furnished the evening’s amusement with a tropical natural product indicate and-tell. This removed rainstorm was only one of numerous awesome sky shows.

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May 4, 2006 Morning Canoe Outing We are up at 5:30 to begin every day with a kayak trip. Awesome time for feathered creature viewing. Today we explored through exceptionally slender diverts in the overwhelmed shade, with wilderness vegetation reflected splendidly all around. We meandered through a tranquil and fantastic environment. Blue-headed Parrot We were pleased to get a decent, long take a gander at a stunning Spangled Cotinga. Expansive charged Tern A Channel-Billed Toucan and around ten Blue and Yellow Macaws flew shouting overhead. Pink River Dolphins huffed noisily when surfacing to relax. Red-topped Cardinal Squirrel Cuckoo Festive Parrot

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May 4, 2006 Morning Canoe Outing Complete rundown of natural life seen on this excursion: New Birds: Black-peaked Antshrike Blue &Yellow Macaw – 10 Blue-headed Parrot – 50 Cattle Egret – 15 Channel-charged Toucan – 6 Crane Hawk Festive Parrot – 12 Great White Egret – 3 Greater Ani Green Ibis – 2 Hoatzin – 2-4 Hummingbird – 2 Large-charged Tern Muscovy Duck Olive Oropendola – 6 Orange-cheeked Parrot (call) Red-topped Cardinal Ruddy Pigeon Short-tailed Swift – 75 Silver-charged Tanager Spangled Cotinga Squirrel Cuckoo Streaked Flycatcher Yellow-rumped Cacique – 2 Repeat Birds: Amazon Kingfisher Red-topped Cardinal Roadside Hawk – 3 Other: Azteca Ants in Cecropia tree Blue Morpho Butterfly Curare Vine (little yellow organic product is one fixing utilized for dart poison) Epiphytes, including Clusia, Rhyssalis (desert plant), Philodendron (Elephant Ear) Pink River Dolphins Huge fuzzy honey bees Amazon Kingfisher Olive Oropendola

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May 4, 2006 Visit to Bacaba Village We endured an overwhelming rainstorm before taking the kayak to the Bacaba Village. 32 families live here, including numerous wonderful, sound looking kids. They develop manioc and foods grown from the ground fish in the stream. Manioc, a staple in the Amazon, is eaten at each supper. Every little town has a secured stage for open moving and holidays. Bacaba likewise has 3 diverse chapels to serve its little populace. Enthusiasm vine Young kin One of the various steps important to get ready manioc flour. The youngsters serenade us.

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May 4, 2006 Jungle Walk Greater Yellow-headed Vulture Club greenery is a shared view spread. Flying palm roots This wilderness wanderer found on Terry’s pants. Gigantic snail found on tree trunk. Escargot, anybody? Tropical Kingbird Bullet subterranean insect home at base of tree Leaving firm ground

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May 4, 2006 Jungle Walk Complete rundown of natural life seen on this excursion: Amazon Kingfisher Armadillo Burrows Black Nunbird (call: arrangement of sliding shrieks) Bullet Ants (home at base of little tree) False Caimen Lizard (swimming close shore) Greater Yellow-headed Vulture Katydid (expansive cocoa leaf sort) Morpho Butterflies – 3 Peacock Bass (sprinkle) Red Howler Monkeys – 2 Screaming Pihas (call) Short-tailed Swifts Snail (enormous, on tree) Squirrel Monkeys Tropical Kingbird Yellow-charged Tern Screaming Piha – frequently heard yet never seen. Red Howler Monkey Squirrel Monkey

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May 4, 2006 Afternoon on load up the Tucano From the top deck we recognized a beautiful high contrast butterfly – about the measure of a swallowtail, 2 Scarlet Macaws and 2 Black Vultures flying overhead. Might 4, 2006 Evening Canoe Trip Souza holds an in number versatile light to hunt down eyeshine among the trees at the river’s edge. Different frog calls are heard amid every night excursion. We additionally saw: 1 Caiman 2 Ladder-sponsored Nightjars a couple of Hyla Vericeps Frogs 2 iguanas a gleaming fish with a since quite a while ago, forked tail. Since quite a while ago nosed bats swooped by our kayak. This Great Potoo was the genuine highlight of this excursion. Enormous Iguanas lounge far out on branches over the waterway and fall in with a colossal sprinkle when debilitated. A Spectacled Caiman’s eyes sparkle red in our night light.

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May 5, 2006 Morning Canoe Trip We glided among and over the treetops. Extremely odd sensation. I’m turning out to be more happy with utilizing binoculars now, and it’s a rush to spot anything moving. Lucy adjusts to birding. Exposed necked Fruit Crow Don appreciates the Amazon morning. Muscovy Duck Blue-headed Parrot White-winged Swallow A luxurious breakfast anticipates us after a hard morning of fledgling viewing. Pale-vented Pigeon Osprey

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May 5, 2006 Morning Canoe Trip Complete rundown of natural life seen on this excursion: New Birds: Anhinga   Orange-winged Parrot Ani – 50 Bananaquit Bare-necked Fruit Crow – 4 Cinnamon Attila (call) Greater Manakin – 3 Lesser Kiskadee Flycatcher – 8 Lineated Woodpecker Muscovy Duck Neotropical Cormorant – 6 Orange-winged Parrot – 3 Osprey Pale-vented Pigeon – 10 Rough-winged Swallow – 3 Ruddy Pigeon – 2 Scarlet Macaw Sungrebe (call) Tropical Gnat Catcher – 2 Tropical Kingbird – 8 Yellow-headed Vulture   White-winged Swallow Repeat Birds: Amazon Kingfisher Blue-headed Parrot – 2 Crane Hawk Festive Parrot – 6 Greater Ani – 75 Muscovy Duck Olive Oropendola – 2 Ringed Kingfisher – 3 Roadside Hawk White-winged Swallow - 2 Yellow-headed Caracara Yellow-rumped Cacique Ringed Kingfisher Roadside Hawk Gray River Dolphin Other Creatures: Gray River Dolphin Iguana (saw 2 & heard another fall in waterway) Long-nosed Bat (perching in tree in water) Yellow-rumped Cacique

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May 5, 2006 Jungle Walk We got looks of numerous squirrel monkeys and a couple of capuchins gallivanting through the wilderness treetops directly before our kayak while in transit to firm ground. Red Passion Vine bloom A female, adolescent 3-toed Sloth was very much disguised among the overgrown branches. She spotted us and fled in slooooow movement. We tasted the white sap of the Chicle (Sapote) tree, from which biting gum was initially made. We spotted various butterflies, including Heliconid

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